Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 1


Carolyne and her husband were now in custody of Nenita. Yes carolyne knew about the plan, she was gladly in support of it, little did she know this would be the turn of events. She never wished her daughter would spend a day in the hospital, let alone fighting for her dear life in the ICU. She just hope nothing happens to Nikky else the Guidottis would see the ‘red’ side of her. Carolyne is an easy going woman but when it comes to her children, shes willing to go any lenght. 
Carolyne: honey, whats your decision about Isaiah Guidotti’s case?
 Angelo: its done and dusted, he must face the wrath of the law. He must pay for what he did to our daughter! 
Carolyne: it seems you’ar forgetting something….. 
Angelo: really?
 Carolyne: the boy in question is the father to our only grandchild.
 Angelo: father? Did he accept the child when he was a free man? What did he do? He forged ahead with his marital plans with another lady. 
Carolyne: the lady is out of the picture already, why don’t you drop the charges, who knows, he might come to his senses. 
Angelo: i won’t drop the charges, i know just how stubborn the Guidottis are. 
Carolyne: but…..
 Angelo: this conversation is over.
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This night is marking my fifth day in this hell hole of a cell. I use to think humans get adapted to environmental conditions when they live long enough in such a condition, but this cell proved me wrong, i can’t wait to get outta here, but how? How i wish Ella can visit me here, i must do something to get out of here, either legal or not, whats important is that i rescue my Ella. 
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Kate came visiting the Guidotti family who were still in Manila, except for Mr. Guidotti who left yesterday, his presence as a mayor was needed. 
Mrs Guidotti: oh! Kate, you’ar the one, please come in. 
Kate: thanks friend. 
*both hugged* 
Mrs Guidotti:(after offering kate a glass of water) Any news about Ella? 
Kate: we haven’t heard anything yet…..but the police are doing their best.
 Mrs Guidotti: do you think this is ordinary kidnap? I mean the kidnappers by now should have demanded a ransome. 
Kate: i just hope shes safe wherever she is right now. 
Mrs Guidotti: don’t worry okay? She would return to us safe and sound. 
Kate: thats my only wish, i watched my husband disappear without doing anything, i can’t fold my hands and let same happen to my only daughter. 
Mrs Guidotti: do you know of anybody that may have reasons for abducting her? Such an info would be of great help to the police. 
Kate: from what i know, my daughter isn’t at loggerheads with anyone, how about we ask Isaiah? He may have an idea! 
Mrs Guidotti: hmmm i never thought about that, he is in best position to answer this….. 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