RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 234



Henry took his phone off his ear for a moment as he heard a beeping sound, signaling that another call was coming in. It was from Sheila.

“I’m sorry, Foden. I’ll call you later. There’s a call I need to pick,” Henry said and ended the call to answer Sheila.

“Henry, I got a message from Maxwell. He has something from your FOX source.”

“What message?” Henry asked.

“An item was found in a particular location, and Maxwell can’t check it because he’s on transit. He needs me to check for him,” Sheila explained. “It might just be where those you’re chasing are headed for.”

“Okay, let me know what you get what’s there,” Henry remarked.

“Yes, I will.”

“Sheila,” Henry suddenly called in a calm tone before she could end the call.


“Are you sure you’re in a safe location?”

“Yes, I am. Why do you ask?” Sheila questioned.

“Foden called and mentioned that he was in El Deols a few seconds ago. I told him I was in the country with you. So, I just need to be certain nothing can get to you,” Henry explained.

“I assure you, Henry. Nothing or no one can get to me,” Sheila replied confidently.


Hutton walked into the living room quickly and picked up his ringing phone on the centre table.

“Hey, Mike,” he answered the call.

“Hello, I’ve been unable to reach Elvis Kahn. I’ve got some information from Maria that he might need.”

“Let me know what you’ve got.”

“Carl Winston and the FOX are working closely together and are both chasing Kahn in Anthanna. The FOX is feeding him with surveillance information.”

“That’s not new, we know already,” Hutton frowned.

“The FOX knows that he’s gone past the roadblocks and he’s headed for the train station. That means FOX agents will be waiting for him at every stop.”

“Okay, thank you,” Hutton replied and wanted to end the call but Michael continued.

“Carl Winston is on his way to the train station and also sent some information concerning your activities in South Husan to the FOX.”

“Hmmm,” Hutton sniffed in gently, finding the information necessary. “How close is Carl to the train station?”

“I can’t tell, I just know he’s headed there.”

“What’s the information he sent to the FOX?”

“I think it has to do with locations. Maria will let me know when she gets the specifics.”

“Please, revert to me as soon as you find out more.”

“I will.”

The call ended and Hutton did not waste time before calling Kahn’s number.

“How many more minutes before the train leaves?” he asked after the call was answered.

“In three minutes, why do you ask?”

“The FOX knows you’re on the train.”

“They’re not going to be able to arrest us,” Kahn replied confidently.

“Yeah, I know we prepared for that already but Carl Winston is on his way there. He could cause some problems for you.”

There was silence for a moment on Kahn’s end.

“We have just around 150 seconds to leave here, he doesn’t have enough time.”

“We don’t know how close he is to join the train. He just might be boarding it as we speak now,” Hutton opined.

Kahn was silent for a moment again.

“Well, don’t you think it will be a good opportunity to take him down?” Kahn suggested. “He’s not going to be able to board the train with a weapon, but we already have weapons in here. How many men does he have with him?”

“I don’t think he has so many people with him, some of his men are in Pretoria and he has must also have some monitoring us in South Husan. I think he might be alone or with someone driving the car,” Hutton answered. How many men do you have with you?”

“Eight men.”

“Urgh…” Hutton grunted. “It might be best to just focus on getting to the point safely, except your men are able to catch him off guard.”

“You don’t think we stand a chance against him alone?”

“I’m just saying it’s best if you focused on your location and wait until you get there. The train gives him a lot of hiding spots. You have just about an hour on the train.”

“Well, let’s just hope he doesn’t get on board with us. Besides, it would be difficult for him to get tickets at this time if he’s not in yet.”

“Be on guard. Make sure you get here alive no matter what happens.”


“Guys, we may have Carl Winston on the train with us,” Kahn announced to his men after ending the call. “We have to be vigilant now. If he’s on board, he’s gonna try to find the section we’re in. But we’re in a private car and it’s going to be difficult for him because the train security will try to stop him. I’m sure he’s gonna try to find his way somehow.”

“So what do we do?” one of the men asked after a few seconds of silence from Kahn.

“We need to find him first,” Kahn answered.

“And we drop him when we find him?”

