RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 174



DIA Club,

“Emily, can you tell me what the f**k is happening? What caused the explosion?” Elvis Kahn asked as Emily walked into the lounge.

On the table were different bottles of drinks and smoking pipes. Kahn, Chanda, and Hutton had been catching fun with some girls until Kahn got a call telling him about the explosion that had happened outside the event venue. They had to send one of their guards to see what was happening outside and also call for the club director.

“We can’t tell yet,” Emily answered. “But we’ve invited experts to check and confirm the safety of all other properties outside.”

“I was told that three cars were affected by the fire. Have you identified the owners?” Kahn questioned again.

“Yes, we’ve identified the owners of the three affected cars but we haven’t identified the owner of the car where the explosion came from.”

“Have you reached the owners of the three affected cars?”

“No, not yet. We’re trying not to cause a distraction in the party,” she replied.

“Keep it like that for now,” Kahn stated. “And what’s stopping you from finding who owns the car that caused the explosion? Isn’t it one of  the guests?”

“No, it isn’t. We noticed that the vehicle was parked in the compound since morning.”

“And who the heck parked it?”

“That’s unknown yet, but we’re trying to find out.”

“You have to get it done quickly,” Kahn stated. “And ensure that the panic outside does not spread into the club. We must not ruin the party.”

“Sir, what do we do about the destroyed cars?”

“I heard the four cars are not expensive ones,” Kahn answered. If the investigations prove that the security risk is from our facility, we can refund to protect our name. But if it isn’t, they’ve got to bear the loss themselves.”

Emily nodded, understanding Kahn’s position perfectly.

“Get back to work; make sure the party goes fine. But the most important thing is you have to confirm that the facility is safe enough for us to continue the party.”

“Sure,” she replied with a nod again and was about to turn when Hutton spoke.

“You should update us with every detail from the investigation as soon as possible. We want to know what caused the explosion.”

“I will update you,” Emily replied and then waited for an approval sign before she finally turned out of the place.

Elvis let out a breath and glanced at his friends after Emily walked out.

“Can we call back the girls or what else?” Chanda questioned.

Hutton took a glance at him. “We may have to pay more attention to the security here today. Before we proceed with any other thing, we need to know what happened out there.”

“What about the meeting that’s supposed to hold in an hour?” Chanda asked.

Hutton took a glance at his wristwatch. “The guys are not back from the airport yet,” he stated. “I think we may have to move the meeting to another night,” he added as he took out his phone. “I’ll ask the boys to take our guest directly to his hotel room.”


“Has she moved yet?” Henry voiced into the mouthpiece, directing his question to Samantha. He turned and placed his arms on the handrails for a moment, to listen to Samantha.

“No, I haven’t noticed any movement yet.”

“F***! I hope nothing has gone wrong,” Henry cursed under his breath and then mumbled out to Samantha. “If Jenny has been discovered, you guys will have to abort the mission immediately and take the escape plan.”

“Are we going to leave her behind?” Samantha asked.

“No, I’ll stay back to get her but the three of you will have to leave.”

“I don’t think that’s wise. We have to stay together as a team,” Samantha argued.

“Trust me on this, Sam. If Jenny has been discovered, it will be quite difficult for all of us to get out of this place alive. The strategist’s got this place, and his men are all around. That’s f****ng why you all have to leave when I say so,” Henry replied.

“I’m not leaving but I’ll relay your message to the others via text. I’m quite sure they would want to stay too.”

Henry was silent for a moment, after which he heaved a sigh. He took his hands off the rails and turned towards the VIP satisfaction section.

“Direct me,” he said to Samantha before he proceeded towards the place.

“Get into the VIP section and turn left towards the quickie rooms,” Sam replied from the other end.

Henry proceeded silently for about a minute. He was about to walk into the section when he heard from Samantha again.

“Henry, I got the locations we need to nab Hutton Ryker and Elvis Kahn,” Sam sounded enthusiastic.

“Great, but we need to focus on finding Jennifer now,” Henry stopped and turned before talking. “If we find Jennifer in perfect condition, we proceed with the plan.”

“You’re right.”

Henry turned back and proceeded into the section. He looked around carefully as he walked into the place. He could the almost naked girls lined up and waiting for clients to patronize them.

“Go towards the left,” he heard Sam’s voice say to him.

He moved slowly to avoid being suspected by anyone. Even though he was putting on the security guard’s uniform and had a tag, he could still attract unwanted attention if he wasn’t careful.

