RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 118




United States

Emery Jack and his aides followed the men without forming any resistance. Emery’s eyes met with one of the aide’s and he could detect that the aide was thinking the same thing as he.

As they climbed down the stairs to the reception, he wondered why men from a legal enforcement agency would have to make arrest like criminals. He remembered the manner at which access was gained into his hotel room. They had invaded his privacy in the most unprofessional way. They also showed him no warrant of arrest, and did not bother to search his room after claiming that he smuggled weapons into the country.

It only pointed to one thing, the SBI men were fake.

Emery glanced back and his eyes met with those of one of the men, he also looked at the face of one of the men by his side. They all had their guns still held in their hands even as they climbed down the stairs.

Emery looked around briefly as they got to the reception, he noticed that everyone’s attention was on them as they walked to the door and even the hotel security staffs had no suspicions that the men were fake.

They all stepped out and the men led them to the garage where three SBI Hilux vehicles were parked. The drivers of the vehicles were in them, also dressed like the other men.

Emery Jack was made to sit in a different vehicle from his aides. Two of the men sat together with him at the back, one at each side. They had their guns still intact in their hands and not for a moment keeping it away.

Emery Jack noticed that they seemed jittery and not too confident. He couldn’t tell exactly why, but he knew they were also afraid that he could take steps. Whoever these men were, they knew him and knew he was capable of trying to fight them. It was not just an arrest.

He wondered again why he had not received a call from his hosts who should be expecting him for the meeting. He had spoken to one of them some few minutes before the SBI men came and they had told him someone would be sent to pick he and his aides to the venue of the meeting.

The vehicles gradually drove out of the hotel and got on the road. Emery sat still where he was at the middle of two gunmen. He kept shaking his head slightly and thinking.

“Yeah, everything is alright,” the man at the passenger’s side in front of the car said in response to a question via phone call. He glanced back to see Emery also staring at him.

“Where are you taking me to?” Emery asked after a couple of silent minutes.

None of the men replied to him, they all remain mute and kept straight faces like they did not hear him.

Emery also pretended like he never asked the question. He leaned against the backrest peacefully and closed his eyes, he clamped his hands together and took in a breath.

He remained in the position for a couple of minutes and looked up again. The men were still in the same position, he could however notice the grip on their guns not as tight as they were initially.

He kept his gaze straight and remain for some more minutes, until he noticed they were about to take the next turn into another road. The men by his sides were already relaxed and were not paying attention to him.

Quickly, he grabbed the guns of both men from each side from their hands, and hit them simultaneously with his elbows on their chests. He struck the man at the passenger’s seat at the front on the head with the butt of the gun so hard which made the man go unconscious totally.

He caught a blow from his left side and punched the man on the face so hard with the gun in his hand. The man at the left side tried to grab him but he sent another elbow strike to his chest with his right hand and struck on the head with the butt of the gun in his right hand. Immediately, he landed another blow to the face of the man by the right side.

The driver pulled the car to a halt as soon as he could. Emery Jack fired a shot at the windscreen of the vehicle, shattering the glass.

He struck the head of the driver who was trying to take out a gun with the butt of the gun. He gave an upper cut to one of the men at his sides before he grabbed the top of the front seats and used it to propel himself up. He used both hands to protect his face from the remaining sharp parts of the glasses, as he rolled out through the front.

He rolled down through the bonnet and landed on the floor on his back with another roll. One of the pistols fell off his hands. He noticed that the other vehicles were also stopping behind them.

He groaned slightly as he picked up the pistol and dragged himself up. He fled immediately into the Hoosman’s shopping complex right in front, dodging bullets and firing back as he ran in.

The driver of the vehicle and one of the men at the back stepped out of the cars, holding their heads. They had gotten badly injured from Emery’s attack. The driver of the vehicle checked used his right hand palm to massage his head and check if there were signs of blood.

“We gotta go after him,” the other man said to the driver, taking out his gun.

The driver also had no choice than to take out his gun and they both ran into the complex in search for Emery. Two men from the other vehicles also followed behind them.

They were welcomed in with looks from the shoppers who had also seen Emery walk in.

They waited a brief moment at the entrance and looked left and right and even up to detect what way Emery had taken. The shopping floor was a large one, and it had four floors containing variety of stores.

The other two men from the other cars joined the two while they were still trying to decide what direction to go in search of Emery.

“You two go this way while we go here, he couldn’t have gone so far yet.” the man who sat at Emery’s left side in the car suggested.

They grouped themselves into two and went in the different directions.

Emery turned back and looked at the entrance from the moving stairs to see if the men were coming after him. He had already straightened his jacket and had kept the guns in the inner pockets of his suit.

As expected, he saw two men coming in his direction, the driver and a different one. The security officials in the mall had also jumped into action and could be seen coming in his direction.

He turned back forward and climbed up the pavement. He hurried on in the left direction, walking close to the walls of the stores to hide himself behind the crowd of other shoppers walking on the floor.

