RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 187



DIA Club, Benuit

After several minutes of intense romance and pleasurable sex, Emily and Maxwell finally stopped. Both were almost breathless as they put back their clothes on.

“You’re crazy, Emily! I never thought you would want to do this in your office,” Maxwell remarked, staring at Emily who was pulling her skirt up. He was also buttoning his shirt.

“You’re crazier, Oliver. You almost killed me with pleasure,” Emily chuckled and forced out a breath.

After dressing up, they grabbed each other and begin to kiss again. The kiss lasted for about two minutes before they stopped.

“So, what if your boss comes right now and wants to get into your office?” Maxwell asked her with a smile on his face. He was staring deeply into her eyes.

She laughed. “I’m going to tell him I’m f***ing one of the clients.”

They both laughed.

“He doesn’t come here so often. We meet and talk in the lounges or the halls.”

“But he has an office here?”

“Yes, he does,” Emily replied.

“Where is his office in this club?”

“Not too far from here, just at the other end.”

Maxwell paused for a moment as if to remember something. “I think I know his office now. I walked past it on that day and noticed the labels at the top.”

“No, I don’t think you’ve seen his office,” Emily smiled. “There’s no label at his door and it’s not on the same side as where you walked through.”

“What! Can you describe his office for me?”


“This is a prank right,” Henry chuckled and a cynic look appeared on his face.  He still had his phone held close to his ears.

“I’m serious, Henry,” Sheila replied from the other end. “He might have been around for a while but I just caught the signal today.”

Henry was quiet for a moment. Different thoughts ran through his mind at that moment. But his main confusion was why Rex was yet to reach out to him.

“I’ll try to gain access to his email and see if I can tell you the content,” Sheila added when she noticed Henry was too perplexed to talk.

“I don’t think you’d be able to do so,” Henry sighed. “The email is protected with a  tough end-to-end protocol. Even if you want to break into it, it might take several months or even years to find a bug.”

Sheila was also quiet for a while. She had seen the kind of email security and knew how tough it was built.

“But don’t you think this might be a form of trap again?” Sheila suggested after some seconds of thinking. She remembered the previous information which had led to the death of one of Henry’s men.

“No, it can’t be a trap. No one can gain access to that email, except Rex allows it. And I’m not sure he would have granted access to anyone,” Henry replied.

There was another moment of silence before Sheila spoke again.

“But, you trust Rex, right?”

Henry released breath slowly from his mouth as he heard the question. A year ago, he would have answered an instant ‘Yes’ to the question. But right now, he wasn’t sure of who Rex was anymore.

“Henry?” Sheila called after his long overdue silence.

Henry closed his eyes for a few seconds and let out a breath before he opened them. “Yes, I do.”

“If you trust him, that means we have nothing to worry about,” Sheila continued. “But I’ll continue tracking messages from the email and see what information I can get.”

“Thank you, Sheila.”

With that, the call ended and Henry lowered the phone. Samantha who had stepped aside to let him answer the call privately noticed he was done and proceeded towards him

“You need me to put your phone back inside?” She offered.

Henry stood still and stared blankly over her head. For a moment, Samantha wondered what he was staring at behind her and turned to look but saw nothing.

“What’s the matter?” Samantha asked and stepped closer to him. She held him by the arm to awaken him to consciousness.

He lowered his face slowly and stared into her eyes. “There’s nothing wrong, Sam. And you don’t have to worry about the phone, I’m also going in now.”


Interrogation Room,

The FOX office, 

Bexford, Bethanna

“Good evening Mr Daysman,” Evelyn greeted as she walked into the room.

Steve also echoed the greeting as they both proceeded to the seat.

Daysman ignored their greetings but fixed his eyes on Steve who was pulling out a document from his file.

“I haven’t seen my lawyer yet,” Daysman complained as Steve dropped the document in front of him.

“He has been called over an hour ago, we don’t know why he isn’t here yet,” Steve answered him.

