POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 12


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
The next academic session began few weeks later and the first thing I did was to storm Major1’s office. The man felt like disappearing from his office the moment he saw me.
“What are you doing in my office?” He asked springing up from his seat.
“I’ve come for us to settle,” I replied
“Settle what?” He asked frowning his face.
“You think you can use me, fail me and dump me just like that? You’re in for a very long thing!”
“Please lower your voice, you’re creating
a scene,” he pleaded when he noticed that his ranting wasn’t getting at me.
“I will only lower my voice when you have
kept to your own end of our deal,” I replied raising my voice a pitch higher.
“I will give you an ‘A’ please forgive me, the ‘F’ you saw was a mistake please bear with me, I will correct it as soon as possible,” major1begged.
“You have 3 days to correct the mistake or I will mess you up in this school,” I threatened rolling my eyes up and down.
“Please don’t mess me up, I will give you your ‘A’, Major 1 promised.
I left Major 1’s office and headed for the school auditorium. There was a friend of mine I needed to see there and she had waited for me for a long time. I passed by the Administration block and was heading towards the auditorium when I heard a familiar masculine voice call out my name. I turned and saw Dennis following closely behind.
I never mentioned I had a boyfriend. I guess it skipped my mind because I was more interested in narrating my pooley experiences.
I was coming from class one day after a very long lecture when I heard someone calling my name. “Linda, Linda,” the voice called doubling up behind me. I turned and saw one very handsome guy following closely behind me.
“Who told you my name?” I asked facing him.
“Have you forgotten me so soon?” the guy asked drawing close to me. “Dennis, the final year law student.”
“I can’t remember you o,” I insisted drawing back a couple of steps. “Your name doesn’t sound familiar.”
“Hmm, you’ve forgotten the guy that came to your rescue the other day cult boys wanted to collect your phone?” He asked peering into my face.
The scenario of the event of that day quickly flashed across my mind. ( I had gone to urinate behind the Agric faculty
and was heading back to my faculty when three guys stopped me and started demanding for my phone. My heart jumped into my chest and my limbs trembled with fear.
“Please I don’t have any other phone apart from this one,” I begged looking terrified.
“If I slap u  eh,” one of the guys
threatened. “Ur eye go turn black. come on give me that phone.”
I was about handing the phone to them when a masculine voice shouted: “dnt even try that!”from behind. I turned and saw this handsome looking guy draw closer from behind.
“hw3 na my girl una wan rob?” The guy
asked standing between me and the three guys.
“We no know say she be ur girl ooo,” the other guys replied. “Abeg no vex.”
The three guys left immediately making me wonder what was so special about the
intruding guy that made them leave me just like that. He told me his name and
department that day but since we didn’t see each other again, I gradually forgot ).
“Wow was that you?” I asked with raised eyebrows.
“Yes, I didn’t see you again after that day,” he replied dipping his hands into his pocket and retrieving his phone.
“Please can I have your number?”
“0-5-0-1-3-8-0-5-4,” I called out to him. He dialled my number and I saved his own too. That exchange of number marked the
beginning of my relationship with Dennis.
Our first date was in a restaurant close to our campus and I enjoyed it. Dennis didn’t know I was an ashawo girl so our relationship had continued peacefully.
“I want to go and meet a friend at the
auditorium,” I told him.
“Should I accompany you?” He asked looking at me suspiciously.
“No don’t worry. I will call you when I’m
through,” I replied not minding what he was thinking.
“Ok ,” he replied turning to go. “See you.”
“Alright, bye,” I replied and walked on.
My friend was very angry when I finally
showed up.
“How come you kept me waiting for hours?” She asked frowning.
“I’m sorry dear, our lecture lasted longer than I anticipated,” I replied.
My friend hissed with anger before blurting out: “Ok  no problem. Here’s the MP’s number. Call him this evening and if he asks how you got his number, tell him that Digoxy gave it to you.”
“Ok no problem,” I replied.
Hon. Clifford Anaba was one ‘MP’ who
liked women a lot. My friend had slept with him on several occassions and confirmed that he paid well. Digoxy was his errand boy who arranged and organized chicks for him. I was yet to meet Digoxy but mentioning his name nonetheless was enough to grant me a
straight ticket to the MP’s hotel room.
A life time opportunity to make big money and I wasn’t going to mess with it
watchout for episode 13


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