RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 7


Tom was there, his eyes staring straight at her. She stared back into his unshaking eyes, shivering. She could see the wound he got from the bottle crashing on his head, it wasn’t that much and it was obvious he was already getting first aid on it, but there was blood stains all over the bed. The place was messier than she left it, something else had happened while she was away.

For some reason, Sheila could not move her feet. She was not only shocked but scared by the sight before her. The body of the maid laid sprawled in the bed lifelessly, with her clothes all torn to shreds. Tom had not just had his way forcefully with her, he had also used the broken bottles on the floor to inflict injuries on the woman. It didn’t look like she was still alive.

Tom was sitting on the seat she had met him when she came in earlier, but this time it was turned towards the door. He was on the top of the backrest and his feet were on the seat. There were still blood stains on his head and blood was still dripping out of the wound. He had a flat paper in his hand containing some white substance, around his nostrils were also traces of the white substance which Sheila suspected to be cocaine. He was shocked to see her return. He never expected that she would return, especially after he had called her several times and sent her a message without getting any response from her.


He had continued to bang on the door after she locked him inside the room and the maid had come to his rescue. She opened the door and found him bleeding on the head, she had asked that he sat on the seat inside the room while she went for the first aid equipment. By the time she returned, she met him with his phone in his right hand and the powdery substance on the book cover in his left. She politely asked him to put down the hard drug first so that she could take care of his wound. He was surprised that she wasn’t shocked on seeing him use the hard drug, he thought it was a secret between himself and the other maid who he slept with frequently but never knew the maid had told her colleague. He dropped the powder with the book cover and she began to apply treatment on his injured head but his strange urge for sex overcame him as he got a view of her well formed hips and noticed her backside. He stopped her from treating him and had his way forcefully when she struggled with him, inflicting her with wounds all over her body as she struggled.


Tom stared at Sheila. She was still vibrating from the shock of what she saw, it was less than a minute since she entered but she was already sweating. She had seen his secret – the hard drug in his hand and the woman he had just forced himself on who was probably dead in the bed. He decided she wasn’t going to leave without him having his way with her too and making sure he hit her so hard in the head that even if she recovered, she could have lost her mind or memory. He dropped the book cover in his hands and jumped down from the chair.

Sheila never knew him to be a drug addict or user. Never in her mildest imaginations had she thought he could be involved in such. All through the five years he had returned to El Deols, she had not seen him show the slightest sign that he was involved in drugs. Or maybe she had seen some signs and only thought it was his normal way of playing wild.

She watched as he dropped from the chair and made his way towards her. She remained on the spot, too scared to move her legs. She let out a loud scream.

Henry was startled by the scream. He turned back immediately and stared at the door for a second wondering what was happening. The scream continued and he hurried towards the room, knowing something was definitely wrong.

Henry pushed the door open to see Tom dragging Sheila to the bed already while she tried to resist. Tom landed her two quick blows on the face and pushed her to the bed over the already sprawled body of the maid. He noticed someone had come in and turned to see who had entered to disturb him from having fun in his way. The powder he sniffed within the last few minutes, already taking its full toll on him.

He charged towards Henry angrily, pissed firstly for seeing him in his house and then for interfering in what wasn’t his business. He threw a punch at Henry but Henry grabbed his fist easily, held it for a second and sent him a headbutt on the face.

Tom shrieked in pain as he fell back on his backside. His vision was already blurry and he was feeling dizzy but he managed to get up immediately and tried to attack Henry again. Henry followed up with a straight punch in the face. Tom fell flat to the ground like a log of wood, totally unconscious.

“Sheila, are you okay?” Henry hurried to check Sheila who was just getting up from the bed.

“I’m fine…” she murmured through her nose as she rubbed it to ease the pain.

“What happened here?” Henry asked.

Sheila was in pains but was relieved to see Tom already on the floor.

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Four hours later

“That fool did this to you?” Emery Jack asked with his face full of shock as he sat beside his daughter on the sofa. His hands were shaking as he cupped her chin gently in his palms. He had been called by the state’s police overseer that his daughter had filed a report against Tom Wills, son of Harry Wills, accusing him of harassment, attempted rape and also accusing him of raping and attempting murder on another lady. Emery Jack had called his daughter at once to find out what happened and she narrated her ordeal to him.

“I’m fine Dad,” Sheila said and dropped her Dad’s palm from her face.

The man got up to his feet and let out a breath angrily. His eyes staring at the ground as he wished to get the opportunity to see Tom and strangle life out of him.

“I would never forgive Wills and his son for what he’s done to you,” he grated out angrily. He began to pace about the room slowly.

“Hey Dad! I’m okay, you shouldn’t involve Mr Wills in this. He knows nothing about Tom’s temerity to behave in this kind of manner and I’m sure he would be as shocked as you and I are.”

Emery Jack was however still not satisfied. He was a naturally strict and disciplined but calm, he only could become the wildest animal when his daughter was hurt or someone was trying to hurt her. The apple of his eyes, she was his only reminder of his wife whom he had loved so much.

He stopped for a second and stared at Sheila’s face again. “Whether Wills is aware of son’s reckless behavior or not, I’m going to make sure the animal pays dearly for his acts.” He threatened.

