Restless – The Hunt For Peace Episode 189


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Maxwell was already sitting behind one of the computers and had gotten the feeds from the cameras. He got up and turned towards the rest of the team members who had just gotten in. “I think we’re under some form of attack.”

“Can I see the footages?” Henry asked, moving closer to Maxwell.

Maxwell selected the footage which showed the gate. There were some men there trying to force their way through the gate. They were heavily armed and dressed in FOX outfits, putting on Kevlar vests and helmets.

“Why are they here?” Henry turned to Evelyn, who was also staring at the screen.

“I don’t know,” she replied in a breathless tone, stunned to see what was happening at the gate. Then she leaned forward and squinted at the screen as she saw one of the Agents she thought she knew. It was Steve. She had been able to identify him even though he was heavily dressed and putting on a helmet.

“Has someone been suspecting you?” Henry asked her.

“Yeah, it’s obvious someone has?”

“What do we do?” Samantha asked as she stepped closer. All eyes turned to Henry.

Henry remained quiet and simply turned his gaze to Evelyn, silently directing the question to her.

She understood and took in a deep breath as she stared at the screen again to see the progress of the FOX men.

“We should clear the dining table first and everyone stays in the rooms,” she said and then directed her eyes to Dave. “I and Dave would handle it.”

The other members of the team glanced at Henry to confirm if he agreed with what she said.

“Okay, let’s do as she instructs,” Henry agreed and they all moved at once.

“What do I do?” Maxwell interrupted them with a loud voice. Apart from Dave and Jennifer who had stepped out of the room, the others turned on hearing Maxwell’s voice. “They’re still trying to break in. Should I activate the lasers or other security tools?”

“No, please. Don’t do anything. Allow them break in easily. We will handle it.”



The FOX Office,

EPA Hill, Bexford

6:30 PM

Evelyn and Steve remained in the conference room with four of the executives to analyze the video. After watching straight twice, they played for the third time and began to make comments.

“He’s trying his best to be bold but something is still missing in his usual tone,” Mensah replied a few seconds after the video began to play again.

“Hold on, Steve,” Paul held up a fist quickly to ask the junior agent to pause the video.

“Look at that,” Paul remarked after staring at the paused video for a couple of seconds. “Zoom it slightly.”

Steve zoomed it and also stared intently at the screen to spot what Paul was trying to show them.

“His eyes moved,” Mensah put in. He’s looking at something.”

“Yeah,” Paul nodded and then glanced at other Agents’ faces to see they all noticed. Then he turned to Steve and spoke gently. “Reduce the speed by 1.5 times.”

Steve tapped some buttons on the screen to apply the new speed settings. He then played the video and they all watched carefully.

“Check the movement of his eyes carefully,” Paul explained as the video played. “It looks just like he’s being given instructions or being corrected by someone behind the camera. The person handing out the instructions is standing by the left hand side.”

They could all see everything Paul was trying to show them as the video played.

After it ended, Paul stepped to the front to conclude the session.

“It’s so clear that Abraham Carter was being given instructions on what to do in the video, and this means Abraham isn’t our man. He’s just a victim like the other hostages being held,” Paul said

“But we also have to consider why they decided to use Abraham Carter to play the role in this video,” Mensah put in. “And why they have to make him act like he was in charge.”

“I think that’s a valid point,” Paul remarked.

“We should think too much to get ourselves distracted from the fact that we have just identified Hughes Kanwa, the leader of the Red Wolves,” Agent Mark joined in. “I think that’s what this video was designed to do. Hughes Kanwa must have suspected that we would discover him soon. Or maybe he just sent us the video to stop us from investigating him further.”

“That’s another good point,” Agent Paul noted.

“Sir, I think we missed out something,” Evelyn stated. Her voice was a bit calmer than the other Agents’. All eyes turned to her. “The video shows beyond his eyes movements. There’s so much more to see in his body language.”

The executives all exchanged glances with each other, wondering if anyone else had noticed what Evelyn was talking about. They all turned to Evelyn, hoping to get more explanation from her. Steve was also staring at Evelyn. But he didn’t seem so surprised. He expected Evelyn to have a lot to contribute in the case and he believed she was probably trying to get the FOX into the Red Wolves trap again.

Steve played his video again in response to the Chairman’s signal.

“Can we have it slowly?” Evelyn requested. Steve responded and delayed the speed just like he did previously.

Evelyn stepped forward and walked towards Steve’s position. “May I, please?” She politely requested for the control.

“Sure,” Steve replied and stepped away.

She rewound the video five seconds back and began to explain. “Even though it’s obvious that Abraham Carter was being given instructions, he doesn’t look like someone who is doing it out of fear.”

She paused the video at that point and zoomed the image. “Let’s take a look at his facial expression here,” she stopped for a few seconds and looked at everyone’s faces as they focused on the man’s face.

“Now, let’s look at the faces of the other hostages.”

She forwarded the video until it got to the point where hostages were shown. Then, she allowed it play slowly. Murmurings could be heard among the executives as it seemed they could see what she was trying to point out.

“Every other hostage has this look of fear and frustration on their faces, even without being made to face the camera to speak,” she paused and then forwarded it to Abraham Carter’s view again. “The look on Abraham’s face is different. Although it looks forced, he doesn’t look baffled, frustrated, or afraid as the other victims.”

“You’re right,” Paul Edwards remarked, nodding slowly in agreement.

“Take a look at his fingers on the table too,” she continued. “The way he’s tapping the index finger on the table doesn’t communicate fear. It just looks like mere anxiety. So, who doesn’t get scared or frustrated when captured by terrorists?”

