RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 204



“Good morning sir!” Evelyn saluted after getting into the chairman’s office.

“Come in and sit Evelyn,” Paul Edwards looked up and dropped his pen.

Evelyn stepped forward and sat on one of the visitor’s seats.

“I called for you more than three hours ago, why are you just coming here?” Paul Edwards asked.

“I came in not too long ago, sir. I had to take care of a few things this morning,” Evelyn answered.

“Tell me everything you know about Agent Michael’s kidnap, Evelyn. I want you to tell me every detail, hide nothing from me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir,” Evelyn replied

“Of course you do, Evelyn. We both know you do,” Paul argued. “There’s no need to beat about the bush. Just tell me what you know.”

“I don’t know why you think I know sir but I truly don’t know,” Evelyn insisted.

Paul stared at her face thinly for a while, trying to control the anger he was feeling.

“Who are you loyal to, the FOX or to Carl Winston?”

Evelyn took in a breath. “I’m loyal to the FOX, sir.”

“So, why are you protecting Carl Winston?”

“With due respect sir, if you think Carl Winston has anything to do with the kidnap, I think you should find out from him.”

Paul was more angered by her response but he managed to keep himself calm. “Get out of my office,” he commanded.

She got up immediately and headed for the door. It was obvious to her that she had made him angry.

“Evelyn,” he called before she touched the knob. She turned to look at him. “When the time comes and you’re mentioned, I’ll ensure that you receive the maximum sentence.”

Without saying anything, she opened the door and stepped out.


El Deols, Anthanna

Sheila walked back to her working table, stirring the corn flakes in the mug. She placed it beside the keyboard and tapped on the space bar. A blinking light on her phone placed at the other side made her realized she had missed a notification. She reached out to check it and saw that Henry had called her twice already.

She quickly dialled back his number.  He answered in a few seconds.

“Hey, Sheila.”

“Henry, how are you?”

“I’m great, Sheila. And how are you doing?”

“I’m fine. I noticed you tried to reach me an hour ago.”

“Yeah, I did. I was wondering if you could get something done for us.”

“And what’s that?” Sheila questioned.

“Sheila,” Henry took a brief pause after calling her name. “Trust me, I really don’t want to bother you with this but I have no options at the moment.”

“It’s fine, Henry. You may go ahead please.”

“We’re in some trouble already. The FOX has just restarted a search on some of my men. They identified and got their full profiles already. And they will be searching for more information about them. Is there any way you could help us ensure they don’t get information about our relatives?”

“Uhm…It’s kind of late already, Henry. If they got the profile already, they most likely have the family information as well. I think it’s too late to stop them.”

“Sh*t,” Henry muttered a curse word which was still quite loud enough for Sheila to hear. “Okay, but we need to get his family to safety. Is there something you could do about that?”

Sheila let out a breath and rose to her feet. She took some seconds to think. “I would be out of here to do something about that.”

“Isn’t there anyone you can reach to help you with that?” Henry asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I’ve been locked in for long.”

“It’s fine, Sheila. You don’t have to get out because of this. We would just find other ways to handle it.”

“No, Henry. Trust me, I’ll handle it. I think it’s high time I left here. I can’t remain imprisoned like this,” she insisted. “I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

“Thank you, Sheila.”

Sheila let out a light smile and ended the call. She placed her hands on her waist for a moment as she stared thoughtfully at the wall. It’s was really time to get out of her father’s prison.

She unlocked her phone again and dialled Emery Jack’s number.

“I’m coming to see you, Dad,” she said and ended the call without giving him the opportunity to reply.


*Bexford, Bethanna* 

“What did she say?” Dave asked immediately Henry dropped the call.

“She’s going to find a way to get it done,” Henry replied.

“You don’t need to get worked up, man,” Maxwell turned away from his computer to Dave. “The Agent never opened the message before we got his phone. The FOX most likely knows nothing about your family.”

“We can’t rely on that damn assumption,” Dave fired at him. “We don’t know how many people she forwarded the same message to.”

“That’s right, Maxwell,” Henry stared at Maxwell with a warning look and then turned to Dave. “You just have to be patient until you find out for yourself tonight.”

“Boss, still waiting for you to tell us what you got from the Agent’s outburst,” Samantha chipped in. She was sitting on a stool at the corner of the room and had her hands folded across her chest.

All eyes turned to Henry at the moment and even Jennifer who was playing a game with her device paused it.

“Do you remember his words when he cried out of pain after I punched him hard?” Henry directed his question to Samantha.

Samantha squinted for a while, trying to remember the man’s words. “He said the Wolves were going to take over the country and would also take over the FOX.”

“You’re almost correct!” Henry remarked. “But he said Hutton Ryker would take over the FOX and will lead the Red Wolves to take over the country,” Henry enunciated, stressing each of his words to make them ponder.

“He’s gonna take over the FOX?” Dave frowned. “What does that mean?”

“Hutton Ryker plans to get back to the FOX. He wants to take back control. But to do that, he’s gonna have to take out all the current leaders. Paul Edwards, Mensah, Tom, Alexander, Scott, and Ben. If Paul Edwards die today, the remaining five men are qualified to lead the FOX. But if he takes them all out, the FOX will have a leadership crisis. And he will be found qualified to lead.”

