RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 121



The FOX Corporation,
Bexford, Bethanna

Steve walked into the investigation room and closed the door gently. He had his phone held to his ear by his left hand, he was on call with Agent Daniel.

“What do you think went wrong with him?” He asked as he proceeded towards the table.

“I’m not sure yet but they said he has been rushed to the hospital immediately,” Dan replied from his end.

“Tell your guys to go closer, they have an invitation letter for him from the office, they need to keep an eye on him, anything could happen at anytime.” Steve advised.

“I would ensure that is done sir,” Dan replied.

“Thank you, is there any other thing?” Steve asked.

“No, that’s all for now sir.”

“Okay, you should hand over the lead to someone else and get back to the office as soon as possible,” Steve said. “More information about a recent explosion in El Deols just came in from the head office in Anthanna, on studying it, I found out that it could somehow connected to your last visit there.”

“Okay boss, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Steve ended the call and placed the phone on the investigation table. He sat on the stool just beside Evelyn and placed the A4 sized paper in his hand in front of her.

She picked the paper and scanned quickly through it. She folded it into two folds and kept it in the brea$t pocket of her jacket.

“How do I connect with the police officer assisting us?” She asked Steve.

“You guys would meet at the Bexford bridge, here’s the phone number.” Steve replied, handing a small piece of paper to her.

“Okay, I’ve got two of my men going with me. We would leave right away,” she said as she stepped down smartly from the stool.

“Yes, you should leave now.” Steve placed a stern look on her face. “Ensure you get to Victor Finn as soon as possible, these men are cunning and may get information somehow that we’re coming for an invitation.”

“Yes sir, we would return with him.” Evelyn nodded.

“Good, you may leave now.”


Star City, United States

Emery was in the laundry room when he heard his name been called by Gilbert. The laundry room was just adjacent the restroom, with it’s door facing another hallway which had a door leading to the back yard of the house.

He had not fully locked the door when he walked into the laundry room, it was slightly open and faint reflection of the white bulb just before the toilet door could be seen in the room.

He checked the pockets of his jacket for the second time and could still not find the sim pack in it. He dropped the suit jacket and picked his trouser. He touched the back pocket once and confirmed the sim pack in it once.

He had a strange feeling as he dipped his hand in to pick it out. The house was so quiet and he could almost hear every little sound. It seemed to him like someone was walking through the hallway.

It could be Gilbert, coming to search for him, he thought. But no, it actually felt strange because he could hear the more than one person moving their feet. He thought he was just imagining things and proceeded to the door, but stopped when a shadow covered the faint reflection of light entering the laundry room.

Then he heard the door of the restroom opening, after which he saw another shadow passing.

…He’s not here, check there,” he was able to make out part of the whispers.

He silently moved to hide behind the door quickly, the absence of footwear on his legs made his movement silent. He held his breath.

The door of the laundry was pushed in and held for a few seconds before being closed again.

“Isn’t he there too?” He heard another whisper but did not hear the reply.

“Emery!” he heard his name being called by Gilbert again and more noisy steps walking in the hallway. He could tell Gilbert was there to call him out. He did not respond to the call.

He wondered why the men had come to look for him. Why hadn’t they waited for him at the living room.

It seemed to him that Gilbert had actually called police officers to arrest him instead of helping him.

If Gilbert was to betray him, it would mean he was stranded and maybe without help. He knew more people in the United States but he wasn’t sure if they would be readily available if he tried to reach them and that was even if he was allowed to reach them.

He couldn’t afford to be arrested or locked away now that he had just heard of his daughter’s kidnap. He had to find a way to leave.


He heard his name called again.

He knew it was just a matter of seconds before the laundry room was opened and he was discovered. He did not know how many men had come for him, and wasn’t even sure he still had strength to combat them in his age.

“Check these rooms, he couldn’t have left the house just now.”

He held his breath for a moment and looked around the laundry room. There was nothing he could use as a weapon in there.

He quickly walked to pick his suit jacket and returned to the wall just at the time the door was opened again.

A man walked in tactically, holding a gun in his hand and pointing around. He was met with a punch in the face just as he turned to look back.

Emery grabbed the hand in which the gun was held and followed up with another punch into his belly.

He turned his back to the man to face the door as he tried to take the gun from his hand but the man held on strongly.

Another man stepped in through the door and in impulse, Emery pulled tightened the grip of the man behind him on the gun and the trigger was pulled. A bullet hit the new man who had come in in the groin and he let out a shout as he fell to the side.

Emery dug his elbow twice heavily into the belly of the man behind and was then able to take the gun. He dragged the man forward and pushed him towards the door.

Coincidentally, a third man was coming in from the door and the pushed man collided into him. Emery followed with a heavy kick with both legs to the back of the man he pushed, making two of them fall down at once and also landing with his butt on their bodies.

He raised his eyes to see Gilbert staring at him with three other gunmen in the passage. He rolled away immediately and got up in the opposite passage which led to the escape door.

He turned and pointed his gun straight back as he got to the escape door, his left hand fumbling with the lock and his right hand holding the gun to shoot at anyone that came in sight.

He fired an untargeted shot as soon as one of the gunmen came in sight but the man moved back quickly from the open space.