As he proceeded further, he located the entrance to the quickie section from afar. He continued to look left and right and walk slowly, just like he was on a security patrol.

He got into the hallway of the quickie section in less than a minute. The place was quite deserted, unlike the hall where so much activity and noise were.

“You’re close,” he heard Samantha say into his ears as he proceeded slowly.

At that moment, a drunk duo stepped out of one of the rooms. The shirtless man dragged the lady roughly and pushed her to the wall as she giggled. He groped her left brea$t with his right hand and pressed his lips against hers. She also rubbed his chest with her palms downward and got into his boxers.

Henry heaved a sigh and walked past them slowly.

“Almost there,” he heard Samantha’s voice again. He took about five more steps and heard her once again. “You’re there.”

There was a door just two steps away from him. He moved closer and quickly and placed his ears close to the door to hear anything that could be going on inside the place. He heard nothing. Then he looked around the place one more time to see if anyone was watching him. There was no one in the aisle, except for the drunk couple who were still kissing and fondling intensely.

He turned the knob of the door and walked into the room. He met a shocking sight.

The two bodies on the bed seemed dead, and the area where the man laid was soaked with blood. It was apparent there had been a struggle in the bed.

He moved slowly towards the bed and saw Jenny’s ear and mouthpieces on the floor. He also saw a broken bottle with bloodstains. His mind skipped a bit as he glanced at the bed again. None of the bodies on the bed were moving; they both looked dead. He drew in a breath and felt blood rush down his veins.

“We’ve got to leave now, Sam. Go prepare the car and tell all of them to get ready,” Henry said into his mouthpiece.

“We’re not leaving anyone behind, Henry,” Sam replied. “Maxwell and Dave are unwilling to leave too.”

“Damn it, Sam! I’m coming with you; we’re leaving together.”

“What about Jennifer?”

Henry glanced at the bodies on the bed again and heaved a sigh.

­­­ ­­___

About three security men gathered at the back, trying to scrutinize the body placed in the backyard.

‘I think he’s still breathing,” the one squatting said to the others.

“Are you sure?” Another one asked. “He looks dead to me,” he added as he moved closer.

Meanwhile, another guard was leading Emily to the backyard to see the body. They both stepped out through the back door and walked towards the body.

“How did this happen?” Emily asked.

The man squatting looked up as the others gave way for her to come closer.

“We don’t know. We just found him here,” the squatting man replied and got up. “But he’s still breathing.”

“He’s breathing?” Emily glanced at his face quickly.

“Yeah, he’s alive,” the man answered.

“We need to get help for him right away,” Emily said and gave way for them to carry the body.

“Hold on, “ the guard that came with Emily stopped them. He moved closer and turned on his torch to search the unconscious man’s body. After almost a minute, he got up and turned to Emily. “I think he was attacked; his tag isn’t on his body.”

“What?” Emily replied in shock.

“Yeah, someone must have taken his tag to gain access into the building.”

Emily shone her eyes and gritted her teeth in surprise. “What the f***! What’s happening here? Does that mean an intruder has gotten into the club?”

“Yes, that’s what it most likely means.”

Emily shook her head as she heaved a sigh of frustration. She then turned again to look at the unconscious body. “Get help for this man first,” he said to the other men and turned back towards the entrance. The man who came with her followed back.

Her phone began to ring just as she stepped into the building.

She stopped to answer the call. “Hey! What’s up?”

“I need to see you, ma’am. Where are you?”

“I stepped out of the club, and I’m just coming back in through the backyard,” Emily replied. “I hope there is no problem.”

“We need to see,” the voice stated. “I’m coming to meet you right away.”

Emily returned the phone into her pocket and proceeded silently. She had just stepped into the main club hall when she saw the lady who had called her approaching.

“We need to talk somewhere,” the lady stated, suggesting that they needed to leave the public.

Emily led the way towards one of the offices, where there was enough quietness. “So, what’s happening?”

“The chairman of the host company for tonight’s party was looking for you. He wanted to find out the number of people admitted to this party tonight.”

“Why does he want that all of a sudden?”

“A couple who were supposed to attend was attacked on their way here,” the lady answered. “Their tickets were taken.”

“What the f*** is happening here?” Emily’s shock had turned entirely into terror. “Are you sure only their tickets were taken?”

“Yes,” the lady nodded affirmatively. “They were drugged, and nothing else was taken from them.”

