One Call Away Episode 36


Happy’s p.o.v

Who said I didn’t like what happened at the party, I wasn’t pushed to do it because I couldn’t take anymore drink but because I saw it as an opportunity which might not come knocking on my door again to finally have my wish granted .

I knew Gina’s plan was just to get me high because she thought she knew me so much and thought I wouldn’t make out with Ben because I told her when we were still friends that I had a boyfriend who’s out of the country and who I wouldn’t dare cheat on even at gunpoint because I love him more than I love my life. And with the fact that every time I’m dared in any of our party to do anything intimate with any guy, I always head for the drink, so she thought it was going to be the same and I would head for the third drink and get myself high, unknown to her she helped me and I made it looked like I didn’t have any other choice by first heading for the cup before going to meet Ben. I always have it in my mind that I would keep my virginity till the night of my marriage but I realised that it would just be a mere wish if I date Ben.

The feeling I got from the few minutes of romance was toxical and if it had been behind closed door, I was sure my hymen would have been perforated by his manhood. It was hell fighting the urge not to have my hand running through his body and I made sure to keep my lip locked with his because I would be moaning if I don’t have my lip distracted by the kiss.

The feeling was intense and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to derive that kinda feeling from any other guy apart from Ben.

The kiss with him was even a hangover because I was less tipsy when we were through.

But he took everything overhead either by guilt that he still referred me as his sister or the departure of Azeezah which we all know was because of what happened between us.

He didn’t utter a word to me as we returned home. Tho I got my heart desire but his silent was kinda freaking me out and that made me develop the motive to make him see that nothing is wrong with what we did and probably hint him that I liked it.


Ben’s p.o.v

Even after trying everything to make sure I avoid her, she made sure that she cornered me to a spot where I couldn’t avoid her and she wanted us to discuss about the issue.

” then let’s talk about what happened yesterday ” she said and I paused what I was doing and stood up.

” what do we have to talk about it ” I asked her.

” everything ” she said staring deep into my eye.

” you mean we should talk about the fact that we madeout when we’re practically brother and sister ” I said also staring at her .

” what do you think will happen if anyone find out about that ” I asked still staring at her.

” firstly, I already told you that I don’t regard you as my brother but a very close friend of mine, so such happening between us is nothing to me, to me it was even fun and secondly, we’re cornered and left with no choice and you seemed to enjoy it so why trying to prove yourself now as a saint ” she said it casually as if nothing was really wrong with it.

” you’re sick ” I muttered as I was short of words.

How can she regard it fun when I’m freaking out about it and tho as insane as it was, she was right that I enjoyed it and I hate that I enjoyed it because I was not supposed to enjoy it.

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Tho she regarded me as her friend not brother but I couldn’t just wade off the thought that my mom is in a relationship with her dad, so it was wrong for us to be kissing when our parents are already doing that.

” and you’ll also be if you keep putting that to heart and keep on avoiding me because I’ll keep on pestering you till you stop avoiding me ” she said as she feebly hit me on my chest.

” hello Ben ” Gina said smiling as she walked towards our direction.

Happy tilted her head to look at her with a funny facial expression that wasn’t omitting anything positive.

” babe ” I said when she got closer as I smiled for the first time.

The competition between Happy and Gina was really an intensed one, even in the aspect of beauty. They had almost the same shape, height and skin colour. Both of them have moderate butt and boobs to complement their beauty. They would have easily passed for a twin if not for their faces, which still looked pretty. They both had the kinda face used in beauty cream advertisement, smooth, milky and cute. But I regarded Happy as the prettiest maybe because she was my sister.

” heard you and Philip would be representing us in swimming for the upcoming competition ” she said as she made Happy looked invisible as she held my hand and started walking me away from Happy.

” yeah ” I replied her as I tilted my head backward to see Happy’s expression, she just stood there glaring at us.

” that’s cool, didn’t know you had it in you ” she said smiling.

” I just got lucky ” I said also smiling.” and I also heard you and Happy will also be representing the school for table tennis ” I added.

” yeah, we’ve been representing the school since we were in Js3, so it’s not a big deal ” she replied and I could tell she was discontented about something regarding the table tennis through her expression and I was sure it’s about Happy in the competition.

” do you also know how to run” I asked her.

” not really, running isn’t for sophisticated ladies ” she said smiling and I knew who she’s stylishly hitting on.

” what about guys , is it also not for sophisticated guys ” I asked her

” hell no ” she said raising her voice.

” I like it when a guy run, they look cute doing it and that’s for a handsome guy not some ugly chipmunks ” she added.

” that means you can’t like me ” I said teasingly.

” why ” she asked with a surprised countenance.

” because I can’t run “I replied her feigning a sad emotion.

” there’s many things to like about you that’s already filled the place of speed which you lack, so I still like you ” she said staring at me as we stopped walking and stood in the heart of the pitch.

” but why did you really dared Happy to get me into a romance session ” I asked her.

” do you really want to know ” she asked me grinning.

” yeah ” I replied nodding my head.

” because I wanted to get Happy drunk, I didn’t believe she was going to do that because she had an anonymous boyfriend which she claimed that she love so much and wouldn’t cheat on him no matter the situation ” she explicated

” and she always head for the cup not minding the amount she had before when dared to do anything naughty with any guy, so I was surprised like everyone when she did it with you” she added and I could tell that she was honest.

” what’s your relationship with her ” she asked me, didn’t even give me chance to drop my quota on all she uttered.

The blaring sound of a whistle saved me from the question.

I saw all students walking towards the direction where the sound of the whistle was coming from.

” looks like it’s time to see some interesting actions ” she said smiling.

” the coach is here ” I asked her.

” yeah ” she replied.

” then we should go meet him ” I said to her.

” point of correction, it ain’t a he but a she and why will we go and meet her, all our classmates will be here soon to watch the runners ,so why go meet her ” she asked me.

” so as to run ” I replied her.

” I don’t run, I’m only here to watch the runners only and you should stay with me since you can’t and let us watch them together ” she said to me.

” who told you I can’t run ” I said smiling as I left her and started jogging towards the students that had already gathered around the coach.