Luckily, Emery was able to open the door easily. He stepped outside quickly and closed the door from behind.

He looked front and back and finally went towards the back as he thought some more men could be at the front. He spotted a cage for birds just by the short fence close to the center. He stepped on top of the cage and grabbed the top of the fence to pull himself up.

“Hey, don’t move!” He heard a shout from behind and looked back at he tried to roll over the fence. He saw one of the man pointing a gun at him and another coming to join him.

He rolled over to the other side of the fence without minding their threats.

He dropped into the shoulder side of a small road. At the other side of the road was a large town with many clusters of unfenced buildings. It looked more like a slum but was neater.

Emery had heard and read of the place and knew it was just behind Star City but he had never been there.

He looked back as he crossed to the other side of the road and saw that the men were still after him. He proceeded further, running at fast as his left legs could carry him.


The FOX Headquarters,

EPA Hill,

Bexford, Bethanna.

“I’ve been expecting you,” Steve said as he watched Dan walk in and proceeded towards him.

“The man died,” Dan said in a dry tone.

“Which man?” Steve frowned.

“Julius Brad,” Dan answered.

He dropped his things in the table and sat on a stool not too far from Steve.

“When did you confirm it?”

“Just now, while I was coming here.” Dan replied. “The doctor said he was poisoned.”

“Wow! I hope we’ve got our men there investigating?”

“Yes, we have them.” Dan answered.

There was silence for almost a minute before Steve spoke again.

“These murderers are a step ahead of us, we need to level up and go ahead of them.”

“I think we’re making progress, at least we now know who the next target is.” Dan replied.

Steve let out a breath. “Come closer,” he beckoned on Dan.

Dan moved close and sat on the stool next to him.

“Here,” Steve opened a file and placed in front of him. “The report sent from the El Deols Headquarters.”

He continued explaining even as Dan scanned through the document.

“SheiDev firm experienced two explosions and the CEO was kidnapped, this is suspicious, coming after two of her staffs died only about a month ago.”

“Damn it!” Dan cursed. “The police were supposed to keep an eye on her.”

“It’s obvious they didn’t do that well,” Steve put in.

Dan let out a breath. He took some more time to study the document.

“The two staffs were killed by a woman, there’s no mention of any lady in this report but it’s very possible she organized the abduction.” He said after reading.

“What could they want from her?”

“I can’t tell if it’s still about that device,” Dan stared at Steve’s face.

“Well, it happens that her father is also out of town and has been unreachable,” Steve added.

“We can’t say if that’s a coincidence or if it was planned.”

“You need to revisit this fully immediately, you tell me when you come up with something tangible. You may leave with the file,” Steve dismissed him.

“Alright sir,” Dan said almost in whispers and got up with the file.


United States.

Forty five minutes had gone and the men were still searching for him. Emery had hidden himself in an abandoned one-storey building.

The building was dilapidated and unfit for living. The household items of the previous inhabitants however could still be found in it. He had chosen the building and taken the risk to climb up because he was sure they would not likely think he would ever hide in such.

Emery had found his way into a room in the top floor of the building after being on the run for more than fifteen minutes.

He lacked the strength to continue running as his legs were already heavy. He had also been injured on his feet after running on his bare feet on the rough ground for that long. He needed to pause to catch his breath and he was in desperate need for water.

Looking out through small holes in the window of the room he was, he watched some of the men go around in search for him. At some point, he had heard the voices of two men in the lower floor of the building.

The men were more than what he saw in Gilbert’s house and as he assumed while trying to escape, more men are truly waiting at the front of the house. He had counted fifteen different men looking for him in the neighborhood and he was sure there were some he didn’t see.

The two men whose voice he heard had wanted to proceed to the top floor in search for him but changed their mind after they saw part of the balustrade of the cantilever corridor drop from the top.

He no longer heard their voices again and he assumed they must have left without trying to come up.

After almost an hour of searching for him and breaking into homes of the residents, the men finally began to retreat.

“We haven’t checked this building,” the leader of the men said to one of them.

“Some of our men have gone there, the building is bad, it can collapse at any time.” The other man replied.

“But we can’t leave without checking it,” the leader insisted.

“It’s dangerous to go up, Emery Jack couldn’t have gone in there.” The other man retorted.

“I’m going up, you guys can proceed without me.” The leader said.

The other man stared at his face for a while with a warning look, wanting to convince the leader to think about his decision.

The man who led them was however convinced that Emery must have hidden in the dilapidated building.

“What do we tell the boss if we get there without you?” The other man asked.

“Tell him I’m on my way,” the leader replied.

“Alright,” the other man said and walked away quickly to join the rest of the men.

The leader of the team turned back to the building. He was certain Emery Jack was in it. They had checked other buildings around and did not find him. He couldn’t have disappeared with supernatural powers, he thought.

He remembered that Emery had disappeared the same way in the shopping complex. This time around, he was going to ensure that the old man did not outsmart them.

He pulled out his gun and cocked, he proceeded into the building.

Emery was still feeling so weak where he was sitting. He wasn’t sure he could run or fight if he came across any of the men again. He decided he would have to wait until it was dark to step out of the building.

The leader of the team was coming up gradually with slow steps, for two reasons; not to make any noise and not to take a wrong step in the already weak building.

To be continued