RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 232



5:40 AM

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

“Stay alert guys, the FOX men are close. You have to leave the location immediately you get the prompt,” Henry’s voice sounded through the loudspeaker of the phone.

“Understood,” Dave replied. He and Paul who was by his side had their eyes in direction of the building they were monitoring. “Where do we go from here?”

“Just stay aside and watch until you get the next instruction,” Henry replied.

“I think there are some movements in the place now,” Paul Edwards put in, looking towards the duplex with a telescope.

“Do you see anyone?” Dave asked.

“No, the fence is an obstruction but I see signs of light,” Paul replied.

“The FOX will be there in less than twenty minutes. The team is led by Agent Steve. Stay ready,” Henry added before the call ended.


5:50 AM

Location: El Deols, Anthanna

A few seconds after ending the call with Dave and Paul, Henry looked into the side mirror to see a female figure walking towards their car.

“Evelyn is here,” he said to Jennifer who was at the driver’s side.

He couldn’t see the face of the person coming but he could tell from her shape that it was Evelyn.

She got to the car a few seconds later and entered the backseat immediately.

“Good morning, boss,” she greeted after jamming the door.

“How was your trip here, Evelyn?” Henry replied, looking at her face through the rearview mirror.

“Fine, is there anything you need to ask before we proceed?”

“What’s our part in this?” Henry asked.

“The Chairman insists that we follow the due order. The FOX has to take charge of the whole process,” Evelyn replied. “I’m leading the team, that means you’re involved in every aspect too. No information will be hidden from you.”

“That’s fine,” Henry took in a breath and nodded in agreement. “Go get the job done.”

Evelyn also gave a nod of agreement before stepping out of the car and walking back.

Henry watched her go for a few seconds before picking up his phone to dial Sheila.

“Hey! The FOX are here and about to go in. You can turn on the security cameras to watch for me.”

“Right away,” Sheila replied from the other end.

“So, we wait here?” Jennifer had her eyes on him as he dropped the phone.

Henry delayed his response for a moment. He turned on the phone’s backlight to check the time. “We’ll leave this point in five minutes but stick around to see if we can be of help.”


10 minutes later

“Mr. Kahn, it’s the FOX. They discovered us,” one of the men walked into the room where Elvis was seated and waiting.

Elvis Kahn puffed out a breath and closed his eyes for a moment. He was sitting on a short stool, in his pajamas. He was asleep when an alarm signaling encroachment of their safehouse sounded. Immediately, he stepped out of the room to confirm what was happening.

He turned to one of the men standing behind him and asked for his phone.

“They’re trying to get in. They’ll force their way in a couple of minutes. We need to get you out of here,” the man who just entered the room said again.

Kahn did not look bothered. After dialing a number, he put his phone close to his ear and got up from his seat.

He had in some way been expecting a problem and had decided on a plan with Hutton beforehand.

“Hutton, the FOX is here,” Kahn said into his phone as he proceeded out of the room. Two of the men followed him. “I believe it’s the work of Carl Winston.”

“It’s good we made a plan beforehand,” Hutton replied from the other end. “Let’s go ahead with it.”

“Make sure the men are waiting for us,” Kahn added before ending the call. He turned to one of the men by his side. “Prepare our hostage, we’re leaving with him.”

He proceeded into the room to change his clothes.


06:15 AM

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Three armed Red Wolves’ Soldiers walked into a large room. Sixteen other soldiers were sleeping at different positions in the room.

Those who were not in deep sleep got up on hearing the footsteps of the three men walking in.

“Get up, everyone!” The man in the middle of the three ordered in a loud voice.

More of the sleeping men began to stand up while those awake helped to alert the remaining.

The man waited until he was sure that every man in the room was awake.

“Gentlemen, the FOX is here. Grab your weapons, we must defend our territory,” he announced briefly and marched out again.

The men swung into action immediately.


“What’s the situation?” Chanda asked as the three men walked into the room where he was.

“The FOX men are trying to get in already. They’re currently fixing explosive devices at the gate but we will be ready before then,” the man replied.

