RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 40

The car pulled up. Henry stepped forward quickly and opened the door to the passenger’s side to join Cole who was alone in the vehicle.

“Boss, Daysman has an additional escort vehicle with four other men following him now.” Cole said to Henry as soon as he got in.

“But Dave and Samantha are following them right?”

“Yes, from a distance.”

“Did you find out what they did in the hall?” Henry asked as he placed his backpack on his laps and opened it.

“No, I tried to but it wasn’t wise for me to proceed after coming across eleven armed men guarding the place.”

“Eleven armed men?” Henry questioned.

“Those were the ones I saw, I can’t tell of the others who I did not see.” Cole replied.

“That means they’re hiding something really dangerous in there,” Henry suggested and then frowned as he thought about it.

“I believe it’s not just something but it’s someone they’re hiding,” Cole put in.

Henry took a quick glance at him.

“After Daysman and his men left, I tried to gain access but since I couldn’t go past those men, I waited around to watch for who next would come out of the place…”

“And who did?”

Cole glanced at him and shook his head. “No one.”

Henry raised his brows.

“Wait, how were you able to stay around there?”

“I got the clothes of the security man from a different section of the complex, far from our target section. Putting on the uniform made me look like a legal worker in the place.”

“So, you saw no one else come out of the place?”

“No one,” Cole replied and shook his head.

“Maybe you should have waited a little longer, I’m not sure anyone resides in that area of the complex.”

“I waited until I was sure almost all had left that place,” Cole replied him.”I returned there after an hour and found only one man remaining in the same room I met the eleven men. And he wasn’t even armed.”

Henry raised his brows. “I don’t…”

“Excuse me please,” Cole interrupted him to listen to a voice in his earpiece. He listened and responded for about a minute before he turned again to Henry. “Dave just told me that the two escort cars have gone in different directions from Daysman.”

Henry raised his brows. “And where are they now?”

“Daysman is at EPA Hill, in the FOX corporation headquarters,” Cole quickly added.

Henry eyes widened in surprise and he quickly turned his face away thoughtfully.

“In FOX Corporation Headquarters?”

“Yes,” Cole affirmed.

“Is his reason for visiting there by any means known?”

“Not yet,” Cole answered.

A lot of thoughts ran through Henry’s mind at that moment and he struggled in his mind to make a conclusion. He battled to come up with a reasonable reason for Daysman to be in the FOX Corporation.


FOX Corporation, EPA HILL

“Sorry for keeping you waiting sir,” Agent Steve apologised to Daysman as he walked into the visitor’s room.

“No problem officer,” Daysman replied in his gruff voice.

Agent Steve settled into the seat behind the table quickly and picked out his notepad and pen. “Thank you so much for responding so quickly, I never expected you’d come so soon.” Agent Steve said, still trying to settle down.

He was already on his way back to the office with Agent Evelyn had gotten the message that Daysman had arrived the office in response to their invitation.

“As a man who has nothing to hide, it’s expected that I respond to calls like this as quick as I can. I’m always ready to help the security officials in investigation for the truth.” Daysman replied him in a confident tone.

Steve took a quick glance at him, surprised by the confidence in his words, he sounded like someone who really had nothing to hide. But Steve wasn’t deceived, he had met with a lot of people who had mastered the art of communication and could communicate words differently from what they feel.

Steve faked on a smile and then drew in breath.

“Sir, there have been two kidnaps in the past few days. Better put, a kidnap and something else we can’t classify yet. The first ended up with the murder of the kidnap victim,” Steve began. “We are not certain yet if the second was a kidnap, in fact, we aren’t sure what happened but there’s a link between the first and the second victims.”

Daysman squinted his eyes at Steve.

“But checking through the security records, we saw a very strong link between these victims and you, that’s why we’ve called you here to make some explanations.”

“Who are these people you’re talking about?” Daysman asked.

“Brad and Henson, I’m sure you must have heard about Brad’s death and Henson’s disappearance,” Steve answered him.

“Of course, I have. The death of Brad came as a really disheartening news, he was a good man and good partner. As for Henson, I never really got to know much about him.” Daysman answered briefly.

“You had an unfinished business with Brad before his death, can you tell me about this business?”

“I and Brad had so many business together, but recently we have only been talking about his firm producing packages for our farm products.”

“I’m not aware that Suntan Farms is a sole asset of yours, how come you are discussing a deal with Brad for the farm without any record in the company or without the knowledge of the CEO?”

Daysman stared blankly for a moment. He realized that the man sitting before him must have done a lot of investigations and he had to be very careful in answering the questions.

“I am the managing director of Suntan Farms, I’ve been managing it for over ten years and it has grown under my leadership. When I see a deal to work out, I go for it and it’s not the first time I’m discussing the possibility of a deal before officiating it.”

“So, your business with Brad is nothing outside of Suntan Farms Deal?”

“No, I have personal growing businesses and Brad is like a mentor to me in the art of investing and making investment work.”

“Five major arrests were made yesterday and we found Henson as a link for the Invisible terrorists. Now, Henson is directly connected to Brad who is directly connected to you.” Steve explained. “Brad serves as the link between you and Henson and you were meant to deliver some things to Henson yesterday which you couldn’t because of Brad’s abduction.”

“I don’t get where all this is going to,” Daysman replied with a confused tone.

