One Call Away Episode 15


A small monitor with keypad consisting of numbers labelled from one to zero on it.

” the code for your locker is 1234 but that’s the default code and you can change it any time you want ” she said to me.

” okay ” I said as I inserted the one two three four on the password monitor and a click sound was heard.
I pulled the small door and it opened.
Books were neatly arranged inside the locker with calculator, mathematical set and textbooks

” here’s your timetable ” she said pointing at it. It was pasted on the inner side of the door.

” you’ll be having only three subjects everyday, two in morning before your breaktime and one in the afternoon so when you get to school in the morning, you come here first, check your timetable and get the books and textbooks for the two subjects you’ll be having ” she gently explicated to me.

” okay ma ” I replied her.

” alright check the subject you’re having this morning ” she said to me and I checked the timetable.

” it’s Literature In English and Government ” I replied her.

” Okay, check those books, we’ve already have the books readied for you, search for the two among them ” she said to me.

” bingo ” I said smiling as I took the two books out of the arranged books there.

” now select the textbooks for the subjects and also remember that you’ve got to pick the story books which you’re gonna need for literature ” she said to me.

” okay ma ” I said as I picked it all. I also took the mathset before I shut the locker.

” change your password ” she said to me and I did.

By the time we got to the classroom, teaching was already on.

Miss Tife grunted to get the teacher’s attention.

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” good morning ma’am ” the teacher greeted her tho he looked more older than her.

” good morning Mr Dandy ” she reciprocated his greeting.

None of the students stood up to greet her and that kinda got me perplexed.

All of them were staring at me like I was an alien but Happy was smiling at me.

She was seated at the front row. The sitting arrangement was three by four. Three for breadth while four stood for length.

” hello students ” miss Tife greeted them and only few responded and Happy was among the few.

” you’ve got a new boy to make sure the boys ain’t at the receiving end again, now it’s complete ” she said smiling. ” his name is Benjamin Salako, I hope you all get along well ” she said introducing me to the class.

The sitting arrangement was made up of a guy and a girl on a chair and desk and everyone seem to have their sitting partners.

” Ben, join Gina at the second row, third line ” she said to me and I swiftly located the point with my eye and I saw the only single person inside the class.

” you can continue with your teaching ” she said to the teacher and she exited the class.

” good morning ” I greeted the girl as I sat beside her.

” morning ” she said smiling.

” you ” I exclaimed on seeing her face.

” how is your head ” she asked smiling.