“No, we observe except you find yourself in a good position to take him out without anyone else knowing.”

“And won’t he try to cause trouble for us when we’re getting down?”

“He might try, then we can take him down immediately. We want to avoid attracting attention to ourselves on this train.”

They were in a dining car on the train. There were comfortable sofas and a TV set in it. Six of Kahn’s men were sitting in there with him while two others were outside.

After a minute of silence, one of the men spoke up. “Boss, I think taking when we have a good opportunity might just be the best.”

“Yeah, I just said that. Take him out when you have the best opportunity, but in a very silent way,” Kahn replied. “But our best opportunity is when we get out of the train.”

“We’re moving already,” another man announced.

“Why do you think the best opportunity is when we get out of the train?” the first man questioned Kahn.

“Carl is a dangerous person, it would be difficult to ki*ll him in a train. There are lots of things and people he can use as body shields,” Kahn explained. “But once we get out of this train, we’re getting into an open field. If he comes with us, we can ki*ll him easily because he would have nowhere to hide.”

“You’re right boss,” one of the men agreed and then raised his pistol and kissed the mouth. “I promise I won’t miss if I get a clear shot on him.”


3 Minutes Earlier 

Henry and Jennifer ran quickly through the crowd of people to the ticket shop.

“Hey, man,” Henry greeted the man sitting behind the counter. “I need a ticket to get on the train leaving now.”

“The train leaving now?” The man squinted at him and then pointed to a man walking towards the train. “That man just bought the last ticket. The next one leaves by 10 AM tomorrow…”

Henry did not wait for the man to finish before walking away to chase the passenger who got the last ticket.

“We really need to be on this train. Is there something you can do to help?” Jennifer questioned.

“No,” the man watched Henry go in surprise, with his mouth slightly open. “You should have come to book earlier or made a booking online.”

“Is there someone we could talk to?” Jennifer pressed on. “We don’t even need seats. We can stand throughout the trip as long as we’re on it.”

The man shook his head in negative. “That’s against our policy here.”

“Thank you,” Jennifer proceeded towards Henry immediately.


Jennifer met Henry trying to convince the last passenger to sell his ticket.

“Okay, hold on, man,” Henry held the man back as he was about to walk away after rejecting his first offer. “I’ll pay you two hundred dollars for letting me have your ticket,” he offered.

“Two hundred dollars?” the man arched his brows. “This trip is just for twenty dollars and you’re going to pay me two hundred for giving you the ticket?”

“Yes, just let me have it,” Henry insisted.

The man raised the ticket but still looked confused. Henry’s offer seemed unbelievable to him.

“I’ll give you for three hundred,” he decided to take advantage of the situation.

“Agreed,” Henry replied instantly

“But you have to pay me first,” he tried to pocket the ticket but Henry snatched it from him.

“Get the money to him, I’ll see you later,” he nodded to Jennifer before dashing towards the train.

“Is that your husband?” the passenger said, watching Henry leave. He was a middle-aged man with a bald head.

Jennifer ignored his question and took out her phone. At the moment Henry instructed her to transfer the money to the man, she had no idea of how to do so but had to play along so that the passenger would not change his mind or try to stop Henry from leaving.

But just as she watched Henry go, she remembered that he stored Sheila’s number on her phone while she was driving. He had done that for unforeseen situations where they could separate and she would need help just like this.

She found the number on her phone and dialed it immediately. It didn’t take long before the call was answered.

“Hello, Jennifer,” Sheila answered from the other end. Henry had also texted Jennifer’s number to Sheila.

“Hi! I need three hundred Anthannan dollars to pay someone here. Can you help with that?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, text me his account. But does it need to be anonymous?”

Jennifer scrutinized the man’s face for a moment before answering the question.

“Yes, it has to be.”

“Are you sure you have my money?” The man became alarmed instantly as he saw the way Jennifer looked at him.

He thought she had a problem with sending the money and turned to run to the train for his ticket but Jennifer stopped him.

“Hey, hold on. You’re going to have your money,” Jennifer assured him, standing in front of him.


The FOX, 

Bexford Bethanna

** Situation Room** 

Maria was back at her table now and working quietly on the computer just like the others. Agent Mark was sitting on his chair, giving commands to the FOX men at different places.