“What were you supposed to deliver to Henson yesterday?”

“Nothing,” the man frowned at Steve and raised his shoulder. “I’m not a delivery man.”

Steve chuckled at his response. “I’m not in anyway calling you a delivery man, what is it that Brad had with you yesterday which you were supposed to release.”

“Brad had nothing with me,” Daysman replied.

“You mean you had no recent business with him?”

“No, I mean he kept nothing with me to deliver to anyone.”

“Were you planning to meet with him after his arrival in Bexford?”

“No, we had no plans to meet.”

“But in the past five days, you guys have made so much calls with each other that seems so unusual.”

“I see nothing unusual in my calls with Brad, except you want to make an issue out of nothing.”

Steve chuckled and then opened a file. He turned it towards Daysman to see.

“This documents the time of your calls with Brad, in three days, he called you six times and you called him five times, that’s eleven all together, Isn’t that strange?”

“I just told you we had business together and we both had to monitor the progress on both sides.”

“Yes sir, you had business together and that business was to deliver ten parcels of explosives to Henson in disguise as farm products.”

Daysman opened his mouth to express his shock at Steve. He slowly got to his feet, looking fierce and angry.

“This is preposterous, you mean you brought me here to make a mockery of me?”

“Please, take your seat sir.” Steve said as he got to his feet. “We can discuss this maturely. We are not in this conversation alone, I believe you are aware others are with us.” Steve added, referring to the other people who were watching and listening to them outside through the stream from the cameras inside the room.

“You can’t make stupid and false accusations against me and expect me to keep quiet or calm.”

“Please sit sir, and we’d continue our conversation. If you think I’m wrong, you can give your reasons and we’d trash out right here and now.”

Daysman shook his head, still fuming in anger. He stared angrily at Steve for a moment before taking his seat.

“What the bleep about explosives are you talking about?”

“Brad was meant to give orders for the release of ten explosives to Henson yesterday but that did not happen because Brad was abducted the day before.”

“I don’t know anything about that, you can’t just try to drag me in.”

“But Brad made more contact with you than anyone else in the last forty eight hours before his abduction and murder, and in his to-do list, he had in his schedule to contact you for the release of something which he called ‘ten parcels’.”

“I was suppose to hand over documents to Brad, that’s all I had to do with Brad yesterday. I do not know anything about the ten parcels or whatever you’re saying.”

Steve was silent for a moment, his arms folded across his chest as he stared Daysman in the eyes.

“We’d have to see those documents, in nothing less than two hours.”

“Two hours? It’s late already.”

“If the documents are already prepared, all that we need to do is go and get them, I do think two hours is even too much for that.”

Daysman heaved a sigh of frustration.


EPA, Bexford.

“If we have to go after Daysman tonight, following him immediately after he leaves EPA hill would be the best option.” Samantha suggested.

“I agree,” Cole joined in. “The two escorts vehicles are no longer with him, he has less security around him.”

The four of them were now in the same vehicle, Cole and Henry sitting at the back while Dave and Samantha sat at the front.

“It may not be the best option, I think this is the time the security around him is tightest.” Henry joined in after a few seconds of careful consideration. “We got Brad and then Henson, it is obvious to us, the FOX and even the Wolves that the next in line would be Daysman. We’d have eyes watching and hands waiting for us.”

There was silence in the car for a while.

“So, we’re just going to stay and watch him go from here? Or get him from his home like we did with Brad?”

“It would be difficult to get him from home if the escorts are there with him,” Cole put in.

“Did you run a check on his home?” Henry asked.

‘Yes, I did.” Cole replied. “The networks are secured in the house and around, the facility is very small compared to Brad’s and there are not so many loopholes to get in with.”

“We would not need to go to his home for now,” Henry said in a calm instructive tone. “We would borrow a tactic from the invisible terrorists, something they used when they started.” Henry paused and looked at the faces of all his team members. “We would distract them with something different from the pattern, at the same time fulfilling our goal.”

“Boss, you’re speaking in parables.” Dave put in after some seconds of silence by Henry.

“Paul Edward’s dead geandson is in town, I found him at the Ruthernard Hospital and he’d be leaving the hospital very early tomorrow morning.” Henry said, looking at the faces of each of them.

“His dead grandson?” Samantha voiced out, staring at Henry with a questioning look.

“Yeah, Paul saved his grandson from death and killed other people’s children. Paul Edwards grandson was never in the explosion.” Henry replied her. He then raised his brows thoughtfully. “Paul Edwards is followed around by the toughest of FOX’s security, he’s difficult to come in contact with, but his grandson would be transported like an ordinary man out of Bexford tomorrow.”

“So, we all go to get him tomorrow?” Cole asked.

“No, just you and Dave.” Henry replied him. “I and Samantha would return to the Magic Complex to find how the other men got out of the place.”


“Hutton, I’m out already.” Daysman said into his phone’s mouthpiece as he entered into the car in the FOX Corporation compound.

“Hope you were as calm as required?” The voice from the other end asked.

“Yeah, I acted well.” Daysman answered. “The dude is asking for documents in two hours.”

“He’d be handled,” Hutton replied. “You need to face the next step, I’m sure someone or a group is on the way to get you like they did with Henson and Brad but we’re with you.”

To be continued