Reflection: Education Cannot Wait (Part 2)

 __How you can become my partner, today!
[I will continue the series on sales and marketing next week].

Helping others go to school is not new to us as Africans. In fact, if the truth be told, most education in Africa is financed by relatives and family. None of us would have made it if it were not for a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, or even a kinsman who stepped in to pay our school fees.
Our brothers and sisters in the diaspora are doing a gallant job to keep children in school on the African continent. No international donor organization does more to educate young Africans than those working in the African diaspora.
However, if we want to transform the African continent itself, we — each one of us — need to consider going the extra mile. There are a few things I would like to suggest we do:
# You could consider assisting (at the same time that you’re doing your duty of helping your brother, sister, or cousin), a CHILD who is not related to you, in any way. Have the courage to even support someone who is not a kinsman from your area or tribe.
# Assistance is not just financial. Even if you’re a high school student or you are unemployed, you can make time to teach children, for several hours every day.
# You could even organize with one or two friends so that you do it together as a “teaching club.” If you’re running a business you can invite some of your staff who are willing (don’t force anyone), to join you.
You have everything you need to start a program like this today.
If you manage to assist at least 10 kids in this way, for a year, I want to hear about it, because you will have become my partner.
I not only want to teach you how to make money and become more profitable, I also want you to become my philanthropy partner in Africa. This is the quickest fastest way for us to be partners.
Will you become my partner?
Let’s do this together. Let’s be partners in changing Africa.
Image credit: KMW Ubuntu Hope