Agent Steve and two other agents walked into the situation room.

“Sir, we are here with the suspects,” Evelyn announced.

“Great, put the main man behind the interrogation. I’m coming there in a minute,” Mark replied quickly.

Steve and the two other men walked out immediately.

Mark hurried up with his work and rushed out of the room to join Evelyn in the interrogation room.

Steve got up from the chair to allow Mark to sit.

“No, continue,” Mark rejected the seat and instructed her to go on with the interrogation while he stood by the table.

“We can make you a deal, Mr Chanda. If you sign the deal, you will be allowed to go back to your family in Zambia and live happily with them forever. Tell us something that can help us stop your operations in El Deols and we’re going to get you that deal.”

“I don’t want a deal, I want my lawyer.”

Steve and Mark exchanged glances and communicated with their eyes. Mark knew he was trying to show him how stubborn the man has been.

“Where’s your lawyer?” Mark asked.

“In Zambia, he’s not been contacted yet,” Steve answered.

Mark sighed and stepped to Steve’s other side. He placed his palms on the table and leaned over slightly.

“We don’t have so much time, Mr Chanda. By the time your lawyer gets here, the Red Wolves would have caused more disaster to the world. That’s why we need you to help us now and get the deal. Besides, you should know that no lawyer can help you. This is a f***ing terrorism case and you’re not going to get out of it except we give you that deal.”

“If I’m going to take any deal, I still want my lawyer,” Chanda maintained.

Mark heaved a sigh and stood upright. He took some seconds to think and then remembered Dexter Joe. He leaned forward again. “Why did you kidnap Dexter Joe and why is he unconscious?”

Chanda stared at him without responding.

“Get him his lawyer,” Mark finally gave up. “We’ll make sure he goes to court soon and face the full wrath of the law,” he added before walking out of the room.

Steve also got up and followed the Chairman after signaling to the other agents in the interrogation room to take care of the suspect.

“Sir,” Steve tried to stop the Chairman in his tracks. “We are going through his phone already. The number he made frequent contact with thirty minutes before he was arrested has the South Husan code.”

Mark stopped and turned. “We have some information from South Husan. Maybe you might need to join the men there.”

“What’s happening in South Husan?” Steve squinted.

“There’s some possibility that the Red Wolves are going to launch an explosive to the President’s Villa from a location there,” Mark replied. “We need men to confirm the exact location.”

“An explosive?” Steve looked confused.

At that point, a junior officer stepped closer to them.

“Sir,” he saluted the Chairman first before turning to Steve. “We have some reports from the medicals and forensics.”

“Tell me,” Steve requested.

“The kidnap victim fell unconscious only a few minutes before the arrest,” the agent reported. “The forensics have confirmed that the mask on his face had the gas used to induce the unconsciousness.”

Steve and Mark glanced at each other. The report meant that Chanda and his men had already given up and were ready to be arrested even before the FOX agents got to the room where they were. Making the victim unconscious also meant that there was something that they did not want the victim to say to them. They realized that there was much more they had to discover.


Henry sat quietly in his seat for the first five minutes of the trip, just like every other passenger. He was in a regular passenger’s car with three seats on both sides of the aisle.

After the five minutes, he felt his phone vibrate and he took it out. He opened the message from Sheila and opened the sent location file.

He squinted as he saw the location on the map. It didn’t look far from their current location. The map showed they had only fifty-five minutes to get there.

That confused Henry for a while. The first stop of the train was supposed to be after three hours. A location in fifty-five minutes seemed just strange.

While he was still thinking, a call from Sheila came in. He answered and placed it close to his ear.

“Henry, are you in now?”

“Yeah, I am,” he replied in very low tones.

“Do you have the location I sent to you?”

“Yeah, but I’m confused. How is this train going to stop in fifty-five minutes? The first stop is supposed to be in three hours.”

“I didn’t understand it too, but I’ve studied images from the satellites. The location makes sense for an aircraft to land and take off. I think an airplane might be waiting for them there.”

“But how the f*** do they plan to get down from the train?” Henry wondered.

