Passion and Power – Monday(20-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
Regina goes to see David and tries to tell him about realizing how much she loves him but she was so anxious and ashamed that she run off and David goes after her but he gets a call and as he gets back to answer it, the police arrives to kick him out of the office because the new supposed president Franco says he needs him not. David then says to Franco that the board meeting will be in few hours and anything can happen after that but still Franco wants him to leave but David warns him it’s not over.
Arturo goes to see Julia but she tells him that she can’t have time for him because she has to take care of her father and also to go help Eladio at the company to solve the problem at stake since Franco has managed to obtained bigger shares and now wants to rule over the association. Arturo tries being sarcastic and Julia thinks the situation isn’t funny because she will do everything to support Eladio no matter what.
Eladio warns Humberto that he should pray very hard because immediately he finds out that he has been double crossing him and Arturo he is going to make him pay dearly because he doesn’t like traitors.
Gabby gets the recorded tape from Augustin and brings it to the board meeting and upon playing it, they listen to how Franco was ready to sell their company to the Montenegros and Eladio and everyone becomes surprised.
After, Eladio then asked the board that such a person like Franco can’t be the president of the association. Again he shows them documents stating that Gabby has also given him his share that means that it still makes him the Majority shareholder and stealing to also to buy shares. Franco wants to know where Gabby got those shares and she says Augustin gave it to her since he bought those shares from the Gomez Luna’s and she wants to give to Eladio and Franco becomes so stupid and betrayed.
Nina feels so much afraid for Erick at the Penitentiary and asks Arturo to let them at least send money to him so he can buy some protection there but Arturo thinks there is no point doing so since he has to pay for what he did.
David goes to see Regina to ask why she came to see him at the office and she says she broke up with Jorge because of him and David becomes so happy.
Franco goes to tell Julia that everyone around him knew about everything she thought it was a secret like, Eladio knowing about the affair between him and Marintia, Humberto knowing about him as the son of Eladio but told Arturo instead so to get her marriage broken and also knowing about his idea of selling the factory but used it to blackmail him to derive more money from him and they all kept it a secret from her. Julia then becomes depressed more than ever and now after kicking Franco out, she asks her father to leave her house because she doesn’t need him and will take him back to the nursing home.
She then confronts Eladio for lying to her again about Franco and Marintia and he confirms it that he knew it but he kept it a secret as he thought it was Franco’s responsibility to solve his problems and not him and also concerning his affair with Nina, it was all a lie nothing happened between them and Julia becomes confused more stating that she doesn’t even know who to believe and Eladio sees that he’s spoilt everything again.
In prison, Ashmo orders his gang to chop off Erick’s fingers as he refuses to get back at him and this was actually a sad and painful moment for Erick but the choppers and Ashmo enjoyed it.
Arturo and Nina pay a visit to Erick and he shows his finger to them and Nina thinks they have to do something but getting him out is not possible and so he pleads with him to give him money to buy protection and Arturo does that. Erick thanked him for saving him from death since two deaths of his children would have actually placed too much burden on him (Arturo). Arturo then becomes disappointed that Erick still hasn’t changed but he only gave the money to him to prevent Nina from worrying but he doesn’t care if he dies.
Franco is on the run to escape the police from Fraud and so the police finds his accomplice Pedro to know more and through that, he tells them about Franco murdering Marintia and asking him to dispose the body so he takes them to where exactly Marintia’s body was hidden.
Nina goes to congratulate David and Regina for coming together again because they truly deserve it and the two become very happy.
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