Pobs Beauty: How To Get Full Lips With Makeup


  Overly lined lips are the subject of countless makeup memes . The beauty world’s push-up bra, lip liner isn’t effortless or chic. Unlike eye pencil, which adds definition and creates a
scientifically more desirable look , visibly traced lips communicate, well, desperation.
  So why is it that over the years, so many beauty icons have risen to fame with obviously lined lips? Pamela Anderson put liner on the map with her hot lifeguard Baywatch lip look . Liner has been a Lil’ Kim signature since “Crush on You.” And today, lip liner and Kylie Jenner are practically synonymous. While the youngest Jenner has copped to having her pillowy lips enhanced with more than just makeup, heavily lined lips are as much her signature as eyebrow-grazing lashes are for Kim.
The Kit: Lip liner in Stripdown and Naked, lipstick in High Tea , all by M.A.C.Lip brush by whomever you want.
Step 1: Trace It
  “When doing a fuller lip like Kylie Jenner, I like to start in the outer perimeter of the lip. When you look at your lips, we have the pigmented part that is the outer lip color that’s a little bit more flesh-toned. And right above on the edge is that part that starts to bend into your face. So you’re going to draw right above the flesh-toned part of your lip, and that creates a fuller, more exaggerated lip line.”
Step 2: Fill It In
  “Trace from the inner corner to the bow, and drop down and repeat on the other side and right below on the bottom lip line, and use the same color to fill in the entire lip. Kylie does one color and it looks very full.”
Step 3: Lighten Up
  “To make it more dimensional, use the lighter liner, Naked, in the center of the lip on the top and bottom. With your brush, swipe left to right and blend those edges out so it creates a gradient look.”
Step 4: Go Three-Dimensional
  “If you want to add a bit of shine without the stickiness of a gloss, take High Tea, swipe that through the center of the lip and it’s done.”
Step 5: Blend It
  Or don’t, but blending is the difference between an Anderson and a Jenner liner look. It’s your call.
   Woah, my lips look huge .
Source: Elle.com
Image credit: Google