“He should be here soon,” Evelyn replied in an assuring tone.

“You can go through the deal now and wait till he comes before you sign it,” Steve suggested. “In case you don’t understand anything there, he’s going to explain to you when he arrives.”

Daysman picked up the document and began to read through it. He was already halfway when Nathan walked in.

“Hey, guys! Sorry, I’m late,” he apologized as he rushed to his seat. “So, where were you guys?”

“That’s a copy of the deal, you can check it out,” Steve answered.

Daysman turned to stare at Nathan for a while and it seemed he was considering whether to give him the document or not. He eventually handed it over and leaned back to rest.

It took Nathan a few minutes to go through the deal. After finishing it, he dropped it on the table and turned to the Agents. “It looks good,” he remarked.

Steve shrugged. “So?”

Nathan turned his face to Daysman and then placed the document in front of him. He dipped his hand into his inner pocket, pulled out a pen and then dropped it on the document.

Daysman picked up the pen and scanned briefly through the document again. He then stared at the two Agent’s face and his lawyer’s. Nathan nudged to encourage him to sign.

The document was signed and returned to the Agents.

“So, shall we begin immediately?” Steve asked with a smirk.

“Yes,” the reply came from Nathan while Daysman only stared on.

“There was an explosion today,” Steve flashed a look at Evelyn who then began to bring out some pictures from her file. “It happened at a popular conference centre in Venux,” Steve added and then turned his face to the lawyer. “I’m sure you must have heard about it.”

Nathan nodded affirmatively.

“Those are pictures of before and after the explosion,” Steve continued as Daysman picked the pictures and began to view them. “Did you know of their plan to execute this?”

Daysman did not reply immediately but the Agents noticed his facial expressions changed as he viewed the pictures.

A minute after the question was asked, Daysman turned his face up, looking somehow surprised. He was about to talk when Evelyn cut in.

“Please, note that our sessions will now be recorded as part of the deal terms,” she said, pulling out the recording device from her jacket. She placed it on the table for the two at the other end to see. She then turned her eyes to Daysman. “Your lawyer can get his copy for every session we have.”

Daysman nodded in understanding.

“So, talk to us,” Steve was impatient.

“Well, I don’t know of this explosion but it looks to me like a very fatal one,” Daysman replied.

Steve sighed and bit his lips, trying to maintain his cool. He had expected Daysman to give a helpful reply.

“Yes, it was fatal,” Evelyn put in. “So, the Red Wolves don’t have a schedule for attacks?”

“They do,” Daysman replied. “But most of us are not given so much information, especially those of us on the field.”

“What do you mean by ‘those of you’ on the field?” Evelyn questioned.

“Those of us directly involved in the tasks. Those who carried out the tasks like me,” Daysman answered.

“If you aren’t given much information, how do you carry out the tasks successfully?”

“We get the details for the next attack only and it is usually close to the day,” he explained.

“So, the bottom line is that you f***ing don’t know anything about this attack because you’ve not been on the field?” Steve was already sounding angry.

Evelyn flashed a look at his face and spoke before Daysman could answer Steve’s question.

“Why are the details always so hidden from you guys? And does that mean everything stays in the mind of the strategist always, Hutton Ryker?”

“No, most times, people who won’t be on the field may get to know the plans. And it is usually hidden from us to prevent situations like this.”

“Situations like this?”

“Yeah,” Daysman nodded. “Those on the field could get arrested at any time. And when that happens, we might be forced to make a deal like I just took. But since I don’t have complete details of their upcoming operations, I can’t give you that.”

Evelyn chuckled and then smiled to herself. She could tell that Hutton Ryker was indeed an intelligent man to have everything planned out so well.

“So, who are these people who don’t go to the field?” Evelyn asked again while Steve looked on.

“They were just three when I was arrested, I don’t know if they now go to the field or more people have joined them.”

“Tell us their names,” Evelyn requested as she pulled out a pen and a jotter to write.