“Dad, I don’t want you to make him pay. Please just let him be, remember I loved him.” Sheila said.

“You can’t love him again, thank God I haven’t gotten you married to the nonentity yet.” Emery heaved a sigh of relief as he wondered what a regret it could have been if Sheila had gotten married to Tom before this side of him was revealed.

“Dad, I want you to stay out of the case since it’s already in the hands of the government. Tom would certainly get his punishment. The woman he raped and injured is at the hospital. He has enough charges against him already.”

Emery continued to pace about angrily, his mind suggesting to him that he could not just sit and do nothing to punish the man who tried to harass his daughter.

He was still pacing when he noticed someone had joined them in the living room. He turned to see Henry standing behind the loveseat and placing his elbows on the top of the backrest.

“Good evening sir,” Henry greeted.

Emery’s face loosened a bit. “Henry,” he called softly and proceeded towards him.

Henry straightened up seeing the man coming towards him.

“Thank you for being available to save my daughter from that thug,” Emery said in a reflective tone. He offered his hand to Henry for a handshake and Henry took it warmly in his.

Henry remained silent and returned to his position while Emery Jack sat beside his daughter.


Four days later, news had gone around on how the son of successful businessman Harry Wills had been arraigned to court on the charges of rape and sexual assault. The Emerys had pressed no charges and did not have any thing to do with the case apart from the initial report Sheila had made at the police office.

It was a six o’clock on a Saturday morning and it was Sheila’s jog time in her workout routine. She was awake and dressed already, waiting at Henry’s door for him to join her.

“Good morning Sheila,” Henry greeted as he finally opened the door. He stepped out, not fully dressed yet ; his shoes still unlaced and his track suit not well buttoned. “Sorry, I woke up late.” He apologized as he squatted to lace his shoes.

Five minutes later, they were on the El Deols main road. Henry began to jog as their usual Saturday morning routine was but he was surprised to see Sheila not following him. He stopped and turned to ask her why.

“Please, let’s go to the workout center today. You know I missed the last session, I’d like to cover up with today.” Sheila said.

“Okay,” Henry smiled and waited for her to join him. He recalled that they had truly missed a session at the workout center because of the incident at Tom’s place, Sheila had said they would make up for it somehow.

MacFitness workout center was busy as usual that Saturday morning and the physical instructors were at different sections giving counsel and instructions to the exercisers on which of the exercises to partake in. Henry and Sheila got to the place after ten more minutes and soon began with exercises on the machines. Sheila had prevailed over Henry not to partake in Barbells and Dumbbells until after one year like the doctor advised, so Henry was left with no choice than to partake in some of the less strenuous ones.

The two worked out separately at different section of the center, Henry’s section was at some distance from Sheila’s, even though they could see each other afar off through the transparent glass walls used in the building.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Henry decided to switch to the Dip machine after spending few minutes on the chest press. He noticed some people’s eyes on him but he ignored at first, he only began to give more attention when he observed they were still looking at him after he began exercising on the Dip machine. He stopped briefly to take a look at Sheila where she was. She didn’t seem to be troubled or to have noticed anything unusual, she continued her exercise peacefully.

Henry kept an eye on them even as he continued exercising. After sometime, he noticed that the four men whose eyes he caught on himself had dispersed. It seemed that everything had returned to normal for a while. Sheila was now on the stationary bicycle and he was already rounding on the machine he was when he observed that the population in the workout center was gradually reducing. He looked around and saw the four men at different corners of the large workout centers. He watched them for some seconds and suspected that they were the ones asking the people to go out. He knew at once that something sinister was about to happen. He hoped it was not what he feared, he hoped that those men were not men from his past who were planning to do something bad to him. He quickly stopped his exercises and got off the machine. He wiped his face with the towel and threw it into the bag. He tightened the bag and wrapped the handle around his palm.

He looked towards Sheila from where he was and noticed she was also rounding up but yet to get off the machine. He was glad because he thought it would be easier to convince her it was time to go home. He was however shocked when he saw one of the men that he caught watching him already walking towards Sheila. He froze for a second, not knowing whether to run to her or walk hurriedly as he planned to do before. But none of the options could still help him get to Sheila before the man would.

“Hey sl*t, you should get down from the machine. I want to use it.”

Sheila was shocked as she heard the man’s words. She turned her head sharply to him and narrowed her look on his face, he was staring at her evidently but she did not want to believe she heard him right.

“Excuse me?” her eyebrows gathered together as she responded politely.

“You heard me sl*t, get your slutty backside off the machine, I want to use it.”

Sheila was burning with rage inside of her but she managed to keep herself calm. She knew he was a trouble seeker, there were other machines he could have used.

“I’m about to get off this but why… I mean why can’t you use any of the vacant machines?”

“You must be freaking silly to question me, I want to use this! Can you get off now?” he barked at her.

