RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 66


“I knew this was gonna link at the end,” Steve said as he got up from the chair. Still in the team’s investigation room, they had split to work separately. Agent Evelyn was working at the investigation table on the documents, Agent Steve was working at the main system at the tail end of the room, Lydia was on the computer system close to the entrance while Daniel had gone out to get some information from the police.

All eyes turned to Steve as he paced for a few seconds before returning to his seat. He sent a document to the printer and got back up immediately. He then walked to pick it up and returned finally to the investigation table with the six paged printed documents.

“I just confirmed our suspicions, Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn do not only have links with the Daysman, they are also linked to late Elvis Nuel.” Steve said to Evelyn as he dropped the documents on the table.

Evelyn drew closer to him. “Only linked with Daysman and Elkim Nuel? No links with Paul Edwards?”

“No seen link with Paul yet,” Steve replied. “It’s obvious Paul is a cunning man and knows how to exclude himself.”

He handed two different pages to Evelyn for her to go through while he scanned through another one.

“Antonio Carlos is a Brazilian Engineer?” Evelyn asked rhetorically after going the page.

“Yeah, that’s what he’s known as.” Steve joined in. “He’s a chemical engineer who has worked in different parts of the world.”

“Vincent Shawn used to be in the Bethanna Military Service and was dismissed five years ago for gross misconduct,” Evelyn said aloud, but still to herself as she expected no response. She turned to Steve again, “Both men are high profiled men.”

“Since the Red Wolves case started involving individuals, it has barely involved any unknown man. Brad, Henderson, Elkim Nuel, Daysman were never unknown people,” Steve said.

“And can’t we just run an investigation on all related people to them?” Evelyn asked, sounding more like a suggestion.

“That’s a good idea, but they’ve got so many related people around them, it would take us a lot of time to investigate each of them,” Steve said, thoughtfully staring at her face.

“But there should be a way to go about it,” Evelyn squinted at him.

“Yes, there’s a way.” Steve said sharply as an idea came into his mind. “We can narrow the investigation down to people who have had business with all the first four men together.”

“Oh yeah!” Evelyn’s face brightened with a smile.

“Sir, no perfect matches for this man.” Agent Lydia said as she proceeded towards them from behind, she had six newly printed sheets of papers in her hand. “The highest we have is a forty two percent match and we have a total of six persons between forty two percent to thirty percent.”
She got to the table and stood beside Steve, she began to place the papers separately on the table. They showed pictures of men and brief details about the men below the pictures.

“I do think this is one area we need to pay proper attention to,” Evelyn said as she joined Steve to look at the papers placed in front of him. Steve leaned forward to pick a set of papers placed on each other at the centre of the table.

He checked through quickly and pulled out five sheets which showed several coloured images of the huge suspect. In most of the pictures, he was seen putting on a face cap. Steve began to check through all the pictures for one that showed his face better in an upright position. After checking through the ones on a particular page, he would hand them over to Evelyn and continue checking through the next.

“Here,” he located a good one on the third paper and separated it from the rest. “The picture is name image 202, please get a clearer printout for me,” he said to Lydia.

“Image 202,” Lydia said before turning back to go for the new printout.

Lydia was yet to return when the door to the room opened and Daniel walked in.

“Hey boss,” he said as he got to the table and stopped beside Evelyn. He tapped her gently on the arm before he dropped his phones on the table. “It has been approved for Stanley Inn to be moved to Bexford.”

“To the FOX office or police office?” Steve turned to him and asked.

“To the FOX office first, we would be given twenty four hours to verify its a FOX case or send him to the police office.”

“That won’t be difficult,” Steve said confidently. “I hope he’s been put on the way already.”

“The evening flight is for five o’clock,” Daniel replied.

Steve checked his wristwatch. “Have you made arrangements for him to be received at the airport?”

“Yes, I made all arrangements before coming here.” Daniel answered. “I’ve also sent invitation to some of the men in charge of the factory.”

“I’ve got the picture,” Lydia announced as she joined them again at the table.

She placed the photo in front of Steve on the table. Steve began to check through the first set of six pictures she had previously placed on the table.

“Who’s this?” Daniel asked.

“The suspect for all murders involved in this case,” Evelyn answered him.

After studying carefully for over two minutes, Steve handed the pictures back to Lydia.

“There’s no perfect match for this man among these people,” Steve concluded, staring at Lydia’s face.

“Sir, I think he wears a perfect disguise.” Daniel put in.

“If he wears a perfect disguise for his face, does he also wear disguise for his body?” Steve turned to him.

“I can’t tell sir,” Steve answered with stammering lips. “But I’ve spoken with someone who might be able to tell more.”

“And who’s that?” All eyes turned to Daniel.

“He’s a FOX agent at Vincil, he happened to see this particular man before he escaped into the bush.”