“Hutton Ryker is one of them, Elvis Kahn is another, and Chanda is the name of the third man,” Daysman mentioned them slowly, giving her time to write each one down.

“Hutton, Elvis Kahn, and Chanda. What’s Chanda’s other name?” she raised her eyes to stare at him.

“I don’t know, that’s what they call him. He’s a Zambian native,” Daysman replied.

“Okay,” Evelyn dropped her pen. “So these three are the ones who know the full details of the Wolves plans?”

“Yeah, the three of them never really went on the field then. But I don’t know if anything has changed.”

Evelyn paused for a moment and glanced at Steve who was just looking on. He seemed uninterested in asking any questions, seeing that Evelyn was flowing well with Daysman.

After a few seconds of thinking quietly, Evelyn continued. “But you were one of their top members, weren’t you?”

“I was, kind of.”

“It’s difficult to believe you don’t know any of their plans.”

“I know some of the plans but I don’t know the details,” Daysman answered.

“We’re particular about the explosion that happened today, we need some good details on it.”

“Maybe if you give me some more details from the investigations you’ve carried out, I may be able to help you.”

“What kind of details do you need?”

Daysman cleared his throat and then closed his eyes partially for a moment as if to think.

“Tell me the types of explosives used, the number of causalities, and if anyone has been arrested.”

“The anti-bomb squad are still making their investigations, they’re not sure of what type of explosive devices yet.”

Daysman shook his head.

“No one has been arrested too and over a hundred people have been confirmed dead. More than eight hundred people attended the conference,” she explained.

Daysman’s eyes widened after he heard the number of attendees.

“And was all eight hundred people in the hall when the explosion occurred?”

“Yes, the conference was ongoing.”

Daysman sighed. “If eight hundred people were attacked, it can only mean they had a plan of killing about 500 people. The next attack will ki*ll nothing less than a thousand.”

Steve seemed interested at this moment as he raised his head. Both he and Evelyn were shocked at the number mentioned and it was obvious from the look on their faces.

“Why the heck will someone just wish to massacre 1000 people?” Evelyn asked, staring furiously at his face.

Daysman shrugged. “Well, I don’t think it’s Hutton’s wish. I believe he’s just acting a script.”

“And what do you mean by that?” Evelyn asked calmly.

“Hutton didn’t plan the killings initially, he’s just acting out what someone else has planned. It’s an abandoned script.”

“Why the f are you still talking in parables?” Steve flared up. “Hope you know you’re ain’t getting out if you don’t give us enough information to nab the Red Wolves.”

“And I’m  f***ing trying to do that,” Daysman slammed at him. “You think I like sleeping in that cell with the noisy guys around me?”

Steve sighed and shook his head. He relaxed his back and glanced at Evelyn, signalling for her to continue.

“Mr Daysman, whose scripts are you talking about?” Evelyn asked.

“I don’t know their names, he never mentioned their names in any meeting I was present at.”

“But is there any clue you have about who these people are?”

“No clues at all,” Daysman shook his head. Evelyn heaved a sigh of frustration. “But I have a tip for you regarding the explosion,” he added and Evelyn suddenly looked interested again.

“I’m listening to you,” she urged him to continue.

“Those three men are not commoners, they’re very popular people in the society. According to Hutton’s plan, the first of the three men could die with at least 500 people. So, with your report on the number of casualties at the moment, I think the plan is at the level now. What you should do is make a list of all the dignitaries that attended the conference. The first man would be one of the dignitaries.”

“Come on,” Steve was sounding frustrated again as he leaned forward. “There are several dignitaries at that event. The conference had more than 100 foreigners in attendance with about 10 of them being representatives from governments while the others were from private organizations. Then, we have many of our popular personalities attend the place too, so whom do we pick out of the dignitaries?”

“I don’t know who you should pick,” Daysman retorted. “But if the death toll gets up to 500, make a list of the dignitaries and check what happened to each of them. You’ll be able to pick out the different person.”

