RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 175


There are so many errors in this piece, it’s unedited.

“Boss, you haven’t told us what happened,” Samantha who was driving the car asked again, glancing at Henry who was sitting at the passenger’s seat beside her. Dave and Jennifer were sitting at the backseat of the car.

Before they left the center, Dave and Henry had taken off the security uniforms and dressed in suits. Jennifer had also put her clothes back on.

Henry was slow to reply, so Samantha glanced back at Jennifer, hoping she would give the answer.

Jennifer knew what Samantha’s gaze at her meant but was hesitant to speak. But Dave also had his eyes and he seemed more in need of the answer than Samantha who asked.

“It was going well…” Jennifer was about to speak reluctantly but Henry interrupted her.

“Hold on, Jennifer,” Henry said and all attention turned towards him immediately. “We will talk about it when Maxwell joins us at home.”

“Why can’t we talk about it now?” Dave asked. He seemed kind of furious that they were being put in the dark after putting so much efforts to carry out the operation.

“Talking about it at once will be the best thing,” Henry answered. “It’s not about just explaining what happened alone. We need to also make some decisions and we can’t do it until Maxwell joins us.”

“Why can’t we just know the reason first, then we’ll talk about the decision after Maxwell comes?” Dave asked.

“Trust me, it’s best if we talked about it together.” Henry replied him.

Dave seemed unsatisfied with the response but he had no choice than to wait. He had mentioned how Henry had warned them all during the planning period to make sure each one of them fulfills their tasks. But from the silence, he could tell that Jennifer had failed in her task due to a silly mistake and Henry was trying to protect her.


DIA Club

Maxwell tried to remain calm as he walked slowly around the place, looking for Emily. Few minutes ago, he had been excited after he heard Samantha’s voice message, telling him that everything was going according to the plan and it was almost time to strike. But just a few moments after that, he heard her voice again, telling him Henry had asked them to retreat. Henry then spoke to him directly few seconds after, telling him to wait and bid Emily farewell before leaving the place. Since then, he couldn’t stop thinking of what went wrong.

He finally spotted Emily after fifteen minutes of looking around for her and walked straight to meet her.

Emily was talking to two security agents and one other worker at the place when she noticed Oliver approaching them. She quickly excused herself from their midst, not wanting Oliver to suspect anything was wrong.

“Hey, Oliver. I’m so sorry I left you all alone,” she apologized as she approached him.

“No,” he waved off the apology with a smile. “You don’t need to apologize, I have actually been enjoying the party on my own.”

“Good to know that,” she smiled back. She was about to explain that she still needed some time to work before joining him but he spoke first.

“Well, I think we’ve had enough for tonight,” Oliver said. “I’ll like to retire home now.”

“Oh! I really do hope this isn’t because I left you alone.”

“Not at all,” Maxwell replied. “Remember I came with a colleague? I could have gone to meet her if I needed company.”

“Oh! That’s true,” Emily nodded with a smile. She then took a quick glance back at the men she was talking with before she saw Oliver. She was about to say something but he spoke first again.

“It’s fine,” Maxwell chuckled. “I understand you’re at work and you’re busy. You can go continue your work.”

“Thank you for understanding,” she smiled again. “So, when would I get a reply from you?”

“Very soon, I promise,” Oliver replied.

“Okay then, I’ll see you again.”

“See you again, Emily,” Oliver said with a smile. “Goodnight,” he added quickly and turned to leave.

“Goodnight,” her voice trailed behind him and she watched him walk away. She quickly turned to join the men waiting for her.

The smile on Maxwell’s face disappeared as he proceeded out of the club hall.


“Can you call the bleeping guy again?” Hutton voiced angrily after glancing at the time again. “It’s fifteen minutes after and he’s not here.”

Kahn let out a huge mold of smoke to the hair and then dropped his cigar on the table. He picked the phone and dialed Trip’s number again. The line rang for a few seconds but wasn’t answered.

“He’s still not answering,” Kahn stated.

“He has to be disciplined,” Chanda put in.

Hutton shook his head and sighed, showing he was in agreement.

“Hakim is calling back,” Kahn announced. Chanda and Hutton fixed their eyes on him as he answered the call.

“Where’s your bleeping friend?” Kahn asked in an angry tone.

“He’s dead,” the gruff voice sounded from the other end.

The expression on Kahn’s face changed immediately and he wondered if he had indeed heard the right thing.

“What did you just say?” he asked to confirm.

“He’s dead,” the voice repeated. “I found him dead with an unconscious b*t*h by his side.”

“What the bleep happened? Who killed him?” Kahn asked.