“Good, let’s push them back as much as possible,” Chanda replied.

Another man entered, holding Chanda’s shirt and pants. Chanda raised his hands slowly and the man pulled off the robe from his body and put the shirt on. He then handed Chanda the pants.

Chanda reached for the phone on the table behind him and dialed Hutton’s number.

“Hey, Hutton. The FOX discovered us,” he rapped.

There was a loud sigh from the other end which was followed by a moment of silence. “Carl discovered you too?”

“Ermmm… I don’t know if this has to do with Carl. Our men haven’t spotted Carl or any of his men. We identified the men here as FOX agents.”

“Come on, Chanda. Only Carl could have given them the lead.”

There was a few seconds of silence again.

“We stick to the plan, Chanda, regardless of what happens,” Hutton concluded. “Guard your captive. Remember we need them.”

“Understood,” Chanda replied and ended the call.

He took in a deep breath and squinted at the wall. His mind seemed to be full of doubts but he decided to trust Hutton.


Location: El Deols, Anthanna

06:25 AM

There was no shock whatsoever for Henry and Jennifer as the bombs set at the gate finally went off.

Henry and Jennifer had moved from their previous location where they could see the place of attack. So they could only imagine the FOX agents trooping into the place.

Soon enough, they began to hear the sounds of gunshots exchanged.

Henry took his mind off the attack for a moment and decided to focus on who could have led the Red Wolves team to kidnap Evans Blake.

If they thought kidnapping Dexter Joe was a task serious enough to involve Chanda, one of the leaders in the hierarchy. They’d probably see kidnapping Evans Blake the same way.

So who could have led the team to get Evans Blake? Carl thought. Hutton and Kahn were the only persons that came to his mind.

He paused and got out of the car to think. If Hutton was on the building where Evelyn led the FOX attack into? What would be his reaction? He thought.

It wasn’t going to be easy bringing someone like Hutton down, and even Kahn.

After a few seconds of thinking, a thought popped into his mind and he quickly took out his phone. He dialled Sheila’s number. His wireless earpiece was stuck in his ears so he didn’t bother to take his phone closer.

“Hey, Carl!” Sheila answered almost immediately.

“Sheila, are you still following?”

“Yea, I am. But it’s difficult to follow the activities taking place in every camera angle.”

“I know that and that’s why I need you to change your focus right away,” Henry replied.

“Change my focus, how?”

“There may be an escape plan to get the captive out of that place,” Henry continued. “If there is, it won’t be through the same way the FOX is attacking.”

“And what do you think?”

“The building could have some secret doors, secret underground facility, or something similar. So I need you to take your focus off the building itself. Search around for neighboring houses through which they could escape from the place and keep your focus there.”

“If that’s the case, they could have escaped already. The FOX’s presence would have been noticed fifteen minutes before they broke in. I believe that could be enough time for them to escape through a secret route,” Sheila opined.

“That’s why I need you to dig deep, Sheila. You could rewind the footage and see if there’s any activity we missed.”

Sheila sighed from her end. “It would be tedious to do that as a single man but I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible.”

“Thanks, I trust you,” Henry replied and ended the call.

He paused for a second to think about the location in Pretoria. Unlike the one in Anthanna, that location was an isolated one. It seemed like a place where escape wouldn’t be easy. So Chanda had almost no chance of escaping the place without the FOX nabbing him.

The thought of it got Henry worried more. He began to doubt if they had gotten the right location in South Africa. How could the Red Wolves choose such a location which made it difficult for them to escape? If it was indeed the right location, Hutton must be up to something, Henry thought.

He let out a sigh of frustration. There were several questions in his heart and he needed answers to them. But he only needed to be patient. After a few more seconds, he turned and walked back to the car. He picked the bag of guns at the backseat of the car and began to set up his weapons.


Immediately after the explosive device opened the gate, the ready FOX men walked into the exposed building tactically. Each team spread in the predetermined directions with their guns held in readiness.