There was silence for a long while before Evelyn spoke.

“We will get that done, but there’s something else you need to help us with,” Evelyn stated as she took out some sheet of papers from her bag. She leaned forward and placed three sheets on the table for Daysman.

Daysman glanced at the papers and then looked at Evelyn.  He could see that each of the papers contain pictures and it instantly dawned on him that they were trying to make him point out Hutton.

“Look through those pictures please and tell us who is Hutton Ryker,” Evelyn confirmed his thoughts.

Daysman turned his face down slowly and picked the sheets, one after the other. Each sheet of paper contained 2 pictures. Hutton’s face was on one of the sheets of papers but Daysman managed to keep a straight face.

“Have you seen him?” Evelyn asked when he was taking too long

“My family,” he voiced fearfully instead. Instantly, he had considered what he could lose by revealing Hutton Ryker’s face to them.

“Your family?” Evelyn raised a brow.

“Yes, my family,” he repeated. “I need to know they’re safe first before I choose.”

“Your family is under protection sir,” Evelyn replied.

“Naah, you don’t know what Hutton is capable of,” he remarked. “I’ll have to do a video call with my first son to ensure they’re all safe first.”

“You’re going to get that, I promise. But you could just let us…”

“Naah, I’m not identifying Hutton until my family is safe.”


Unknown location

Rex Morris walks into the place, putting on a suit. He looked neat after having had his hair cut and moustache neatly trimmed.

“Where are you?” He said into the phone after answering a call.

“I’ve just gotten there, where are you waiting?”

“Just come further in,” Rex replied. “Come into the room with opened doors.”

The man arrived at the place about four minutes after the call was ended.

“Foden,” Rex exclaimed with a smile as soon as he saw his man.

“Rex Morris,” Foden also smiled broadly on seeing Rex.

They walked towards each other and embraced briefly.

“How have you been, Foden?” Rex asked.

“I’ve been good,” Foden asked, staring at Rex’s face in surprise. “But how the heck did you survive death. Everyone thinks you’re dead.”

Rex chuckled. “As you can see, I’m very much alive.”

Foden kept his broad smile on as he stared at Rex’s face, still looking amazed.

“I’m so glad you’re alive, I never thought I’ll see you again. Is there any chance that Carl Winston survived too?”

“Yes, he did.”

Foden’s eyes widened more, with his mouth left ajar this time around. “What the heck? Two of you are f*ing unkillable.”

“If you say so,” Rex chuckled.

“So, why isn’t he here with you?” Foden asked.

The smile on Rex’s face disappeared.

“He’s not here and he doesn’t even know I’m here with you or even in Bethanna,” Rex explained.

“What? That’s strange. You don’t hide things from each other. You’re always in the same team even when it comes to unofficial things.”

“Yeah, but we’re not on the same team any longer.”

“Why? No longer best of friends?”

“That’s complicated,” Rex replied and then quickly changed the topic. “I called you here because I need you to help me get something done.”

“You know I will always help you do anything,” Foden replied.

Rex chuckled mischievously. “I’m not sure you’ll want to do this but you must do it.”

“What’s it?” Foden was now so inquisitive.

Rex took in a deep breath and then made some hand signals. He signalled using a knife to cut someone’s neck and then made a whisper.

“What the f***!” Foden’s eyes widened. “I f***ing can’t do that to Carl.”

“What if you have a good reason?” Rex asked.

“Good reason? I can’t see any damn good reason. He’s your best friend for Christ sakes?”

“This is going to help the both of us,” Rex argued.

“Damn it! I’m not getting involved in this.”

“You have no choice man,” Rex’s words sounded more like a threat.

Foden looked at him and saw he had his hand in his pocket. He could also tell that Rex was holding his pistol and was about to pull it out. He swallowed a breath.

“I’ll explain to you why I have to do it later, you have no choice but to join me.”

What’s going through your mind now?

To be continued