One Call Away Episode 9


I love him ” I suddenly said surprising myself.

” you love who ” I heard dad’s voice asked me from behind. I turned and everyone was there all looking at me weirdly.

” did I just succeed in ruining three days relationship of my dad ” I asked myself as the guilt feeling weighed my heart down. No, that mustn’t happen, ruining the relationship with such utterance means that I won’t be able to be with Ben again. My slim chance will turn zero. Tho I wasn’t good at lying, but I’ve got to be best at it in order not to lose everything.

” I love my dad and I always want him to be happy because that’s what first lady do for their head of state ” I said smiling as I walked over to dad and placed my head on his chest. ” so I’ll try to like that dickhead in order to foster peace in our small family ” I added humorously smiling, staring at Ben.

” that’s my first lady ” dad said also smiling as he dropped the umbrella in his hand and put me into tight embrace. He raised his head and motioned to the rest to join us. Mrs Salako was the first to join us smiling.

” thank you my love ” she whispered into my ear.

Ben dropped the big cooler in his hand while Chris dropped the mats in his hand and they both joined us as we all smiled heartily like a one big family. Ben was closer to me and I could smell his fragrance. It was nice and cool. I felt like pulling him away from them and embrace him and inhale the whole fragrance.

” now soldiers, let go get the remaining stuffs while the ladies deal with the ones here ” dad said after we’ve disengaged the hug.

Ben’s p.o.v

The family was hell bent on initiating me fully into the family. What could I do? I was helpless and in order not to be the black sheep, I was going according to the flow.

We unloaded all the stuffs inside the trunk and in the back seat meant for the picnic while mom and Happy arranged everything. I was surprised at the size of the umbrella which we brought, it was almost the size of a one room apartment roof.

The mats which looked kinda puffy ,was placed on the sandy soil in a circular shape under the big shade created by the umbrella. Large volume of space was left in the middle which all food items were placed.
After everything was set, Mr Tokunbo opened a big bag which we had brought from the mini van. He brought out swimming trunks and handed it over to all of us. I was surprised how prepared he’s for the picnic. I knew mom must have gotten mine because it looked like a perfect size for me.

I peeped at Happy and saw that it was a swimsuit that she was given but mom was given a female swim trunk and a skimpy top which looked mature.

” let the ladies find their way to change while the boys also find theirs ” Mr Tokunbo said as he motioned to Chris and me to follow him and we started heading towards the direction the Siena was parked.

” and where are the boys going to change oo ” my mom asked as she saw the direction we’re heading to.

” to the car of course ” Mr Tokunbo turned to reply her.

” and you call that finding ” mom protested loudly .

” at least we found it before you, so go and find yours too ” Mr Tokunbo replied laughing in a mocking manner.

” okay, but I’ve to tell you something first ” mom said as she started coming closer to where we were standing.

She suddenly stopped and told Happy to also come closer. When Happy got to where she was standing, she whispered something into her ear before they finally came to join us.

” Mr Tokunbo the smart guy ” mom said smiling mischievously as she got closer to him. ” let me tell you something ” she said wrapping her hand around his shoulder.

” okay I’m hearing you ” Mr Tokunbo said smiling.

” we’re going to make it a competition, the first person to get to the van decide who use it first ” mom said smiling and I could notice she’s trying to block his view somehow.

” okay I accept ” Mr Tokunbo accepted.

” now ” mom suddenly scream. That was when we all noticed that Happy had already left all of us.

” run my soldiers, win the battle for me ” Mr Tokunbo said on seeing how we’re scammed by his wife and daughter.

Happy was already good distance away from us and started running.
Chris and I started running at once but the boot was a hindrance for me, not for me only but for Chris and Happy too.

I was a good runner but because of my introvert complexity , I refused to run in school. When I was in ss1,we had an inter house sport competition in GSCAB. I was grouped into red house. During training, I was asked to run with some other boys and the said best runner of the school an ss3 student was also in red house and among the boys I was asked to run with.

I didn’t know I had the speed but I didn’t want to be disgraced by taking the last position outta the five boys I was competiting with, so I decided to put in my all to avert the disaster. But it was surprising when we started running and I found out that I didn’t see anyone beside me tho I was hearing their sound and footsteps behind me.

I added more speed and by the time I got to the finishing line, it took the best runner almost ten seconds before he got to the finishing line and took the second position. Our coach was awed by my performance and everyone in my house. They said I ran at the speed of lightening and there’s no way anyone would beat my time in the school.

I knew people are starting to develop interest in me especially our house master . The next time I was asked to run, I knowingly reduced my speed not minding the disgrace and I proudly took the last position. The coach asked us to rerun the race and I valiantly took the same position again.

” are you feeling unwell ” the coach asked me.

” no Sir ” I replied him.

” then where’s that speed you displayed the other day ” he asked me.

” it’s the same speed I’m displaying now Sir. ” I replied him.

I thought one of my classmates went to go and meet the man and told him that I knowingly reduced my speed because I’m an introvert, because the man later challenged me and told me that I’m not serious and lack discipline for not wanting to give my house what I’ve got to offer. Ever since then, we’ve been stacked enemy.