The Reconciliation Team’s Lodge

“So we need to get to South Africa before we can proceed?” Dave asked his question aloud, directing it to no one in particular.

“No, Benuit is closer, we may not need to get to South Africa before we get what we need.” Cole replied him.

“Whether South Africa or Benuit. I’m not sure if we’ve got enough funds to continue at all,” Samantha put in and turned to face Henry.

They were in the common room of the lodge, all the men were standing except for the Doctor who was sitting beside Jennifer on the old long sofa.

“We would have enough funds to proceed with our enquiry in Benuit,” Henry said, directing his response to everyone but having his eyes on Samantha. He then looked away from her slowly, “The doctor here would borrow us some funds from his personal savings to continue for now. Cole and Dave would proceed on to Benuit to fetch details while I will go with Samantha to make arrangements for more funds.”

“Let the job begin then,” Samantha turned her eyes back to Henry after flashing a look at the doctor.

“But what do we do with those two locked in the rooms?” Dave asked.

“We would decide that after you two return from Benuit,” Henry replied Dave. He then turned his eyes to Jenny and Doctor. “The two of you would be here with them and you would have to be very careful. This place is safe and no one would discover us if we do not make contact ourselves with a third party.”

“When do we move boss?” Cole asked


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March 29, 2016

Interrogation Room,
FOX Corporation, Bexford.

“Good morning Mr Stanley Inn, I’m Agent Steve,” Steve introduced himself as he sat in one of the chairs at the other end of the table.

Stanley Inn who was sitting at the other side gave no response to the greeting but only stared at the Agent’s face. His eyes moved around the room and he spotted the several cameras around, he was sure Steve wasn’t the only one that was going to be listening to him.

“How are you doing Mr Stanley Inn?” Steve asked in a calm voice, staring at the man’s face.

Stanley after looking around for a few more seconds settled his gaze on the Agent’s face. “Can you go ahead to your god-damned questions and stop wasting time with unnecessary formalities?”

Steve smiled calmly, he was unruffled by the harsh response.

“So Mr Stanley, would you tell me how you alone escaped the explosion?”

“How many times will I answer that question?” Stanley raised his brows at his questioner. “I know you already have my previous answers, so why are you asking me again?”

“Sorry, but I just wanted to be sure you don’t want to tell me something different.” Steve replied, with his eyes squinted at the suspect. He wondered how the man knew he had the previous answers, it only showed he had some knowledge about police investigations.

“You should ask your own questions, I won’t be changing any of my previous answers, so don’t waste our time.”

“Okay Mr Stanley,” Steve put a smile on his face and leaned forward. “So, for how long have you guys been producing the explosives illegally?”

Stanley raised his brows. “I’m not in charge of production in that factory, I’m only in charge of security.”

Steve smiled. “You said that to the previous person who questioned you, but does that mean that as a security personnel, you do not know what is being produced in the factory you secure?”

“I only know we refine chemicals, up until yesterday I was told at the security office, I never knew explosives have ever been produced in the factory.”

“Don’t you perform routine checks as a measure of security around your factory?”

“We do, just like the government security agencies do also but never found anything. We never found anything relating to explosives,” Stanley replied confidently.

Steve remained silent for almost a minute. “Okay, tell me truthfully. When did you discover that the factory you secure produces for the Invisible terrorists and what has been your role working for the terrorists.”

Stanley widened his eyes to express shock. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about Mr Stan, you cannot be unaware of these things as the one in charge of security.”

“Well, you’re the first person I’m hearing this from.” Stan said without any atom of panic.

Steve stared silently at his face for about eight seconds. “Your defensiveness dear Mr Stan, makes you more suspicious, why don’t you open up to me instead of trying hard to hide the truth?”

Stanley raised his head and stared at him for few seconds. “Why don’t you go straight to your point?”

“Carlos Antonio and Vincent Shawn already told us how it works with the Invisible Terrorists, it’s surprising that you are still defending a lie.” Steve said lightly and then raised the left side of his upper lip.

Stanley’s countenance changed visibly and Steve took note. It took some seconds before Stanley spoke again.

“Where’s Antonio and Vincent?”

“Here with us,” Steve replied.

The look on Stanley’s face turned to be more of a confused look.

“Let’s digress a bit, since you find it difficult to answer my questions.” Steve smiled and leaned forward again. “Can we talk about the man that attacked your factory that night? Have you had any previous encounter with him?”

“No, never seen any man like him.”

“You saw him closely, didn’t you? What does he look like?”

“I didn’t have the opportunity to see him closely, I saw him first through the security cameras, then from afar in the hallway and on the motorcycle.”

“Is your security system that porous? How did he gain access easily into the factory?”

“He had some classified information that allowed the men at the gate to let him in before we found out he was fake,” Stanley answered.

