Prophet Uebert Angel – WISDOM FOR WOMEN


We live in a day where a guy enters into relationship just because the lady is SEXY. He only looks at her sexiness without a brain. Later he realizes that he has married the wrong person. No brain was attached to his proposal to that SEXY lady. Genesis 29:18-27

We live in a day where ladies prefer to be SEXIER than developing a mental capacities, Vision and being Spiritual. They develop their bodies instead of their minds. They forgets that their husbands will need them to be speaking sense when they are not kissing or having sex.

No man in his right sense will marry a lady just because she is sexy.  For God sake, your husband isnt going to be sleeping with you everyday but will need you to be thinking everyday.

*Every lady is Sexy but not every lady has mental capacity*

2 minutes of you looking sexy can lead you into 18minutes of sex and 18minutes of sex can lead you into 32years of Child Support or HIV.

Fast and Pray for yourself when a man just sees you and say you are sexy. That means he has already slept with you in his mind already. (Some) Men are very good naturally with lyrics and sharp to sleep with you naturally.

After sleeping with you, they will tell you they dont know why they slept with you. Present your brain first and not your body.
The guy who loves you will teach you God’s word, pray with you and help you GENUINELY without demanding for sex. Dont follow someone who cant teach you God’s word!!!!!

Adam couldnt teach Eve God’s word thats why the serpent went to Eve. Why didnt he (Serpent) go to Adam??
If your guy or husband cant teach you God’s word the (Serpent) will come to you (lady) . Gen 2:16-17. Gen 3:3-5.
God said dont EAT only but Adam said to EVE dont EAT and TOUCH. Wrong Instruction to Eve!!!!

The struggle in this world is not your cause, ladies, but its Men. Only ignorant people will say ladies are the cause of the world’s struggle.

Dont prove your love to him with SEX!!!!! Did Jesus prove his love to you (ladies) with SEX??? Sex is not a prove of love in relationships.

Be SEXY but develop your self spiritually, mentally and have visions for yourself.

Stick to God’s word and let the holy spirit guide you.