The whole room was quiet. They could not but agree with all the points she had brought to their observation.

Steve, on the other hand, had anger boiling inside him. He was amazed at how Evelyn was trying her best to fulfill the purpose of the FOX video, which was to confuse the FOX.

“But I still think we need to consider Agent Mark’s point,” Steve finally joined. “What if this video was designed to take our minds off Hutton Ryker?”

“Agent Evelyn has made really good observations,” Agent Mark put in. “Abraham Carter looks not too shaken for a man who was being forced to make a video claiming a terrorist attack.”

“Sir, what if the FOX had it all planned, including his reaction?” Steve suggested.

“You mean they had it all planned including knowing that Abraham Carter was going to help them make a good video?” Agent Mensah questioned but didn’t wait to get a response before he spoke again. “If they had it in their plans, that would mean Abraham was not a victim but a partner of the Red Wolves.”

“I don’t think he was part of the Wolves,” Evelyn put in. “If he was, they would have taken time to rehearse this video well even before today. That would have eliminated the nervousness we can see now.”

“There’s only one way to confirm why Abraham wasn’t scared like other victims,” Paul joined in a domineering voice. He then narrowed his gaze at Evelyn. “You launch an investigation on Abraham Carter from this moment. Also, search out his recent phone calls, locations visited, and those he met with.”

“Right away, boss,” Evelyn bowed slightly and stepped away.

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7:50 PM

Paul Edwards got to the waiting space outside his office to meet Steve there. He had missed Steve’s calls but had received an SMS from him, requesting to meet briefly.

“Steve, I hope you’re here because you’ve got something about Abraham Carter,” Paul said as he approached the officer.

Steve shook his head. “It’s actually something else sir, but it’s very important.”

Paul stared at him sternly for some seconds, trying to decide whether or not to listen to him.

“You’ve got only two minutes to talk,” Paul stated and Steve nodded in agreement. “Come with me.”

Steve followed as Paul led him into the office. Paul walked straight to the other side of the table.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Paul asked impatiently, without even taking his seat.

“Sir, I think tonight is the best time to nab a team member of mine whom I suspect to be a mole.”

Paul squinted at him for a while. “Have your seat,” he finally said and also sat down.

“Thank you sir,” Steve appreciated the man’s gesture before he continued with his purpose. “The agent has been seen with suspicious men a couple of occasions. If I can track down the Agent tonight, we might get more information concerning our case, especially the Abraham Carter involvement.”

Paul seemed more interested with the mention of Abraham Carter’s involvement and Steve knew it.

“So, what do you want me to do for you?” Paul leaned forward.

“I’m going with a few men but I need to monitor the agent’s movement from here to the regular meeting place with the suspicious fellows.”

“You have someone in charge of surveillance in your team, so why is that an issue with you?”

“Sir, I’m not working with any of my team members on this. I need to work with some other men and that’s why I need you to permit me.”

Paul took in a breath and stared at him for a while. Then he pulled his swivel back and opened his drawer. He picked out a card and placed it on the table. He then signed on it and handed it to Steve.

“Thank you, sir,” Steve let out a breath as he took the card.

Paul chuckled and leaned forward again. “You better come back with something reasonable and don’t be sure not to harass anyone.”

“Noted, sir.” Steve got up from the seat, bowed and left the office.

“I just got an approval card. I’ve sent you pictures of it on whatsapp. I’ll tell you once our target leaves the office. We must track her carefully.”


Outside the gate

“What’s going on?” Steve who was getting impatient, asked the men at the gate “Why is it taking so much time to open it?”

“We’re trying not to apply force, Agent,” one of them replied. “If you permit us to go in with force, we’ll be in within seconds.”

“No, don’t go with force. It will spoil the original plan.”

Steve said and stopped just beside the men. He folded his arms and watched while they tried to break in through the gate as silent as possible.

The men suddenly retreated from the gate and pulled out their guns.

“What’s wrong?” Steve asked immediately.

“Someone is behind the door,” an agent replied him.

They all held their guns ready as the waited for the gate to open.

It was finally opened and a man appeared behind.

“Jeez!” Dave exclaimed in surprise and raised both hands in the air as he saw the guns pointed. “Hey, easy!” he added, acting to be afraid of the guns the men were pointing at him.

The men lowered their guns on seeing that he looked harmless.

“Good evening, we’re from the FOX,” Steve stepped closer to introduce the team. He recognized Dave immediately on seeing him. He remembered his face as one of those men that saved Evelyn at the mall.

“Yeah! I can see,” Dave answered, nodding frantically, his hands still in the air.

“You can put your hands down,” Steve said to him.

Dave lowered his hands slowly. “What do you want?”

“Well, we were in the area, conducting some investigations. I’m sorry, we need to step into your place and ask some questions. Do you mind if we come in?”

Dave looked for a while, as if wondering if he should answer or not. “Okay,” he shrugged and moved aside for them to proceed.

“No, you proceed,” Steve said and Dave turned immediately to lead them in.

“My girlfriend is a FOX agent and she’s in too,” Dave said as they began to walk towards the door.

They got to the main building and Dave led them inside. Evelyn was found sitting on one of the sofas. She had already changed her clothes and was putting on a short gown now.

Immediately she saw the FOX men walk in, she got up and acted surprised. Seven agents had come into the building.

Steve took off his helmet before he continued talking. “Good evening, Agent Evelyn.”

“What are you doing here, sir?” Evelyn replied. She sounded angry.

“Just some questioning, for you and your boyfriend,” Steve replied.

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