Pearls of different colours Season 2 Episode 10 Final


The next thing I remembered was waking up on the bed , I was tied up and he was staring at me, his eyes were dark and he had a sinister smile on his lips. He stood up and walked towards me , I tried to scream and realised my mouth was tapped,my head was racing, the unfortunate part was that no one knew where I was. He turned me over, and told me he was going to teach me a lesson, at this point I was naked , he rapped me from behind , and I mean my anus, the pain was mind blowing. I struggled , and he hit me , when he was done he brought out a small blade,and he looked at me for a minute and said , this scar is going to serve as a reminder for girls like you always trying to be more than you are ; for stupid fools like you, he put the blade to my breast and cut the side of my nipple and anytime I think of it , I felt the pain over and over . It was nothing I had ever felt before. He was calm, like he had done it a million times, I could feel the warm blood dripping down my mutilated breast, tears of fear and pain running down my face, and suddenly he turned me around again, this time all I saw was a flash.

I don’t know how I survived it but I woke up in a hospital days after.Well , I was awake ,but my eyes were swollen shut , it took a couple of days for me to open my eyes.He had beaten me really bad.My entire body was bandaged, my face was swollen.

There was no record of who I was, because he had taken everything, he had taken my bag containing everything I had. I regained a little strength and I was able to tell the nurses about what I could remember and also give them my mum’s phone number.
We called my mum severally and as it was what mum normally did, she didn’t answer calls from unknown people.Or better still her mind was preoccupied with knowing my whereabouts .I began to cry as I knew my family would be searching for me once Nicole told them i hadn’t been with her at the hostel that day. I couldn’t my tears nor the guilt or bitterness I felt deep inside .I tried to recollect some numbers and after trying very hard, I remembered Jeff’s number and gave it to the nurses.Jeff answered the call and the nurses were able to tell him what had happened and begged him to get my family to come to the hospital which he did.

The hospital treated me for free, hard to believe right? My family came to the hospital and as shamefully as it was, I told everyone what I had done. My parents were so disappointed with me , especially Leah, Nicole and Jeffrey. I wondered if they would ever find a place in their hearts to forgive me.I was taken home after weeks at the hospital to recuperate.
I went through an operation and began a therapy to get me out of the trauma I believed I was in.
My parents after sometime forgave me and my dad promised to do everything in his power to get Ariel, if that was really his name, to the authorities. I thought about school and I felt there was no need for education, I had ruined my life , what did I need an education for when I had been given the very best by my parents but never treasured it.I’d rather stay home, because there was no rising from this.The humiliation was unbearable, there was no happy ending to this story. This is the simple ending , I was a victim of a sexual predator,and I let him into my life,period. I take full responsibility for that. I was driven by greed and lack of morals.Not considering how my parents did all they could to bring me up well; the support I had from my family all these years. The sincere love Jeffrey had showered on me and how I betrayed his love and trust.And despite all I felt was consuming me, Jeffery and Nicole were always there to comfort me.

I was at home until the second semester of the second year had ended . I was still recovering and I felt all hope was lost for me.Jeffery and Nicole had paid me a visit after they vacated. Jeffrey was doing great and so was Nicole. I told them both I wasn’t going back to school since I had nothing more left to do there.Jeff asked me if I was giving up on my dream of becoming a renowned pharmacist.I told him it was too late since I couldn’t write any of the tests or the end of semester exams.That was when Nicole told me she had been writing the tests for me and had also written my end of semester exams for me also.So I was still a students and I still had a life to live.They told me all I needed to do was to recover and get back to school. I didn’t know how to express my gratitude to Jeffrey and Nicole for not giving up on me and the dream I had.

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And although my life looks perfect now, I had a very bad and shameful past.Some with very sweet memories shuffled with disgrace.I went back to school after I recovered from everything; after I got my health back. And this time around I promised myself not to let my guard down after everything I went through. I studied so hard that I barely had time for anything that had to do with social media or anything that would take my time. Most importantly , I took God more seriously.Looking back at how I fought so hard from the beginning to study, get a scholarship,how I had friends who were a positive influence in my life comparing that with my actions , I felt I didn’t deserve to smile or to live again because I let a lot of people down and I let myself down. I knew God had a hand in getting me back on my feet.I could have been killed if not for God’s divine intervention.

I couldn’t forgive myself for how I treated Jeffrey although he had forgiven me.I saw how much he loved me and this time around I gave back all the love he showered on me from the onset. Jeff had began working and Nicole and I graduated from the university.Nicole got married early; exactly two years after we graduated from the university,she had two children and later moved to England ; where she now works with her husband.I owe Nicole so much and anytime we talked over the phone, I always reminded her of the true friend she is.

Jeff and I got married despite everything that had happened.He still wanted to spend the rest of his life with me We are happily married with three children.He works as a heart surgeon and with hard work, he built three hospitals in the country’s capital . And my dream of becoming a pharmacist and owning a multinational pharmaceutical company came to reality with the help of my husband, my best friend Jeffrey Benson. My company supplies medicines to his hospital as well as many others.Now , I feel my life is complete.

I sit in the comfort of my study to write this story. Not everyone would be as lucky as I was.To have a family that would take you back even though you disappointed them and take good care of you ,to have a friend who would go the extra mile for you and to have that special someone who would love you no matter what you are or have been. I have decided to publish my story because with the rise of social media atrocities being committed, every story can go a long way in saving a life, so while you read, do share and help someone back to the right path. These internet predators are real!!

The End.

Life is learning. Everyone is unique in his or her own way.The friends one chooses gives a clear picture of who one really is. We should not let negative influences get the better part of us and crave so much for what others have ; rather, we should learn to appreciate whatever we have and learn to value it.

This is my third story and I would like to thank God Almighty first of all, for making this story a reality.I can’t forget to thank Mr Pobs, Sister Jozy for always checking if it was ready.Big thanks to NK , Wisco ,Abena Fofie and Juliet Makafui Tawiah for the great encouragement as well as the motivation. And to everyone , who in their own small way made this happen. This wouldn’t have happened without your support .Am truly grateful. God bless you.

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