Red Apple – Episode Seven (7) – “Hommies over Divas”


I quickly watched her hand from where I stood and just as Mary had said, there was no ring on her finger. What could have possibly been her reason for not putting on the ring? I got upset and even ignored her when she tried to talk to me. I just went to the bedroom and shut the door behind me.


Later on, I noticed she had placed the ring back on. “So those rings are only meant to be worn at home right? I asked. She tried explaining but I guess I was too upset to even listen to her. I was just not in the mood for that. I had to step out to get some fresh air. I sat in the car and drove off to nowhere in particular. I was just driving.


From all these happenings, I knew my wife was hiding something from me. Something Mary knew. I didn’t know her to be that type. How I wished Emefa was alive to assist me in this. No one is ready to tell me what is really going on.

It was through Emefa that I met my wife.


Come to think of it, I have never been upset or even gotten jealous over anything. Not that she didn’t give me a reason to but I really didn’t bother. Unlike Emefa, though we were just friends, we fought most of the times, especially when I saw her hunging out with male friends that I didn’t know of.


There was one time, back in school that I picked a fight with this guy who always bought biscuit for Emefa. I thought she was taking her friendship away from me. I picked the fight and ended up being beaten. But it really didn’t matter, at the end of the day I got the girl. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.


Thas didn’t stop there, even before she died; I had a heated argument with her just because I felt she didn’t have enough time for me. The reason behind this was when I went over her place and noticed that she was so glued to her phone instead of paying attention to me.


I didn’t know if this was love but there was no way I would even admit it. That was why I got married to the very friend she hooked me up with and even with that nothing really changed.  Along the way, I heard a phone ringing in my car. I didn’t know where it was coming from so I had to quickly park and search for it.


The ringing tone was not a familiar one so I wondered how it got into my car. I was sure it had something to do with my wife because she was the one who used my car that morning. I was able to find the phone. Strangely, I had never seen this phone before; it didn’t belong to my wife.


There was a text message on it, so I decided to go through it just to kill my curiosity. At the first glance of the message, I was shocked. The message read “Hey, I hope you are home now. Get back to me when you are free. MISS YOU LOVE”.

I checked the sender, it was an unknown number. There must be an explanation to this; I didn’t want to believe that my wife was cheating on me.


I needed to get to the bottom of this but to be honest, it really didn’t bother me. I just needed to find out who the phone belonged to.  But trust me, if it was to be Emefa, I wouldn’t have taken it easy at all. Why do I keep talking about the dead as if she was still alive?


“Let me get home to fix this”. Whatever I did, she was my wife and she was alive. “Let me go and make things right”. I then quickly turned around and went straight home. Ever since the confrontation between Eugene and Mary happened, I had never heard from Eugene. That wasn’t usual of him. Why would he distant himself from me over some stranger we barely knew?.


On my way back I then decided to give him a call, strangely, he was just hanging up on me. I called more than four times and he kept hanging up on me. What was even wrong with him for him to show up that behavior? That was not how Eugene was. This really got me worried. Eugene of all people should know that whatever the issue may be “Hommies over Divas” thus, guys will always put their fellow men first.


In no time, I got home. I parked the car and took along the phone with me. Before I got closer to the door leading to the sitting room. I heard Mary yelling at my wife on top of her voice. “Tell him the truth about your child, or I will” She said.



To be continued.