The expected rain of bullets began immediately. The Red Wolves men had also positioned themselves strategically and unleashed bullets at the FOX men immediately they came into sight. Men of the FOX also sighted them and replied in the same fashion.

Both the FOX and Red Wolves men were properly dressed. They had helmets covering their heads, Kevlars protecting their bodies, and bullet shields.

To bring any of the men down, the bullet must be aimed at an unprotected region that was difficult to hit. It became the battle of the fastest shooters with the best aim.

Evelyn had to order the FOX men to retreat as she noticed that the Red Wolves were not only ready but up to the task. While more than ten of the FOX men were hit with bullets, four of them were injured and one was dead. Evelyn as the leader had to think of another way to attack.

It was impossible to take out the men with knockout gases as they were fully dressed. The FOX couldn’t also use bombs as they needed to reduce civilian causalities and possibly make important arrests to help them proceed successfully in their investigation.

“Agent Evelyn here,” she said into the phone as soon as her call was answered. “The situation here is critical. We can’t proceed successfully without the possibility of involving many civilian casualties. We need drones around the perimeter and airmen to launch targeted attacks to the Red Wolves men in the facility.”


The FOX Corporation, EPA Hill, 

Bexford, Bethanna

Agent Mark was sitting in the situation room with a few other agents. The agents with him were mostly from the IT and surveillance departments.

There was a large screen on the wall which was divided into two parts. One of the parts was showing the situation in Pretoria while the other was showing the one in Anthanna.

The attack led on both sides by Evelyn and Steve had been launched at the same time. Unfortunately, they ended up with the same results. Steve and his men also happened to face men who were prepared for them. Two of the FOX men in El Deols were injured while two others were dead.

Mark and the team in the situation room couldn’t see all the full activities going on as they were able to tap into only a few street cameras which did not give them all they needed to see. However, they could see how the FOX men were repelled by the Red Wolves. They could also tell that some of the men were injured as they saw them being dragged out of the building.

Immediately Mark saw the men retreating, he knew Evelyn and Steve would call the headquarters but it was Evelyn’s call that came in first. He answered the call and sat as he fixed the headset. Even though he was the only one who could respond, everyone else could hear what was being said from the other end.

“We’ll get you everything you need, Evelyn,” he said in response to her request. “Do you have any casualty there?”

There was a delay in response. “We have four injured persons and one dead.”

“Sh*t!” Mark cursed. “Okay, we will make arrangements for your request now,” he added and signaled to an agent to execute the request.

Another agent was signaling to him that there was an incoming call from Steve.

“I’ll get back to you, Evelyn,” Mark said before ending the communication with her. He asked to be connected with Steve immediately. “Hey, Steve. What’s the situation there?”

“We have two dead and two injured,” Steve replied immediately. “Those men are armed and as prepared as us. We might need to take them out from a distance.”

“We’re sending drones to survey and airmen with choppers to Evelyn. We will do the same for you. Make sure you coordinate them well enough to get the task done successfully.”


Location: El Deols, Anthanna

06: 45 AM

Henry finished setting up his guns and was waiting patiently for the call from Sheila. He got it twenty minutes after.

“You were right, Henry. Two vehicles left a neighboring building twenty-five minutes ago. The glasses are tinted, so we don’t have an idea of who could be there. But I’m guessing they have the captive in there.”

“Twenty-five minutes ago, f**k!” Henry puffed. “What f***ing route did they take and how did they escape the FOX?”

“They took the Hamilton highway, but they are currently at the Cerville bypass.”

“Sh*t!” Henry shot a glare at Jennifer who understood his message and started the car engine immediately. He tapped on the map by the dashboard and typed in the location. “Please, send us pictures of the vehicle and keep us updated.”

“You’ll get it in a minute,” Sheila replied.

“Thank you,” Henry said and ended the call.

Jennifer got into the road and sped off in the direction provided by the map.

Henry’s phone beeped and he opened it quickly to see the message. He received two pictures from Sheila.

