Perfect Season 2 Episode 35


smiling as he dropped his phone on the locker close to his bed.
Ricky: lets get into the mood he said as he jumped out of bed slidding in the bathroom to take his shower. Whooo-hooo he yelled as he washed up.
Ricky: were am going to?? he paused for a while to think about it, its just fun, fun, fun!!! He yelled popping the foams from the soap. As he turned on the shower in excitement.
After a while he was dressed, looking into the mirror, nodding his head like an invisible music was playing, as he arranged his hair and then he was off to damian’s room. He knocked and obviously the dude was still sleeping.
Ricky: dude!!! Open up i dont have all day he yelled when the creaked open.
Damian: dude you are so noisy!!
Ricky: shaking his head, well mum called me after she couldnt get to you, she said you are gonna model alongside lucas and your supercute bro at the show down he said smiling.
Damian: oooh thats really not my thing he said not looking happy at all.
Ricky: i get it, the only thing those head of your is good for is spinning ladies and fight for love right?.
Damian: well you are lucky am in quite a good mood otherwise you’d be dead, he walked back in and shut the door.
Ricky: lazy a-s he said as he chuckled
Damian: i heard that!!!
Ricky: huuh i wasnt talking to you!! He said as he quickly ran away.
He walked to the cafeteria smiling when he ran into sophia.
Ricky: hello pretty he said with a smirk.
Sophia: haahaha hi handsome.
Ricky: coool now she thinks am cool too, he said grining, i’ll buy you breakfast.
Sophia: am gonna look forward to that.
Ricky: they both walked to the cafeteria, got breakfast and sat on an empty table. You are really beautiful he said looking at her.
Sophia: hahaha ricky dont push your luck am way out of your league 
Ricky: come on! no lady is out of my league he said winking.
Sophia: fine keep trying.
Ricky: huuuh!! He yelled a little bit frustrated, you keep doing this to me ever since grade 7!
Sophia: because you are the same ricky.
Ricky: and what about lucas he said smiling
Sophia: its complicated
Ricky: yea i understand the, is complicated kind of relationship why dont you try something simple he said smiling a bit.
Sophia: and whats that
Ricky: give me a head and i will tell you he whispered.
Sophia: no!!
Ricky: a wet kiss!
Sophia: no!!
Ricky: fine a peck! He said abit frustrated.
Sophia: gave him a quick peck on his cheek, now tell me.
Ricky: smiling as he touched his cheek, well i was gonna ask you to date me because am simple he said smiling.
Sophia: crazy ricky she said tossing the hand towel to his face and left.
Ricky: hahahha come on i still feel good about the kiss he said grinning.
Sophia: you are crazy!!! She yelled.
Ricky: i know!!!! He yelled back smiling.
she was still on the quest of avenging her father’s death, last night was indeed a long one, she had plans of sneaking into the ware house when she found some men talking infront of the warehouse, with a few dark cars parked covering them. She sneaked behind the car leaving a recorder undernearth the car and was back to her hide out. It was quite a long discussion, finally they were done, they all got into there car as they drove out. She picked up the recorder, got into her car and was back to her dorm. She decided to have a short nap before listening to the piece of information she’s gotten, but then her body needed sleep more than she planned. She was fast asleep till morning.
To be continued