“But how is that possible? He was expelled from the FOX, wasn’t he?” Samantha questioned.

“Yes,” Henry let out a smirk. “But that’s why he’s after Abraham Carter, Dexter Joe, and Evans Blake. They are the ones who know the truth about his suspension. He’s gonna get them to say the truth.”

“That still doesn’t qualify him, he’s currently not in the FOX,” Dave put in.

“Yes, but don’t forget they also plan to take over the country. That means there will be a change of power, a new president would be in charge. Whoever that new President is, he must be funding Hutton Ryker. When that president takes charge, it won’t be difficult to install Hutton as the FOX man.”

“Uhm… What about the keys we’ve been talking about?” Jennifer asked.

“I think those keys are symbolic,” Maxwell put in. “If the boss is right with Hutton’s fight to clear his name, those keys might just be Dexter, Abraham, and Evan’s inputs to clear his name.”

“Damn! This Ryker dude is really unbelievable,” Dave wondered. “All the messages are deeper than we think.”

“Hutton Ryker is the best FOX agent I ever came across in the organization,” Henry remarked. “It’s just a pity that he’s joined the bad side now.”

“So, we still need to discover who has been funding their activities. Can Agent Michael give us that information?” Samantha asked.

“I don’t think he has that information,” Henry replied. “If anyone of them knows that, it would be Hutton and Kahn.”

“So, what have we got to do to find out and stop them?” Sam asked no one in particular.

They all stared at Henry who was staring blankly at the ceiling. The look on his face made it look like he had an idea.


El Deols, Anthanna

Emery Jack’s Office

“Sheila, I didn’t ask you to come,” Emery looked up as Sheila walked into his office.

“Do I need to get an appointment before getting to see you, Dad?” Sheila asked as she dragged his visitor’s chair out to sit.

“Not that, Sheila. But you could have just waited until I got home,” he replied. “We can always talk at home.”

“You return late these days, Dad. I wouldn’t like to bother you after you’re already so tired,” Sheila replied. She adjusted herself on the chair and crossed her leg to feel more comfortable.

“I still prefer that, it’s safer than having you come here,” Jack insisted.

“Well, that’s exactly why I’m here,” Sheila replied.

Jack raised his brows, wondering what she had to say.

“It’s high time I moved to my place Dad. It’s been months at yours and I need to get my life back. I can’t keep hiding forever.”

“You know I won’t agree with that, Sheila. It’s not safe for you to be on your own yet.”

“When will it be safe, Dad? It’s been months now.”

Emery got up from his seat and turned to the other side of the table. He stopped just beside her and rested his bum against the table.

“You need to exercise a little more patience, Sheila. You’re being targeted by the Red Wolves due to your association with Henry, who is really Carl Winston. As long as the Red Wolves are still in existence and Henry is still against them, they will want to come after you again. So, we have to wait until they’re defeated.”

“How long will that be, Dad? In ten years?” Sheila was having none of it. “Governments fight terrorism for years, Dad. I can’t keep myself locked in for much longer.”

“It’s not going to be for much longer. The FOX is going to wipe off the Red Wolves soon. You just have to wait until then. Besides, is there anything you lack at my place?”

“Yes, a lot Dad,” Sheila replied. “I need my freedom and space back.”

Emery squinted at her face. He could see that she was really determined to leave. “I’m sorry, Sheila. I can’t let you go yet,” he said with a determined tone. “You’re the only one I’ve got and I’m not going to lose you. You will be permitted to go out but within a restricted period and with heavy security. I can’t permit more than that for now.”

The FOX office

“Hey, please. Where’s Agent Maria?” Steve asked the man seated at the table at the left. Maria’s table was empty.

“She got up a few minutes ago. I don’t know where she went to,” the man answered him.

“Okay, please let her know Agent Steve was here when she returns,” he said before turning back to leave.

He kept on wondering how Evelyn had got to know that about the profiles he got from Maria. Could it be that Maria was reporting all his activities with her to Evelyn? He thought. But that would be impossible. Apart from the fact that Maria and Evelyn were not friends, Maria also couldn’t share such information with Evelyn as that would get her into trouble.


07: 12 PM

“Hello guys,” Evelyn hailed as she got into the control room where the others were sitting.

Henry was at the front, analyzing and explaining some things to them on the screen.

“Welcome, Evelyn,” Henry greeted back. “Sorry, we couldn’t wait.”

The rest of the team except for Dave who had gone after Maria was sitting in the control room.

“Been looking for you guys,” Evelyn had a confused look on her face. “Couldn’t find the captives in the room. Was wondering if you changed their positions.”

“What are you talking about?” Samantha squinted at her and got up.

“I mean they’re not in the rooms where they were tied,” Evelyn explained.

“But that’s not possible,” Samantha remarked with a frown as he stepped down from his stool.

Henry led the way out of the control room immediately and they all headed towards the room where the captives were kept. The ropes were on the floor and one of the chairs was broken. Seedorf and Michael were gone.

To be continued. The next episode will be longer, please