One Call Away Episode 13


The school was really a sight to behold, the structure was magnificent. Dad drove to the car park and parked the car.

” we’re here kids ” he said smiling as he unbuckled the seatbelt which held him to the car seat..

We all alighted from the car and I could see two eighty leaves higher education writing note in Happy’s hand while Chris got his phone with him. I was left to wonder why Chris had his phone with him because back in my former school, bringing phone to school was against the law.

The school’s car park was filled with different exotic cars while some were just parking during the time we were still there.

” you two go to your class ” dad said to Chris and Happy as we got to the front of a building which had a large inscription ” Staff room ” on it.
I imagined how the building could be for the staff alone

” okay dad ” they said in unison smiling as they took another route leading to other buildings inside the school.

” let’s go in son ” dad said smiling as we entered the building with dad pulling the glass which had the inscription “pulled to open” on it.

The atmosphere changed at once as we entered. Everywhere was chill as the air-condition machines inside it were hell bent on working towards the money used in purchasing them.

” good morning sir ” a security personnel greeted dad as he moved closer to us.

I was mesmerized at the arrangement of the floor. There was a receptionist stand which had four people, two ladies and two guys, all dressed corporately in white shirts and black bow tie. I couldn’t see the color of what they had beneath but I was certain it was black too. They all had a computer each in front of them and a land phones was beside the computers . There was some steel chairs arranged in a corner and I presumed it was meant for parents or guardians who’s there to see the principal.

” morning ” dad reciprocated his greeting and head to the receptionist stand and I followed behind him.

” hello lovely ” he greeted the female receptionist he made a stop in front of her.

” good morning sir, how can I help you ” she asked professionally.

” I’m here to see the proprietor ” dad replied her.

” do you have an appointment with him ” she asked.

” yeah, I do ” dad replied her.

” you’re Mr Tokunbo right ” she asked as she suddenly got her fingers running on the keyboard attached to the computer in front of her.

” yes, I’m Mr Bello Tokunbo ” dad replied proudly.

” yes you are ” the lady said smiling and I knew she had checked his picture on the computer.

” I’ll take you to him, give me a second sir ” the lady said as she made an attempt to get down from the chair she’s sitting on.

” your one second is up ” dad said smiling.

” sir ” the lady said looking confused.

” you asked for a second and it’s already up ” dad replied her.

” I’m sorry Sir ” she pleaded.

” I’m just joking with you, sit down back, I know my way around here ” dad said as he started heading to one of the two staircases inside the room. I swiftly peeped at the color of her skirt and it was a jackpot for me. It was a black skirt.

” his office is on the third floor ” dad said as we started walking on the staircase.

” it’s like he’s your close friend ” I said smiling.

” you’re kinda right but we aren’t close to how you’re evaluating it in your mind, he was more closer to your dad than he’s to me even tho we’re all childhood friends but my time outside of the country did it portion in making me the second seater ” he replied smiling.

I knew that dad was closer to the owner of Hibiscus valley, I even heard mom saying that dad was the contractor who commissioned the building of the school.

” he’s not always available in school but he decided to be here this morning so that he can see you ” dad said as we got off from the staircase connecting the first floor and second floor.

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On getting to the second floor, I saw something that mesmerized me.
It was like seeing houses inside a house.

Every teachers had their own offices, it was looking like a big cubicle facing themselves. The structure was all built looked complicated and I might make a hole in my brain if I try to explain it. But it was all built with tampered transparent glass which made it easy to see what every teacher is up to in his or her office.
Most of the offices were empty depicating that their owner are yet to get to the school.

” Ben ” dad called my name when I had got carried away with what I was looking.

” sir ” I replied snatching back to earth.

” this way ” he said smiling and I followed behind him.

We finally got to the third floor and everything in view was screaming that only the owner of the school own the third floor. Instead of a visible view like the other floor, there’s a door with two security men standing in front of it.

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” good morning sir ” they greeted as they saw dad and one of them opened the door.

” good morning ” dad greeted them as we entered.

The office looked like a living room, if not for the absence of some furnitures it would have easily qualify for a living room.

Three chairs and desks without anyone was their. A big lcd TV displaying nat geo wild clung on the wall in an angle which allow for the three people who’s got their position behind the chairs and desk an easy access to watch it.

I saw three shut doors inside the room and of them had the inscription ” the owner ” boldly written on it.

Dad head towards the door and I followed behind him.

Dad subtly knock on the door and ” come in ” says a voice from inside.

Dad opened the door and we got introduced to another large office and a young man who was clearly dad’s agemate or a little above or below him sat comfortably on one of the two sofas inside the office.

The two sofas faced each other with a beautiful glass table creating boundary between the two. A cup which I presumed contained coffee or tea was on the table emitting steam. A bouquet of flower also sat comfortably on the table. Behind the table and sofa was a medium size desk which had only a laptop, few files, a name tag and a land phone on it . And a vacant executive chair sat valiantly behind the desk and sitting comfortably in an angle was a mini shelf which was beautifully designed by whoever made it.

The young man was dressed casually in a white tunic. He had a hearty smile on his lip as he stood up when he saw dad.

He looked familiar and I was sure I had seen his face somewhere but I couldn’t remember where.

” Tokunbo ” he said smiling as he came to meet dad midway to where he was sitting and they hugged.

” Ben ” he called out stretching his hand at me requesting a handshake and I shook hand with him. ” you’re now a big boy ” he said smiling, staring at me.

” you’re barely ten years old the last time I saw you ” he added as he ushered us to sit on the empty sofa which was opposite the one he’s sitting on with a glass table in their middle.

” when I came over to your place to fight with your dad when I learnt that he enrolled in a government school for the continuation of your education after you’re through with primary, tho I asked him to enroll in my school for free because he’s done a lot of things for me, he’s really a nice nan ” the man which I presumed his name to be Popoola Olamilekan from the name tag on his desk said as he took His handkerchief and clean his face. I could see that he was getting emotional as he started talking about dad.

” but he said he wanted you to learn things about life in different perspective and told me he’s gonna enroll you here when you get to ss1 but death only made that a mere talk and I didn’t know anything about the bank taking over all his properties and by the time I find out, you and your mom were gone without a trace ” he said and he finally stopped talking.