“What do you mean by classified information?”

“Secret details from one of our bosses.”

“Which one of your bosses?”

“Antonio and Vincent are in better position to answer that question, why don’t you ask them since they are here?” Stanley retorted.

“You are the one in charge of security, you should be able to tell me which of your bosses that classified information was gotten from.”

“I don’t know which boss, I only know the information.”

“So, would you give us a list of all your bosses?”

“Why should I?”
“Why shouldn’t you?” Steve raised his brows. “If you have nothing to hide, why should you not be able to name your superiors?”

Stanley heaved a sigh, the seat was becoming hotter than he thought it would be.

“Well, the only bosses I know of are Antonio and Vincent,” Stanley finally said.

“Hmm…Okay,” Steve made a slow nod. He placed the sheets of paper in his hands on the table and moved them close to him. “Please take a look at those pictures and tell me which of the men look like the man who attacked the factory.”

Stanley picked up the documents and began to go through each one after the other. It took him an average of five seconds to view each picture until he got to the last one.

“Here he is,” he said, handing back the last one to Steve.

Steve collected it and viewed it, it was the image of the suspect which Lydia had printed the day before.

“Yeah, I know this is the man,” Steve said and handed the photo back to him. “I want you to take a closer look at other pictures and tell me which one bears the closest resemblance to this picture and the last one.”

“I don’t understand you,” Stanley complained.

“The person in that picture you chose has been unidentifiable, and the other pictures are his closest match to the identifiable people.” Steve began to explain. “It’s possible that one of those men in the other pictures have disguised to be the one we now see. So, you go through again and tell me which one look the closest like him.”

Stanley nodded to show he now understood. It took him almost two minutes to check all the pictures and compare with the last one.

“None looks like him in anyway,” he finally said.

“Thank you,” Steve said as he took back all the pictures from him. He placed them into the bag where he took them from and rested his back to continue his interrogation. “Back to business,” he said as he folded his arms across his chest. “You said Carlos and Antonio are the only bosses you know in the factory, does that mean only the two of them oversee the whole activities going on there?”

“Yes, they do.”

Steve stared at him silently for some few seconds. He then chuckled briefly and switched to a brief laughter before he sat up.

“That factory is a government owned factory, run by known government officials who have been invited for investigation and are here presently. Vincent Shawn and Antonio Carlos happen to be no government officials and there’s nothing in the records which tells of their association with the factory or the government. Even the government officials in charge of the factory happen to have only little information about who Vincent Shawn and Antonio Carlos are.”

Stanley placed a keen look at him, he could tell that this man already had so much information.

“You got the wrong information man, that factory is a private owned property.” Stanley retorted.

“I’ve got the known government officials who run the company here, I can call them in to identify you, I’m sure they won’t know you.”

“I agree they may not know me, but I say for sure that the factory is owned by a private body.”

“And which private body is that?”

“That, you would have to find out for yourself.” Stanley said with a scorn.

“The Red Wolves, isn’t it?” Steve chuckled. “You work for the Wolves and we know it already, so I’ll advise you to cooperate with us strongly.”

Steve shook his head, carrying a mocking smile on his lips. “You don’t know what you’re talking about man,” he said in a confident tone.

45 minutes later, In Paul Edward’s Office.

“I read the reports too,” Paul Edwards said, tapping the table slowly and continuously with the pen in his hands. He had a serious look on his face. “That factory supplies raw materials for the weapons manufacturing section of the FOX and I wouldn’t want to accept that it was sold to a private body three years ago.”

“We have also not accepted that sir,” Steve replied him. “But we consider it a possibility, we’ve interrogated the man legally in charge and he confirmed to us he was asked to sign some documents in 2013…”

“You have to confirm that as soon as you can,” Paul interjected. He looked at the faces of the three Junior agents standing behind his table – Steve, Evelyn and Daniel. “And you also have to dig out everything about Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn.”

“We’re on that already,” Steve replied

“I want you to speed it up,” Paul said sharply. “Once you make the confirmation of the private control of the factory, I would write an invitation immediately to the Governor Of Vincil.”

“Thank you sir,” Steve bowed slightly.

“Is there any other thing you need to tell me?”

“Ermmm… Yes sir, ” Steve said hesitatingly.

Paul raised his brows, signalling for him to go ahead.

“We might need to question family members and friends of the late Agent Elkim Nuel, more links to him are being discovered in the case.”

“What other links have you seen?”

“Stanley Inn mentioned that the man who led the attack to the factory got his information from one of his bosses but he refused to mention who the boss was,” Steve replied. “But from our investigation and interrogation of other witnesses, we have already found out that the man got in claiming he was sent there by Elkim Nuel.”

Paul Edwards let out a breath. “You’re free to question anyone but be careful for it not to be termed as harassment.”

To be continued