I saw Happy taking off her boot so that she could run well and I also did the same thing.

I invoked my speed from the god of flash and not minding how hot the sand was, I ran like my life depend on it. Few meter to the Siena, I left Happy behind and got to the mini van first.

” no no no ” she cried as she also got to the van and started gasping for breath. There was a small portion of grass near the van and we both stood on it to avoid the brutality of the hot sand. Chris also got to the van jogging.

” wow, wow, wow ” Mr Tokunbo exclaimed sounding like an ambulance in traffic as he also got to the van. In mom’s hand was Happy’s boot while Mr Tokunbo got mine.

” I’ve got an Usain Bolt for a son ” he added tapping my shoulder proudly.

” you should be representing Nigeria in Olympic ” he added still smiling as he handed me my boot and I wore them because the heat was still emanating from the grass

” that was extraordinary, this is a talent that must be given utmost attention ” he continued praising me.

” so Mrs, it’s time for the winner to select who use the van first ” he said with a mocking countenance to mom.

” Ben, you wouldn’t want to do that to your mom ” mom said looking at me with pitiful look.

” my champ, don’t look at those eye, ladies has been using those eye to influence our decision since the Adamic days ” Mr Tokunbo said staring at me as I seemed confused.

” my lovely boy, you know I love you ” mom started teasing me.

” sir, you know we’re boys and we can wait ” I said trying to avert my face from Mr Tokunbo’s gaze.

” no, don’t do that ” Mr Tokunbo screamed in an humorous manner.

” let them use it first ” I finally drop the bomb.

” no ” Mr Tokunbo screamed while mom and Happy jumped happily, mocking him. We all laughed as mom and Happy entered the van to change while we waited outside.

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” Ben ” Mr Tokunbo called my name as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

” in this life, you’ve got to be careful with ladies ” he said with a serious countenance. ” I love what you did today, that was the best thing to do, but female always try to influence our decision, I’m not talking about a situation like this but in critical situation when you’ve got to be careful in making decision, some female around you might try to influence your decision but you have to be extra careful and vigilant ” he advised me and to be honest, I didn’t take the advice seriously at that time because I didn’t know a situation will come in the future which I was gonna need to make use of it.

I appreciated his advise all the same.

Few minutes later, mom and Happy exited the van smiling. I couldn’t help but stare at Happy with the swimsuit she’s wearing. She looked f—–g hot but I had to swiftly avert my face so that anyone will not notice me and think I’m into incestuous act.

” Mr soldier ” Mom called Mr Tokunbo mockingly. ” you and your lieutenants can go in now ” she added with a mocking tone.

” I won’t say anything ” Mr Tokunbo said shaking his head as the three of us entered the van.

We didn’t take long because we only have to wear our trunk which looked like a boxer. I saw Mr Tokunbo chest for the first time and he looked like someone who’s been working out with his macho chest.

We all returned to the spot where we dropped our stuffs. We all sat down and food was first dished for all of us.
After eating, we drank a cold juice and also had different snacks as we all joked around.

Mr Tokunbo sense of humor was at the peak. I couldn’t help but laughed at some of his words which was very funny.

After an hour plus of eating, drinking, talking and all, I stood up and told them that I’m going to swim.

” do you know how to swim ” Mr Tokunbo asked me.

” yes ” I replied smiling..

” you’re a real sportsman ” he said smiling.

” I want to join him ” Happy said standing up.

” you that you don’t know how to swim ” Mr Tokunbo teased.

” and he’ll teach me ” she said sulking.

” are you cool with that Ben ” Mr Tokunbo asked me

” I don’t have any problem with it ” I replied him.

” bye ” Happy said as she walked closer to me.

The sun was very hot and the sand was extremely hot. We’re not wearing out boots because you don’t wear boots to swim.

I felt kinda happy and proud as some boys were staring at me and Happy. I knew she’s the center of attraction and I was merely tapping from it because they thought I was her boyfriend.

When she noticed the stare, she suddenly locked arm with mine surprising me. I stare at her in shock but she’s just smiling.

” what’s wrong with this one ” I said in my mind but smile back at her. The more we get closer to the sea, the more the sand got lenient with its brutality.

” why do you hate me ” she suddenly asked me.

” you said it first ” I retorted.

” I was just joking ” she said almost screaming.

” and I was also joking too ” I replied her

” no, you were not joking, your expression said it all ” she protested.

” and why are you getting angry ” I asked her looking surprised.

” I’m not ” she couldn’t complete her statement when the rushing wave of the sea hit us.

We’re so engrossed in our discussion that we didn’t notice that we were already closer to the sea which had dragged itself back to add more strength to the wave it was sending to the shore.

She shrieked loudly in fear and lost balance. She’s about to fall inside the sea and I had to swiftly grab her and pulled her closer to me as i wrapped my hand around her waist tightly .
I held my ground so that the roaring wave won’t pull or push us away. Her heart was beating faster and I couldn’t tell if it was because of fear.

When the wave had pulled away and we were finally on the wet soil, I brought my head down to look at her as she’s still in my embrace. She also brought her head up and we both locked eyes. Her head was suddenly coming up to meet mine.

” what’s she doing ” I asked myself as my heart began to race faster.