Presidential Villa Episode 9

“This is the only way we can think of, Kemi.” Sola pleaded.
“Excuse me? Do you even hear yourself?” She said. “Okay since that’s the only way you can think of. I can think of so many ways to get him to confess whatever you want him to.”
“I’m listening.” He replied.

“Abduct him on the road, like he did to our son and his wife__”

Sola laughed as he shook his head of disapproval. “You can’t just abduct a six star general like he’s some kind of school boy on his way home. Do you know the type of convoy he goes around with?”

“Then the President should give the authority for his arrest. He has the power to do that. As long as the General is a very bad person to the country.” She suggested.
“It doesn’t work like that honey, it’s hard. I can’t go into details now, but what I’ll tell you is, no matter what we say about him and there’s no evidence. It’s thrash, nothing. Not even the Chief Justice can do anything about it.” Sola said and Kemi sighed and sat slowly on the cushion.

“I’m just not comfortable with this your plan.” She complained.
“You will be fine, eyes and ears will be all around you during the whole time.” He encouraged.
“Are you sure?” She looked at him and he nodded. “But I can’t tell if he still sees me the way he did years back.” She said.

“The General is an old hag who likes any woman he sets his eyes on, he even goes to clubs with young women and take them home after. Besides you and him go a way back, I’m sure the feeling is still there in his heart. You’re the only person that can get close to him without him noticing anything.” Sola urged her to accept that she will do it and after thinking, she did.


The President didn’t like the idea sola had brought of using his wife as bait to get General Tukur to say everything he’s refusing to spit out to anyone. “I’m sure about this, he always loved Kemi even after she became my wife.” Sola explained to the president.

“Will she be safe?” Victoria had asked.

“I thought of that too and Sola has made sure that she will be. Jack and some of my best securities will be keeping an eye on her through the whole time.” Mr Adewale said.
“No! Jack should stay behind. You need Jack close to you, especially in times like this.” Victoria wasn’t liking the idea of Jack going out of the Villa.

“Don’t worry about me. Kemi needs his protection more than I do. Incase something goes wrong which I pray it doesn’t. And I have GOD, who has been protecting me the whole time. And by his grace, we are going to see this through.” He said. And she finally agreed to the plan. Kemi was taken to the generals house that night, the guards let them in after realizing she was the Vice Presidents wife. Jack drove her inside the big mansion.

“Wait here.”

“No, I should go in with you.” Jack challenged.

“I’ll be fine. Just stay put soldier. That’s an order.” He nodded then she went out as a soldier in uniform opened the door. Jack sighed frustratedly.

“This was not the plan.” He said and remembered what his father always told him. (Women are always survivors, they can win a war without guns or any sort of weapons). Then he shook his head, as if he disagreed with the voice inside. “This is different, General Tukur is one of the most dangerous men of this nation. He’s like a tiger that can’t be tamed.” He muttered glancing at each of the guards that were pacing back and forth the building. He was counting them.

“Kemi. What a lovely surprise!” He said as he descended from the stairs.

“General.” She called with a fake smile.

“Oh Kemi, must you always call me that. I have told you several times that for you, I’ll always make an exception.” He took the last step and walked close. “Have a seat.” He pointed to the couch and she moved back and sat on it. “So. What brings you to my house?” He was always a straight forward man.

“Can’t you ask how I am? Or even offer me a drink?”

“Kemi! Anyone that comes to my house seem to be wanting something these days. It can either be questions or answers,” he added. “So which one are you here for?”

“I thought you had changed from this your paranoia of seeing everyone the same. You never always had a good manner of approach. Maybe I should leave.” He held her arm and sighed.

“I’m very sorry, forgive my manners,” he looked back. “What would you like to drink?” He asked and she turned and smiled at him.

She quickly stood up to check if he had gone upstairs and began to move around like she was looking for something in his sitting room. She checked the back of the tv, the sofa was also not left out, then she climbed one of the arm chairs and began to touch the ceilings. Looking for which one was opened.

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“No, no, no,” Jack panicked in the car as he watched her from his iPad. “It’s too early.” He said.

Back at the Villa, the president and his vice were also watching from a computer. “What is she doing?” Victoria asked.
“She’s looking for a place to put it.” Mr Adewale answered.

“Put what?” She asked again.

“The chip.”

“The chip? What is that for?”
“A chip is like a mic, we will be able to hear everything he says and record it.” Sola explained with a hand on the desk, close to the computer operator.

“What! Is that what you sent her there to do? What if she fails? He’s going to kill her if he finds out.”
“Woman stop it! Mr Adewale yelled. “You should leave if you can’t watch. I’m telling you everything will go as planned.” He said.

Sola turned back and faced the computer with a sigh. “I hope.” He said silently. The First Lady’s words had began to make sense, it had began to make them withdraw from the whole plan.
“Is everything okay.” A sergeant knocked on the glass window.

“Uhm, yes. Everything is fine.” Jack answered bringing down the windshield as he placed the iPad on the passenger seat.

“You look familiar!” The sergeant busted.
“No. I don’t think we have met before.” Jack tried to maintain his cover.
“Yes, we haven’t,” the sergeant said and he exhaled. “But I’ve read about you. Aren’t you the president’s personal escort? You are always on the news with him.”
“Oh, yes. Absolutely. I’m the one.” He nodded gently.

“Wow! It’s so good to meet you sir.” He pushed his riffle back and shook Jack with a bow.
“Same here. Same here.” Jack replied.

“I’m sorry, but if you don’t mind.” The sergeant said as he removed his smartphone from his right pocket.

“Of course.” He said and they took a photo.

“Thank you very much sir,” he nodded again. “So,” the sergeant brought forward his gun and placed his right palm on it. “What’re you doing here at this time of the night? Do you drive the VP’s wife now?”
Jack knew he was trying to be fishy so he had to play along. “Actually, yes. She insisted that I must be the one to drive her here. She was at the Villa and requested for me, the president had to think a lot before approving her request.”

“One of those days right?” He asked.
“One of those days.” Jack returned.

“I should return to my post. It’s so very nice to meet you.” The sergeant shook him again.
“Thank you,” he drew him back. “And please, no need telling the other guys it’s me. Before they all want to take pictures, you know. It might be somehow__”

“Say no more sir. I understand.” He cut his words and then finally, he walked off.
“Jesus!” Jack exclaimed as he wined up his windshield. The president and the vice asked what was the matter from a live feed. He took the iPad and looked at them. “I think I’ve been made.”

“What does that mean?” Sola asked.
“It means he’s not safe there anymore, his cover is blown. And it’s just a matter of time before they know what he’s doing there. she must hurry.” Mr Adewale explained.

“But she’s all alone in there.” Panic covered Solas voice.
“I’m aware of that sir. That’s why I’m here. To protect her.” He said and lost the feed. “Someone must have cut all the connections of this house.” He muttered as the iPad wasn’t showing the video of Kemi nor the president and his vice anymore. Suddenly, it became static.

To be continued