Passion and Power – Wednesday (25-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
Gabby tells Augustin that Franco already sold her factory and he becomes furious and says Franco never take chances because he will always do anything to get money and Gabby asks why and he then tells her that there was a time Franco saw Julia at the hospital and he tried blackmailing Arturo for money in exchange for his silence and Gabby thinks that can’t be true because Franco is not that type and Augustin says he thinks he shouldn’t have revealed that to her but Gabby wants him to be telling her every secret about Franco and Augustin says he never said it at first since that could have seem like doing something against Franco to have her to himself which shouldn’t be a good move from a gentleman but Gabby still thinks she can’t believe it.
Julia meets with Arturo and she tells him that she has decided to be brave and start her life all over again by giving herself the opportunity to try starting something with him and Arturo asks if she is serious and Julia says of course that is the truth but she feels frightened but all she asks from him is to take it patient with her and Arturo is ready to take it easy with her and they kiss.
Ashmo goes to speak with Daniela to speak to his dad on his behalf to not see him as an enemy and in the act, Nina arrives to give him a slap for giving drug to Daniela with intention to destroy her life and after she kicks him out of the house.
Ashmo intentionally brings a parcel to Daniela that asking her to forgive him for pestering her which he promises not to do that again. After he left, Daniela then opens it to see drug inside the jewel box and she poured some into the water and since she couldn’t control herself she took in some and she begin to bleed through her nose but Regina and David calm her down.
Franco continues to ask Gabby to forgive him for selling the factory without consulting her and she asks why he insists that she forgive him and Franco says because he loves her but Gabby thinks then it will take more effort to win trust back because she will never trust him again and Franco becomes anxious.
Eladio goes to see Julia to ask her why she still had her ring on whiles they are divorce and she was expecting to hear something sweet like she is still in love with him but Julia disappointed him after stating that she guess she did it out of habit. Quickly, Arturo arrives to pick her out on a date and Julia asks Eladio to excuse them and peaceful he left telling them to excuse his bother.
David and Regina take Daniela to the rehabilitation home to get treatment and they do well to call Arturo and Nina to come over and Arturo arrives alone but Nina arrives with Eladio and whiles Arturo questions Nina one why she is with Eladio, David questions his dad on why he is with Nina and both of them become speechless.
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