“I think we have some criminals in this party with us,” Emily sounded so worried. “Some people have gained access to do something very terrible.”

“What do you suggest we do now?”

“First of all, we need to alert all the security guards and bouncers…” Emily suddenly stopped as a thought crossed her mind. She remembered that the security man who was found unconscious outside the place had his tag stolen. That could only mean an intruder was already among the security officers.

“I think I need to see the security head first,” Emily said and quickly proceeded to the door. “For now, don’t create panic.”


“Talk to me, Henry,” Samantha’s voice sounded in the earpiece again. “What the f*** happened to Jennifer?”

“Shut up, Sam! Let me think,” Henry replied. “Jennifer is not here. I haven’t found her yet.”


“Yeah, there’s Trip Jones here and another lady. Trip Jones is on his way to hell already. The lady beside him is unconscious. I think Jennifer made her inhale the gas.”

Henry was now standing at the left side of the bed after checking the dead bodies. It had been a relief for him to find out that it wasn’t Jennifer who laid beside Trip Jones. The lady’s hair had covered her face, so it was difficult to know who it was instantly. The bedroom bulb used to lighten the place had also made it more difficult.

“And where the heck is Jennifer?” Samantha asked.

“I will have to find her; she must have forgotten her earpiece here,” Henry replied.

“That means she’s okay right?”

“We can’t tell, for now, I have to find out first.” Henry answered.

“If she’s okay, we don’t need to retreat then. Especially now that we have the best situation,” Samantha replied in a kind of excited tone.

“What’s the current situation?” Henry, who was already proceeding towards the door, stopped to ask.

“They’ve discovered the unconscious body at the backyard and also discovered the couple attacked on the way. That will increase their panic,” Samantha explained.


“There will be so much panic in the club that night that Hutton Ryker and his cohorts may be tempted to call for other external security agents too,” Henry squinted as he explained to the team. “While Hutton and his men will be so busy and careful, they will be careless with something. Who knows what that could be?”

Henry paused and looked at their faces, waiting for who’s going to answer him.

“He’s going to forget to protect himself,” Dave finally answered.

“Correct! Thank you, Dave,” Henry exclaimed, pointing excitedly with his index fingers of both hands to Dave. “After they get the news of the couple whose tickets were stolen and they see the unconscious man outside, they will be so worried about protecting the guests. And then, when Maxwell finally taps the button to cause the explosion in the VIP section where the guests are, this will activate the highest level of panic. Hutton and Kahn will be so concerned about the guests that they will send all or most of their security men to get the guests to safety. This will leave them vulnerable. They won’t see us coming, and we will catch them by surprise.”

All the team members already had smiles on their faces even before Henry finished explaining. The plan was a perfect one.

“But don’t forget, everybody has to play their parts well to get it done.”


Henry heaved a sigh in response to Samantha. Everything else had gone according to plan, except for Jennifer, who was currently nowhere to be found.

“That’s the situation we need but right now, we have another to deal with. And that’s finding Jennifer.”

“Okay, find her quickly, and let’s get our job done quickly.”

Henry let out another breath and then proceeded towards the door. He was about to open it when a phone began to ring. He stopped and turned. Then he proceeded to the location of the phone after seeing where it was.

He picked up the phone to see the caller. The contact calling was saved as ‘Mr. Kahn’. Henry knew at once that it was Elvis Kahn and the phone was Trip’s. He couldn’t answer it or cut the call. Instead, he silenced the phone and took it along with him.

By the time he stepped out of the room, the phone was ringing again. Kahn was calling back. Henry glanced at it, wondering what to do. Then he turned and noticed the two who seemed drunk when he was coming. He realized that it was more than drunkenness; they must have taken something stronger.

The couple had left the room, which they must have paid to have sex in the aisle. They were both almost naked. The guy’s trousers were pulled away while the lady had taken everything off. She was resting her hand on the wall while the guy thrust from behind.

An idea came to his mind as he still thought of how to find Jennifer. He walked back into the room and turned on his torch. He began to search around for nothing in particular. Soon, he got something that could help him. There were a few drops of blood on the floor. It seemed Jennifer had also gotten injured while trying to leave the room.

Tracing the blood drops, he stepped outside again and tried to note the direction Jennifer took. For a moment, he looked at both sides and saw nothing. But he finally saw another drop somewhere and proceeded towards the place. He noticed it led towards a female toilet.

