“Pills N Potions” season 2 episode 1


While Kissing, they got out of the shower completely naked only to find out Ama was seated on the bed waiting patiently for them.
Danny was getting ready to go since it was getting late. Dede really had a good time with Danny and for some strange reasons she needed his company even more than Appiah. Before Danny finally left, he notified Dede that, immediately after the burial of Rapha, he was going to reveal something to her.
As to what relationship existed between Danny and Appiah still remained a mystery to Dede. Now, how he also knew
Rapha was also another question for Danny to answer after the burial. They had agreed to meet the following day for lunch.
Dede really expected this moment. She found herself thinking of Danny instead of Appiah or her grieve. She felt that perhaps she was being too pitiful considering the problems he was going through in the hands of his wife. Now this is the question. Is Dede only being concern or she is actually getting interested in Danny?
Meanwhile, Appaih and Helena were in shock at the sight of Ama. Appiah knew this wasn’t good for him. They quickly looked around for their cloths but Ama had kept them hidden. She sat on the bed and just watched as they embarrassingly looked for their dress.
As soon as Appiah noticed that Ama has hidden their attire, he made Helena go back into the bathhouse so she can hide her nakedness.
Ama just kept laughing at them as they struggle to hide away from their embarrassment. Finally, Appiah gave up right after Helena entered the bath house. Still naked, He stood beside the bed which Ama was sitting on. You could tell from his face that he regretted not locking the door up.
He wasn’t smart enough. He just knelt down on his knees and began pleading with Ama for forgiveness.
“Why are you asking for forgiveness? I already know you’re going out with your brother’s wife. Oh Appiah have you forgotten so soon? Anyway, I knew you two will be here that’s why I decided to show up just to let you know how I have you in my palms. Appiah you still my man no matter who you sleep with. You should worry more about my mouth. It doesn’t keep secrets Appiah. “ Ama said.
“Please lady, it’s the work of the Devil don’t tell my husband, I beg of you” Helena said from the bath house. “Please name your price and I will honor it. Just don’t tell my husband please” She continued.
“Please, don’t do this; I will do anything you ask for, please” Appiah also continued pleading.
Ama found this whole thing very funny. “So it has gotten to this, paying me to keep my mouth shut. Anyway that’s a fair deal, I could do with some money but hey I still can’t trust my mouth though” She said.
In Appiah’s nakedness, he quickly reached out to Helena’s hand bag and to some money from it. Apparently this was the money that Helena promised earlier that day to give Appiah that night.
He took it handed it over to her.
“Please Ama, take this for now, please” Appiah pleaded.
Ama just stared at him and said
“This is not the end boy. The game has just begun. See you later” She said.
Appiah took in a deep breath as a sign of relief for Ama accepting his offer. Before Ama left them, as if she was done with them, she just called out Helena who was still in the bath house.
“Helena, say hi to Ismael for me. I pray he doesn’t take after his father’s character.” Ama said and walked out.
To Be Continued at 6pm