At that moment, Hutton and Chanda were also alarmed and they seemed to be more interested in Kahn’s conversation.

“We don’t know yet but I guess they had a fight.”

“They had a fight and the girl killed him?”

“I can’t tell for now. We can’t tell what happened until we hear from the girl.”

“Get your bleeping a$$ here immediately,” Kahn ordered.

“I’ll be there boss.”

Kahn ended the call and dropped the phone on the table, still shocked about the news of Trip’s death.

“What happened to Trip?” Hutton asked.

“He was found dead in the room.”

“The b*t*h killed him?”

“She was unconscious,” Kahn replied. “Hakim is not sure how he died.”

Hutton took in a deep breath, wondering if Trip’s death had anything to do with the current security threat the club faced.

At that moment, Emily walked into the lounge.

“Tell me, Emily. What the bleep is happening around here?”

“We’re working on it. I’ve called for security reinforcement and I’ve asked all the men on ground to pay close attention to all the guests, especially those at the VIP section.”

“But it quite obvious that we need to protect more than just the party guests,” Kahn replied. “Almost everywhere in this club is not safe tonight.”

“Yes, I know. That’s why we’re paying more attention to the lounges where the party guests are now. To ensure that non of the guests get hurt.”

“But someone just got killed at the satisfaction center,” Kahn stated.

“What?” Emily exclaimed. It was obvious she hadn’t been told about the incident. At that same moment, her phone began to ring. She took it out and stared at the screen. It was the officer in charge of security at the satisfaction center.

“I think you should take that,” Kahn said to her.

“Excuse me,” she nodded gently and then turned out.

“What the bleep is happening here?” Kahn asked rhetorically after Emily had stepped out to take the call.

Hutton just stared silently, thinking deeply about all that was happening. Chanda, on the other hand, took out a one hitter to take a long deep drag.

A minute after she stepped out to answer the call, Emily walked back in.

“I just confirmed the death of a visitor at the VIP satisfaction center, the security head called me. The victim wasn’t a guest at the party tonight but a member of VIP Club.”

“Yeah, I bleeping know that. That could just mean everyone and not just the guest at the party needs to be secure,” Kahn answered her.

“I’ve called for more men and the police would be here soon,” Emily replied.

“You should check around in ten minutes and confirm if it is safe to continue with the party. If not, it has to be suspended. The security of lives is more important than not messing up the party.”

“I will do that,” Emily replied.

“Good, go get the job done.” Kahn said in dismissal.

“Someone must have followed Trip here,” Hutton stated after Emily was gone. “The dude is a fool, he could have been careless, just like the last time.”

Kahn glanced at him interestingly while Chanda was focused on filling his one hitter.

“Are you suggesting that Carl Winston is behind this?” Kahn asked.

“We can’t be certain of that yet,” Hutton answered. “But it is a strong possibility. It also could be that he has other enemies. We can only be sure about this if we know who killed him and why.”

“How soon can that be?”

“We can’t tell. We need to hear from the girl that was with him. I think we should get involved personally,” Hutton suggested.

“I’ll go check then,” Kahn said and immediately got up to his feet.

Hutton quickly dipped his hand into his jacket and brought out a pistol. “You’ve got one?”

“No, I don’t carry one around in here.”

“I think you need it today,” Hutton said, extending it towards him.

Kahn moved closer to take the gun. He fixed it in his jacket and then proceeded out of the place.


20 Minutes later

Maxwell walked into the suite to meet all members of the team except Henry sitting in the living room. Each one was still dressed in their works clothes but they all sat on separately and kept to themselves.

Maxwell stood at the center and glanced at their faces one after the other, wondering who he could ask the question bothering him. His eyes met with Jennifer and he walked closer to her.

“Are you okay, Jenny?” he asked.

She nodded calmly.

Maxwell turned back after Jennifer answered and looked at the others again.

“Can someone tell me why we had to abort the mission?” he asked no one in particular. He was still wondering who was going to answer him until Henry walked into the room.

“Have your seat, Maxwell,” Henry said calmly.

Maxwell turned and stared at him for a second before taking his seat.

“I think it’s now a good time for Jennifer to explain what happened,” Henry stated after taking a seat.

All eyes turned to Jennifer. Her reluctance was obvious to all and they could all tell she messed it up even before she began to speak.

In two minutes, she explained how she saw Trip Jones and decided to ki*ll him but almost got killed too.

The whole team remained silent for almost a minute after she finished her explanation.

“So, you couldn’t stick to the plan and you messed it all up?” Maxwell scoffed, staring at her and wondering why she was sounding so pitiful while she was explaining.