He opened the pictures to see two black jeeps with tinted glasses. A sigh escaped his lips.

He had no idea how many people were in the jeeps or what weapons they had. Here he was with only Jennifer. He wasn’t sure if the two of them were enough for the men in the jeeps. Nevertheless, they had to keep pursuing. Maybe he would have to request backups from the FOX men.


Elvis Kahn was dressed in his black suit and seated comfortably at the back of the car. One man was sitting at the back with him while two others were in the front. The black jeep in front of them had three other men and their captive, Evans Blake.

Kahn’s phone rang and he answered the call almost immediately. “Hey, Hutton.”

“How far have you gone?”

“We left thirty minutes ago,” Kahn replied and looked back briefly. “There are still no signs of anyone coming after us. We should be on our way to South Husan soon.”

“You should remain vigilant,” Hutton advised.

“Yeah, we would.”

“I’m in Husan already, testing the device for the launch tomorrow. We’ve got the location of the President and nothing is stopping us from getting him down.”


Bexford, Bethanna

Maria woke up to the sound of her ringing phone. At first, she thought it was her alarm until she picked up the phone. It was a call from Agent Michael.

She answered and placed the phone close to her ear while looking around, wondering where Steve had gone.

“Good morning sir…”

“Come on, shut the f*** up!” Michael slammed her from the other end. “You’re failing woefully in your task.”

Maria could not reply immediately until she checked the toilet and looked outside the room to ensure Steve wasn’t anywhere close.

“But I sent you the address yesterday. What are you talking about??”

“Why didn’t you tell me that the FOX was going to invade our locations in South Africa and El Deols yesterday?”

“What locations in South Africa and El Deols?” Maria squinted in confusion.

“Come on, stop being a b**ch.”

“I’m serious, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

There was a moment of silence. “Steve is currently leading an attack against our men in South Africa.”

“Huh?” Maria was more confused. “Steve was home last night. He can’t be in South Africa,” she said and got up to start looking for Steve.

“Have you seen him today?”

“No, but he should be around. I’m checking for him now.”

“Steve is in South Africa,” Michael repeated but Maria still found it difficult to believe.

She continued to search around the house until she had looked everywhere.

“He’s not in,” she finally admitted. “He didn’t tell me he was leaving.”

“It’s your responsibility to get information, Maria. He doesn’t have to tell you anything.”

“I’ve been working with the team, Agent Michael. Nothing was mentioned concerning these locations.”

“Maybe they are keeping you out of important discussions then,” Michael suggested.

“I don’t think that’s the case,” Maria replied.

“So, what is?”

“Since Agent Mark took over, the FOX has been working with Evelyn’s outside sources. I’m sure they got the information overnight from the source.”

“But it’s f***ing wrong to follow unofficial sources,” Michael fumed.

“Agent Mark is ready to follow both conventional and unconventional ways to bring down the Red Wolves. I don’t think we can do anything about that,” Maria remarked.

“Stay alert, Maria. I want you to get us every single detail you find out once you get to the office.”

“I will try my best, sir.”

“You better do.”


Location: Pretoria, South Africa

_ 30 Minutes Later _

The drones and airmen arrived at the scene and made the FOX attack easier. They targeted the Red Wolves men from the choppers, distracting them from the ones on land.

Fifteen minutes after the choppers arrived, all the ten Red Wolves men who initially repelled the FOX agents were dead. The FOX agents on land then proceeded into the building.

After fifteen more minutes, more of the Red Wolves’ men inside were killed. The FOX only lost two more men and took over the building completely.

After searching all the rooms in the building, Steve led his men into the only room which they had yet to enter.

The large room was an office and Chanda was sitting comfortably on the swivel behind the table. He had a pistol in his hand. Two armed men were flanking him.

Their captive was sitting at the visitors’ side of the table, facing the door instead of the man behind the table. He was tied to the chair while his face was covered with a mask and his mouth gagged.

The FOX men opened the door carefully and two of them rushed in tactically with their guns pointed. The Red Wolves men were also pointing their guns at them.

