Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 1


Story by Bright Daneil

Alex woke up very early in the morning for an exercise. He flung the blanket of the bed that covered him and his fiancee, Kate, up then stepped down naked dressing up for the exercise.

Morning dew was the nature of the weather which he normally likes because it makes him exercise more than he expects. Distant vehicles and trailers kept making a pandemonium as he sat on the edge of the bed putting on his sport shoes. He had already worn his black track suit and wristwatch which had his complexion. Never had any hair been seen on his head-he barbs it completely every two weeks.

He is tall with a pointed nose and small eyes looking innocent, humble and harmless. He walked towards the door after getting ready but Kate groaned half-asleep and interrupted him saying,

“Where are you going?”

“Wonna do a little jogging” Alex replied with his hand on the doorknob. “Do you wonna join me?” he added.



“Coz you never told me you’ll be doing that this morning. Moreover, it’s very cold” Alex smiled.

“Simply tell me you want another sex or probably morning sex”

“Get a hell out of here, silly boy” Kate blindedly threw a billow at him with a smile.

“I’m off” Alex clutched the doorknob. “I love you” he said and finally went out to the cold.

“I love you too” Kate replied even though Alex didn’t hear it. :

Along the road where Alex jogged, cars and passengers kept moving to and fro. The road was straight and long without a single pothole. By the side of it were houses having almost the same building pattern; a tall ornamental crop in front of each house.

After several minutes of jogging on the road, Alex stopped to the sound of a strange bell which kept ringing continuously from nowhere. He looks at other people who were passing-by to know if they were also hearing the ringing bell but none showed a reaction to it which means there weren’t hearing it.

“What is going on?” he thought and tapped the nearest girl beside him. “Can you here that?” he asked.

“Hear what?” the girl returned the question.

“The bell”

“What bell?”

“It’s ringing. Can’t you hear it?” The young girl shook her head negatively and looked at Alex as if he was insane before leaving his presence.

Suddenly a dog under an ornamental crop in front of one of the houses began to bark at Alex who stared at it. It ran to him, touched him with it’s tail then began to run along the road too.

“I think the dog can hear it” Alex said and ran after it.

On their way where there was no single house but bushes, the dog ran inside one of them. Alex hesitated to follow it into the bush but when the sound of the bell got intense, he rushed inside flinging away several grasses.

“Where are you taking me to?!” he shouted at the dog. Sooner did he notice that he was in the heart of the forest. He stopped and watched the dog bark under a particular tree. Instantly, the bell stopped ringing then he gently walked to the dog whose eyes were upward. He also looked up but couldn’t believe what he saw on the tree!

“My God!” he exclaimed silently.

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Alex returned to the house but didn’t see Kate in bed anymore-she was in the kitchen. The apartment was one bedroom flat with toilet and a kitchen. It was a typical bachelor’s house: a single bed, television, wardrobe, bags on the floor and PS game along side with the television.

Alex didn’t bother to go into the kitchen when he heard Kate preparing breakfast, rather he pulled out a bottle of alcoholic drink and began to drink quietly in confusion and worries. Just then, Kate came out. She wore a long gown which she supported with a hand.

“Why are you drinking when I’m making breakfast?”

“I need to get my senses together”

“With an alcohol?” Kate sat beside him on the edge of the bed. “Baby, tell me, what’s wrong?”

“I heard the sound of a ringing bell along the road” Alex began. “I noticed i was the only one hearing it after asking a lady if she could hear it too. Suddenly, a dog began to bark. It touches me with it’s tail and led me to a forest, under a tree. When i looked up, i couldn’t believe what i saw”

“What did you see?” Kate queried. Alex stood up, drank a quantity of the drink again and looked at her bemusedly. “You are scaring me. What did u see?” Kate also stood up.

“I saw a hanging human skeleton” Alex replied.

“Oh, my God!”

“I don’t know the meaning of what just happened this morning”

“Baby, this is serious” Kate began. “I know the fact that bells signifies information. I think an information is trying to be passed to you or through you”

“What the hell do you mean by that? And what information are you talking about?” Alex was beginning to get angry. He can easily get angry and also forgets about it easily. That was part of him Kate tried to adjust.

“Alex, calm down” Kate gently held his hand, “I think the information is about the dead body you saw hanging on the tree” she concluded.

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