“Damn it!” Dave cursed, hitting his palms together in anger. “I think there should be some punishment for going against the plan. You can’t just risk our lives out there because you felt like revenging for Cole. We all were pained by Cole’s death but we had a bigger plan. How are we sure you wanted to ki*ll him or you went to ride on his d*** once again.”

“Damn you, Dave!” Jennifer spat in anger. “Don’t f***ing talk to me like that.”

“You should keep your mouth shut,” Maxwell joined. “You messed up our good chance of getting Hutton Ryker.”

“Stay of this, dude!” Jennifer fired at Maxwell. “You don’t even know Cole. You don’t know how it feels to watch him dead in his pool of blood.”

“Shut the heck up, b*t*h!” Dave slammed. “We also watched Hannah die but we didn’t storm into the VIP section to look for Kahn without following the plan.”

“Don’t ever call me that again, you fool!” Jennifer got up and faced Dave in anger.

Dave also got up to match. “B*t*h, you gon beat me up?” Dave asked mockingly, staring down at her face.

Jennifer was about to throw a punch but Samantha was there just in time to stand in between.

“This would not solve anything, we shouldn’t be doing this,” she pleaded, pushing them apart from each other.

Dave took a step back and then returned to his seat while Jennifer still stood for some more seconds before returning to her seat.

“I think we also missed Trip out of our plan, we should have considered the fact that he could show up,” Samantha said while getting back to her seat.

“We did consider Trip and every other person in the plan,” Maxwell replied to Samantha.

“Even if we didn’t consider Trip, he would have never been a problem to us if Jennifer controlled herself,” Dave put in still furious at Jennifer. “She f****ed up by doing what was out of our plan.”

“And it could take us a f****ing long time to come up with such a plan again,” Maxwell added.

There was silence for about ten seconds before Henry who had been quiet began to talk.

“Are we done venting out our anger?” he asked in calm tone.

“No!” Dave responded in a thick angry voice. “She should get punished for it.”

“Is that all?” Henry asked and looked at the other team members’ faces to see if any of them has something else to say. When no one spoke, he continued. “I have always communicated how important it is for everyone to us to stick to the plan. And I also previously warned that the whole plan could fail in this task if anyone failed to play their part. Jennifer knew this but dragged us down still. She’s going to be punished.”

Henry paused and then stared at Jennifer’s face. “You will discover your punishment as we discuss the issues we have to tackle. We have much to deal with as a team right now…”

“I’m not f****ing ready to tackle anything with someone like Jennifer at the moment, she’s going to mess us up again,” Dave interjected.

“Stay quiet, Dave. This isn’t a time to be stubborn with anger. You’ll mess more things up if you aren’t careful,” Henry warned.

Dave stared at Jennifer for a while and then shook his head as he took in a deep breath.

“The dangers of Jennifer’s actions are more than just the failure of the plan, it could also affect the team’s safety,” Henry began to explain. “The police could discover her fingerprints at the scene. They’ll try to trace it and send to Anthanna if they can’t find a match here. We could have told Sheila to help us intercept but since this case would not be handled by the FOX, we would have no idea concerning when it would be sent. This means it would be difficult or totally impossible for Sheila to intercept it, except we gather a team that would be monitoring for days.”

“F***! That will cost a lot of money,” Maxwell remarked.

“Yes, it will. But we will take the most of it from Jennifer’s pay, so it’s not going to affect the whole team,” Henry replied and then looked at Jennifer’s face to see if she had an objection but she didn’t speak. “Jennifer, can the lady recognize your face?”

Jennifer shook her head. “I attacked her quickly when she got in, she had no time to see my face.”

“Good, there’s one other serious issue we should think about,” Henry paused and then rearranged his sitting position. They all stared at him in suspense. “It’s about Hutton Ryker discovering that we came there or that we came for him. If he does, it will be totally difficult for us to get another good opportunity to take him down.”

The whole place was totally quiet as they all thought of the possibility of Hutton finding out.

“How do we stop him from finding out?” Samantha asked.

“We can’t stop him if he really decides to probe diligently,” Henry answered. “But if we stop the police finding Jennifer’s real identity, we’ll stand a better chance.”

There was silence for another long time.

“I think it’s a good time for us all to go to bed right now,” Henry said as he got up to his feet to leave. Just as he was about to turn, he remembered something and managed to put on a smile. “We have some good news, Fam.”

They all stared at him, wondering what the news was.

“I received a call from Evelyn a few minutes ago, she’s alive and safe.”

“Wow!” Dave seemed elated at the news and his mood brightened up immediately.

“Goodnight everyone,” Henry said before walking out of the place.

To be continued