Passion and Power – Monday (06-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
Daniela tells Arturo that though she can’t forgive him yet for the hurt he’s caused her but she loves him and Arturo thinks that is enough for him and encourages her to continue her therapy and overcome drugs because he trusts that she can do it. Nina then thinks Arturo has done something good today by making her (Daniela) happy.
Erick meets with Ashmo to tell him that he doesn’t care if his father has cancelled his deal with him (Ashmo) for hurting Daniela but he wants to invest with him and Ashmo says he is glad Eric is able to separate the professional from the personal and that makes him a man of class and Eric looks so happy with his complement.
In the same vein, Franco arrives to see Ashmo to ask him to strike a deal with him because he wants to set up a company different from Eladio’s since he’s tired of being under him and Ashmo seems interested but in Franco’s heart, he wishes to ruin Ashmo too.
Arturo asks Regina and Miguel to never stop giving their support to Daniela since she needs it more to carry on and they agree. Miguel then tells Arturo that he went to see Eladio to ask him why he wants to support Nina and quickly Arturo gets angry asking him why he has to do that because he knows Eladio better as he can tell he is doing that to get back at him.
It’s Justino and Clara’s wedding and all of their loved ones arrive to back them to have a successful wedding. Clara then thanks Maribel for giving her the opportunity to marry Justino and she promises to love him and Luisita till death separate them.
Clara throws the bouquet and Regina was the luckiest person and they all congratulate her. 
Quickly, Eladio arrives to present a gift to the new couple that is a new flat screen TV to congratulate them and Arturo seeing that also presents his gift thus a brand new car as his wedding present and Eladio tells Arturo that he’s seen that he always wants to take the least opportunity to compete with him and Arturo pretends to not have seen him and welcomes Eladio to the wedding and as they embrace each other, they promise to fight till one is dead. The wedding attendants then become so tensed and as fast as possible, Regina and David does something to separate them so they don’t destroy the wedding.
Again, Justino also throws his chest flower and Jorge becomes the luckiest guy and he takes the chance to propose marriage to Regina before the multitude but Regina thinks he can’t because she never expected it and Jorge becomes disappointed. Jorge then goes after Regina to apologize to her for taking her by surprise when he needed to have told her and Regina says all she needs is time and not to be pressured and Jorge accepts.
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