He kept looking back and forth and was yet to notice any of the fake SBI men or the security officials come up the floor. He quickly turned into another section of the floor and increased his steps, half running and half walking.

He noticed he was now in the kiddies section of the complex. There were different stores in the section, selling different kiddies stuffs. Many of the kids and their parents were picking items from the display shelves inside the stores.

Emery noticed a barney character walking into where seemed to be the restroom section and he quickly followed.

“Hey Barney!” he called, hurrying towards him.

The purple and white carton man turned to see who was calling him. He proceeded when he only saw an aged man coming after him. He didn’t expect to get called by such man and he continued walking thinking he did not truly hear.

Emery followed him into the dressing room and noticed the man taking off the head of the costume. There were also other men in the dressing room who had just taken off costumes and a few ones were putting on.

“Hey nigga! You’re calling me?” The man turned to Emery after putting down the head of the costume. He was a black American.

“Yeah,” Emery let out a sheepish smile. “You’re going on break right?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Ermm, can I put on your costume for a while till you’re back from break?” Emery asked.

The man frowned at him wondering why he was making such request.

Emery let out another smile. “My grandkids are coming up, I just want to pull a little trick on them.” He lied.

The expression on the man’s face softened a little.

“I’ll be gone for an hour, you can have it on and leave the kiddies section, the security men would harass you.” the man finally agreed.

“Oh, thanks.” Emery smiled and immediately took of his suit jacket. He walked to the door and peeped out before returning. He also took off his tie and folded it in his suit.

The young black American man stared at him for a while, he seemed to be reconsidering his decision to hand over the costume. He eventually shrugged it off and handed it over, with the conviction that the costumes could not be stolen.

25 Minutes Later.

Two of the men from the different groups met at the center of the first floor. Their inner shirts were full of sweat. They had already kept their guns in their pockets to avoid scaring of the shoppers. They stopped in front of each other just by the hand rails of the cantilever section.

“He seems to have vanished into thin air,” the driver said with a sigh. “Even the security men can’t find him.”

“He would be here, the crowd is only making it difficult for us to locate him.” the second man replied.

“What do we do?” the driver asked.

“I think we need more men,” the second man suggested.

The driver’s phone rang at that moment and he quickly excused himself and turned away to answer. He turned back after thirty seconds.

“The boss asked us to leave and return with his aides only,” he said to the second man.

“I’m sure there’ll be penalties for losing him,” the second man heaved a sigh of frustration.

“There’s nothing we can do about that, if we stay longer, we could get discovered as fake by the real SBI.”

“You’re right,” the other man agreed and they both hurried away in the same direction.


The new Barney was already tired, he kept looking to and fro even as he played with the kids. He was dancing in front of some particular kids and keeping his eyes on the men standing close to the rail.

He waved the kids goodbye immediately he saw the men walking away. He walked quickly to the main corridor and tried to see the men walking in the crowd. He couldn’t locate them and quickly walked to the rail to look down and watch them step down from the stairs.

He eventually noticed them step down from the stairs and begin to walk towards the entrance. He saw them stop halfway and the driver making a phone call.

He was still watching them when he began to hear the phone conversation of someone beside him. He turned to the left and saw the man who had sat beside him in the car.

…wouldn’t George be mad at us for not getting him?” the man was saying. “Okay, I’ll meet you outside now.”

Emery was shocked with the name he heard from the man. George was one of those he had come to do business with. He would have considered that the George mentioned was another, but he remembered squarely how George had insisted and he and his aides wait at the hotel for a delegate to pick them for the meeting, even when he (Emery) had told him he knew his way around town.

He was confused. He had made his findings well and was sure those that received him were legit businessmen from a reputable company, he wondered what connection George would have with the fake SBI men. He needed to be sure of what it was.



Cartak, Anthanna.


Sheila woke up to find herself in the most unpleasant situation ever. She found herself in a sitting position, her hands were tied together behind the chair and her feet were also fastened to the legs of the chair.

She remembered clearly what happened at the firm, how there was a second explosion and how some men grabbed her in the midst of the confusion. All she remembered after that was being forced into a car and injected with something close to her shoulder. Since then, she had passed out and had only become conscious again for few minutes.

She could hear sounds from outside the place and began to call out for help. Five minutes after she began to call out for help, she heard sounds of people at the door.

She stared in anxiety, wondering who or what was at the door. The door finally opened and a lady stepped in first, two other men followed.

The lady was tall and slender, with a figure-eight shape and straight legs. She was putting on a black top on black pants. She had her hair gelled and firmly packed behind. The men who flanged her were dressed in white shirts and black pants.

They stood in front of her.

Sheila looked at their faces, one after the other. She recognized none of them. She wondered what it was that they wanted. She could have overlooked them as just kidnappers who needed a lot of money, but the extent to which they had gone to get her suggested it was more than an abduction to get a ransom.

“What do you want from me?” She asked immediately, without beating about the bush.

“We want Carl Winston,” Florence Brown replied immediately with an evil grin.