At first, he was hesitant about going in but he had no choice as it was vital for him to confirm if Jennifer was alive.

He stepped into the place and looked around. There were used condoms littered on some corners. The room had only two toilets and washing hand basins outside. He could not see anyone but there was a sound of water rushing in the third-place, which seemed like a shower.

“Jennifer,” Henry called out. There was no response. He called for a second time, and then the rushing water sound ceased. “Jennifer, is that you?” he called for the third time.

“Henry,” Jennifer stepped out of the bathroom unconsciously, without any clothes on.

“You’re here; what the bleep went wrong?”

“I saw…”

“Shh…You’re naked,” Henry hushed her. “Get dressed, and let’s get out of here now.

Jennifer suddenly remembered she had taken off the panties and bra earlier. She rushed back into the bathroom and put them on quickly.

Meanwhile, Trip Jones’s phone began to ring again. Henry looked at the screen and it was a different caller this time.

Henry ignored the call and waited for Jennifer to step out. He stared at her for a second after she stepped out. She still looked quite naked to him, except that she had the vital areas covered.

“Let’s get out of here first,” Henry said to her and they both proceeded out of the toilet section. “Tell me what happened and why the heck you didn’t leave the room with your mouthpiece,” Henry requested after they got back to the aisle. At the same time, Trip’s phone vibrated as a text message entered.

“I killed Trip but the lady…”


She felt his hand so strong on her neck. She tried to struggle but she couldn’t find the strength. The blood was his neck was dropping to her face as his hands forced out life from her body. She felt hot all through her body until she no longer had the strength to move.

But suddenly, like a miracle, his tight grip around her neck began to soften. He struggled to grip it harder but his strength did not allow. He could see she was still alive even though she was already weak. This made him more desperate to squeeze out life from her as quickly as possible. But the bleeding was so much, and he had lost so much strength with it.

His hands could no longer tighten her neck as they began to quiver. Jennifer finally found the strength to push him away with her knee on his chest. He fell just beside her.

She opened her mouth and dragged in a long breath. For almost two minutes, she couldn’t find the strength to move an inch and she didn’t try. All she dedicated her strength to was breathing properly.

There was blood from Trip’s body around her neck and chest and some drops on her forehead.

She finally managed to roll down the bed after two minutes of no movement. However, she was still gasping for breath as she sat on the floor. She took another two minutes to take deep breaths.

It was a near-death experience which she never thought she was going to come out of.

She finally began to move again but crawled towards her purse instead of standing up. She picked the purse and the white handkerchief which had fallen off. After looking around, she was only able to pick a few more things that had dropped from the purse. She then crawled closer to the door and sat just beside it, resting her back on the wall.

There she spent five minutes trying to calm herself down and gain enough strength to get up. But just before she was about making a move to get up, she heard a sound right outside the door. The lady who was to meet Trip had arrived and had stopped at the door to say something to a colleague.

Jennifer quickly got on her feet and tried to take out the handkerchief from her purse again when the lady walked in. In a hurry, Jennifer took out the handkerchief and her purse dropped on the floor again.

The lady who had just entered was also dressed just like Jennifer and the other sex workers. Jennifer closed the door quickly. Before the lady could understand what was happening, she covered her mouth with the handkerchief.



“Why the hell did you go after Trip?” Henry seemed furious at her. “That was not part of the plan.”

She let out a breath and tried to find words to explain herself.

“We have to leave now,” Henry said before she could speak. He had just read the text message from Trip’s friend who called last. The first one read;

What the heck is wrong with you, man? The boss has been calling you, but you ignore the texts cos you’re f******

The contact who sent the message began to call again. Henry picked it this time and placed it close to his ear.

“Dude, you’re playing with your life. How can you ignore the boss’ call?”

Henry gave no reply.

“If you don’t answer me, I’m coming to drag you out of that room in two minutes and Imma ki*ll that b***h.”

After hearing that, Henry ended the call. They were already in search of Trip and would soon discover he was dead. It would be bad for them to remain in the club.

“Boss, Dave just said that the security men at the section where Kahn is are reducing already,” Samantha’s voice sounded in the speakers at that moment.

“No, Sam. We’ve got to leave now,” Henry said after turning on his mouthpiece. “All of us, except Maxwell.”

“Why? Has something happened to Jennifer?”

“No, she’s alive and with me. We’ve got to abort the mission and leave. Connect me to Maxwell; I have some instructions for him.”

To be continued.