A total of six men stepped into the place before Steve followed in.

“You’re outnumbered, you should surrender,” Steve charged them.

“What makes you think we would want to give up without a fight?” Chanda asked in a calm tone. He seemed unbothered by the number of men against them.

“You have done many wrong things in your life, you’ve worked for the wrong organization. The noblest thing you can do now is to surrender and let us take you in. If you cooperate with us, you can get a reduced sentence,” Steve offered.

“Nice talk, officer,” Chanda chuckled. He rolled his gun playfully in his hand and took in a deep breath. He remembered his last conversation with Hutton. The instruction was to stick to the plan.

He wondered if everything they were doing was worth it. Eventually, good always overcomes evil, he was sure. But what he couldn’t tell was how long it would take for good to overcome. Maybe it wouldn’t even be in their generation.

“Okay, we surrender,” Chanda finally dropped his pistol and raised his hand. He then signaled for the men by his side to drop their arms too.

“Put your hands where we can see them,” Steve instructed as the FOX men proceeded slowly towards them.


Location: Anthanna

“We have our eyes on the two vehicles now, they’re headed for the old eastern way,” Henry said into his mouthpiece.

“We’ll send a backup now,” the voice replied before he ended the call.

Before he could put the phone in his pocket, it rang again. It was from Paul and Dave.

“Hey,” he answered the call.

“They arrested Chanda and also have Dexter Joe,” Paul Edwards relayed.

“That’s great news,” Henry heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, so what next for us? Do we wait for your instructions or return to Bexford?”

“Just hold on, we might need to be on our way to South Husan instead.”

“The explosive device is set up in South Husan?” Paul questioned.

“Yes, it is.”

“Is there still going to be an explosion now that they have one of the men whose fingerprint is part of the trigger?” Dave asked.

“We’re not going there to stop the explosion,” Henry replied. “We’re going to catch Hutton Ryker.”

“If Hutton Ryker is our target, then we might not meet him in South Husan. If he finds out we’ve got Dexter, I’m sure he’ll escape,” Paul opined.

“Yea, and that’s why I’ve asked that we wait and find him. Maxwell and Samantha are on their way to South Husan already, and they are trying to get his location too. Let’s wait and hear from him first.”

“I understand that, we will wait,” Paul replied. “How is it going over there?”

“The FOX investigations confirm that Elvis Kahn led the team of men to kidnap Evans Blake here,” Henry answered.

“Has he been captured?”

“No, he wasn’t seen either. Only the descriptions from the arrested men match. But we’re pursuing after Kahn now,” Henry answered. “He would be captured soon.”

The call ended and Henry focused on the pursuit.

Jennifer tailed the cars carefully without the aim of catching up with the man. They continued that way for almost twenty minutes until they saw police vehicles join them in the chase. Jennifer reduced the driving speed but continued to follow the police vehicles.

The escaping vehicles also seemed to notice the police cars and increased their speed. The chase continued for almost ten minutes until they met some police cars blocking the way at the front.  Police and FOX officers were standing with their guns pointed in the direction of the jeeps.

It happened at a sharp curve of the road and the escaping vehicles had no time to prepare. The two cars screeched to a halt immediately.

The pursuing police cars also stopped and officers stepped out with guns immediately. Jennifer and Henry halted behind the police vehicles and stepped out.

They watched as the FOX agents accompanied by the police officers moved towards the car slowly.

“Get out of your cars slowly with your hands raised in the air,” an officer holding a Megaphone ordered.

Soon enough, the men in the two jeeps began to step out. They were all dressed in black suits.

Henry tried to catch a glimpse of the men’s faces but the distance was too much to see clearly but he hoped to recognize Kahn by his figure. After all the men stepped out, he noticed that none looked like Kahn, neither was there any that looked like the captive, Evans Blake.

His heart skipped a beat. It seemed like they had just been deceived.


“Good work, we got away from the FOX,” Kahn said to someone on the phone. He was seated in the backseat of a different vehicle.

To be continued