Sheila stared at him unbelievably. She was sure something was wrong with him. She looked in the direction of the officials’ stand to call for the attention of an official or instructor but they were all not available, all the stands were empty and even the security men were nowhere to be found. The only people she could see were four of the heavily built muscled men who were looking in their direction already like they were already expecting something. She returned her gaze to the man’s face for a while and met him staring at her like a hungry lion ready to devour it’s prey. It occurred to her that something was definitely wrong in the center that day. She looked away again and saw that the four men were walking towards their direction already. She didn’t know what to expect as fearful thoughts began to run through her mind.

She totally forgot that she had Henry close by and even when she looked in his direction, she didn’t noticed he was already coming towards them until the trouble maker spoke.

“Your big man is coming,” the trouble maker said with a sinister smile, looking in Henry’s direction.

Sheila also looked and saw Henry coming. The fears in her heart increased and she became more afraid for Henry than she was for herself.

“What do you want from us?” Sheila asked in low tones, ready to negotiate with him so that they can let them go in peace.

“I don’t want anything from you sl*t, just get off the machine.” he barked at her.

Sheila realized she was still sitting and quickly got off the saddle. “Here, you have the machine all to yourself now.” she said as she picked up a towel to wipe her face.

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her as she tried to walk away.

She squealed in pain as he dragged her back to the machine.

“So you had to let me talk this much before getting off?” he roared in a loud voice, widening his eyes threateningly at her.

“What do you want from me?” she screamed out.

“Leave her alone now Mister,” Henry said in a low but confident tone.

The troublemaker turned his face to Henry, still holding sheila by the arm. He pushed Sheila away to the machine and took a short step back.

He tilted his neck to the left and stared at Henry with a crooked smile. “So what are you going to do man? Beat me up? Or you gonna beat us all up?” he said, taking a brief glance at his men who had now arrived behind him. They stood side by side on a straight line, exactly a metre behind him.

Henry hurried to Sheila and helped her stand well, then he held her hand and helped her turn to the other side of the machine.

“Please let us go,” Sheila pleaded in a shaky voice as she stared at the five men standing at the other side of the machine.

“No, I would like to see what your strong man would want to do to us.” the troublemaker replied.

Henry remained silent.

Sheila was greatly afraid. She looked at the men’s faces and could see they really meant business. The face of one of the men behind the main troublemaker looked somehow familiar and she did not take much time to think before she recalled several occasions when she had seen him and Tom discussing when she came with Tom to this same fitness center. That was months ago when she first started her workout program but she had totally forgotten his face until now. She realized that they were in a big mess. The men seemed to be Tom’s friends and had heard from him how Henry took him out. They probably wanted to get revenge for their friend.

“Please, let us go. I promise, he doesn’t want any trouble with you guys.” Sheila pleaded again.

The men were unwilling to listen. They all shook their heads in negative and began to move their fists and muscles in preparation for a fight.

“Someone, help please. Where are the officials around?” Sheila screamed out loud but saw no one around.

The men appeared more confident on seeing Sheila so afraid and they began to move their muscles and straighten their fists for a fight.

Henry still remained silent. His face was expressionless and no one could tell what was on his mind.

“Please, we don’t want any trouble with you. Let us go please,” Sheila was almost crying now.

“Your man isn’t talking, I guess he wants to show us the stuff he’s made off.” the main troublemaker said, smiling devilishly at Henry.

Henry reacted for the first time. The skin on his forehead squeezed as he closed his eyes for some seconds and opened it, letting out a deep breath.

He had a strange feeling and he couldn’t understand what it was. All five of the men before him were muscular and almost the same height as him, one of them was slightly taller- about an inch. This men were his match in terms of size, and there was no doubt that they were also strong men. He realized he was afraid of what would happen, not afraid of being beaten up by the men but afraid of anything happening to Sheila especially if they were men from his past.

“Please let us go,” Henry finally spoke. “We don’t want trouble from anyone, I beg you.”

“Hahaha,” the men jeered.

“So your man is a sissy, he cannot even protect a woman.” the trouble maker spoke. “We are going to teach him some lessons today.”

Sheila realized that the men’s mind were made up to involve them in a fight and it was obvious that a combo of her who was just trying to build strength and Henry were no match for the heavily built men. She reached for the bag in Henry’s hand to attempt her final hope of avoiding trouble. She took out her phone and quickly unlocked it, hoping to dial a number quickly.

“She wants to make calls right in front of us?” the leader of the trouble makers said in a loud voice and proceeded forward to walk pass the stationary bicycle. Sheila moved back in fear and he tried to follow and grab her but Henry stepped in his way and landed him a quick blow on his cheek.

The blow was unexpected due to Henry’s plea a minute ago, it caught the rest of the four men in surprise as they watch saliva been splattered out from their leader’s mouth as he staggered back from the impact of the blow.

The impact of the blow was more than what the trouble makers’ leader had anticipated. It felt at first as if his head had fallen off his neck and was now replaced by a big heavy rock, his vision also turned blurry and he began to see stars.

Sheila who had taken only two steps back was also shocked to see Henry hit the man so hard. She paused with her phone for a moment and saw as the other four men rushed towards Henry one after the other in a rage. She knew Henry had stepped beyond his limits and there was no way he wasn’t going to get beaten. She walked further backwards as she scrolled through her contacts to find a number.