“I don’t know, but the location makes perfect sense.”

“Thank you,” Henry let out a breath. “I’ll call you later.”

He ended the call and returned the phone into his pocket. His thoughts began to run wild. Sheila could be right about the location, but he wasn’t just sure how they were going to get out of the train.

Were they planning to jump out of the moving train or was it going to stop for them? He asked himself.

The former seemed less likely. The train moved at a speed of 190 miles per hour.

Whether the train was going to stop for them at an official stop point wasn’t likely too but it seemed more possible. That was only if they had planned it with the train operator before the trip or if the train operator was one of the Red Wolves.

Whatever case it was, Henry had the task of finding them before they got to the stop point. It was going to be a difficult task and had just gotten more complicated after he found out he only had fifty minutes to get it done.

He closed his eyes for a moment to think. The picture of the train came to his mind again. It had over 100 cars and it was impossible to check all within the short timeframe.

He let out a deep breath. Before getting on the train, he had previously made a move to ensure it was easy to find Kahn and his men. He could only hope it would work. Otherwise, he would have to wait until the train was stopping at the supposed location and follow them out, which might expose him to danger.

After a few seconds, he felt the footsteps of someone and opened his eyes. A man dressed in the security guard uniform was passing and looking at the passengers one after the other.

By the time the man got to Carl’s side, he stopped and their eyes met. Then he proceeded and kept checking other passengers the same way.

For a moment, Henry saw the security guard’s passage as a routine check. But after the man exited from the car, a thought struck his mind and he quickly sat up.

Although the uniform was correct, the shoes on the security guard’s feet were not. It was then he realized that one of Kahn’s men had just spotted him. That meant Kahn was aware of his presence on the train.


El Deols, Anthanna

Adrian was working quietly in his office when the landline on the table rang. He reached for it quickly and answered.

“Hello, Mr Adrian. Someone is requesting to see you,” the female voice from the other end said.

“I told you I have to deliver a job urgently. I’m not seeing anyone now,” he snapped.

“It’s Mr Emery Jack,” the woman added before Adrian could drop the receiver.

His heart skipped a beat and he paused to take a deep breath.

“Please, let him in,” he finally said.

He took in another deep breath and rubbed his palms on his thighs. He saved the file on his laptop and then put it aside.

A few seconds after, Emery Jack walked into his office.

“Good day, sir,” he stood up to greet the man.

“Adrian,” Emery Jack let out a brief smile and extended his hand for a handshake. “Good day.”

“Please, be seated, sir,” Adrian quickly offered and the man sat. “I’m surprised you’re here sir. You could have told me to come to you.”

“It’s no problem, Adrian. I just didn’t want to bother you. I was passing by and thought it was better to stop,” Emery Jack replied. “Has Sheila contacted you by any means?”

“No sir,” he shook his head. “I’ve yet to hear anything from her.”

The man heaved a sigh of frustration. “Have you seen what the news says recently?”

Adrian squinted at the man, wondering what in particular he was talking about.

“The FOX have been chasing suspected Red Wolves men in El Deols since morning. I’m scared for Sheila in all these,” Emery Jack explained.

Adrian widened his eyes in fear and his heart began to beat fast. “But could this have anything to do with Sheila?”

“No, of course. But she’s friends with Henry, a man who’s involved in a fight against these terrorists. That made her a target the last time and that was why I had to force her to stay safe.”

Adrian was baffled. He didn’t know what to say or do.

“Please, let me know immediately if you hear from her,” Emery Jack added and got up to leave.

“Yes, I will let you know, sir,” Adrian shook his head frantically and watched the man leave.

A few seconds after the man left. He took out his phone and dialed Sheila’s number.

Emery Jack made his way out of the company with two bodyguards beside him. His phone rang as he climbed down the stairs and he took it out immediately.

“He’s made the call, he’s speaking to Sheila,” a voice informed Emery.

“Find the number he called and track it,” Emery ordered.

Unknown to Adrian, Emery had begun to suspect him due to his responses when asked about Sheila in recent days. Adrian had not been able to hide his emotions as he did in the beginning.

Emery had attached a recorder to his office table, knowing that he would call Sheila immediately after he left.