Ogechi And I Episode 26


“I went with Ck everywhere he went, Ogechi continued the story. Accommodation was made available for me in an estate belonging to the owner of the recording label Ck was under. That same recording label signed a contract with me later on when they found me to be an asset. My name began ringing a bell in America and people started speculating that Ck was my man, while others said it was his manager. The rumor that Ck was my man spread widely that Ck himself sought to make it a reality. He wasn’t expecting me to be though at all, so he didn’t think he needed to pull so much string to get me to play along with him. I told him about Prince Charming which he already knew about but that didn’t mean anything to him. Little by little, Ck got really serious about making me his girl and did a lot of romantic stuffs just to win my heart.
He bought me flowers and showered me with gifts unceasingly. When we go to occasions together, the press normally addressed us as soon to be couples and Ck would concur just to put me in a position where I would have no other choice but agree to his proposal. For some reason, I never had any feelings for Ck. Not even a feeling I had to fight. I just liked him because of his personality. His charisma was adorable, he is a great singer, and I felt like I owed him for bringing me to the height I found myself then. He however thought I would repay him by becoming his girl, but my love for Jesusboy was still burning inside me like wild fire. I wished it was Jesusboy in Ck’s position; then my life would have been complete.
But then, the things Ck kept doing got more and more interesting until it found its way to my heart. My friends advised me to go with Ck who’s a star like me and forget my Prince Charming who was still struggling to arrive. They also told me that his arrival at the top wasn’t certain because not everyone who embarked on that journey made it there. They said many things to disqualify my Prince Charming but I refused to pay attention to them. Anytime I remembered how far I had gone with him, I couldn’t bear the thought leaving him. I know he will make it one day. Even if he doesn’t, I’ll gladly share all I have with him. After all, what is wealth without love?
I remembered giving him N100, 000 back then to start up something with and pay back on a set date. He paid back on the exact same date we agreed on. After then he was able to foot his bills unlike when I first met him as a homeless fellow in another man’s town. I was glad to have been the angel who rescued him from the cruelty of hardship. He has valued me since then like nothing in the world because he truly knows my worth and how much I love him. 
Ck might be a nice guy, but he may at some point think that he picked me up from some studio in Nigeria and made me what I am today. He may even rub it on my face sometimes. I remember having a misunderstanding with Prince Charming back then, no matter how much he yelled, he still apologized afterwards for yelling, even if I was the one at fault. As time went on, we rarely misunderstood each other anymore, and saying I’m sorry to each other was as easy as saying I love you. We never crossed over into a new day with unresolved issues. I’m used to that kind of guy already and I wasn’t ready to try out another kind of guy. It took me years to build what I and Prince Charming share and I’m not ready to start all over again with someone else when the first hasn’t ended.
Everyone got uncomfortable with my decision to hold on to my feelings for Prince Charming until fate permitted us to meet and be together again. Ck and his manager particularly took that really personal. I bet they would have been tempted to shut me out if I hadn’t secured a contract with the label before then. However, they all let it be. But I could see something whenever I looked at Ck’s eyes. I also heard that same thing in his voice whenever he spoke to me. He still hoped that I would come around one day. We however played along as soon to be couples before the press and the people but we knew between ourselves that we had nothing going on
The familiarity between I and Ck got a little intense. We had come to agree that we would only act in accordance with the speculations of the press and the people but then, our constantly spending time together began to provoke unwanted feelings. I know Ck still wanted me. I was the only one who now had to fight such feelings. It got to a point that I couldn’t spend a day without seeing or talking to Ck. Of course he was the only guy that was close to me, so I called on him when there was any matter that needed the attention of a guy except those that had to do with my feelings, and I was gradually getting there.
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 Whenever I thought of Prince Charming, I would call on Ck, thinking that would help stabilize my feelings at the moment but it ended up trying to get me to replace the preferable with the available.
I would never do that! I kept telling myself. I opened up myself to Ck, who gave me the best treats ever. I must confess, Prince Charming had never given me such treats as Ck did, probably because he couldn’t afford it. So when Ck started doing all these to me, those things my friends had told me about my Prince not being liable to succeed as a star despite his gifts and talents began to ring in my head, and I wondered if he was ever going to give me the kind of life Ck had given me so far. I mean, I owe my fame and wealth to him. I shook those thoughts off my head and still placed Prince Charming in the tenderest part of my heart. Nevertheless, I decided to give Ck a try, not because I was considering making him a replacement for my Prince but because I was missing the company of a man like hell.
Ck maximized that opportunity and spoiled me with gifts and treats which I cherished so much and couldn’t stop desiring for more. Ck sort of thought I was trying to get Prince Charming off my mind and was really helping me to achieve that. He never did anything that would make my Prince appear like the better man among them both. He wanted to beat my Prince in all ramifications. He was wealthier, famous, exposed and now wanted to add things like; more loving, more caring, more respectable and more serious to the list. There was no end to what Ck did in order to get me to see him more deserving of me than Jesusboy. I hate to say this but it worked. I was gradually falling for Ck but all the while convincing myself that I wasn’t.
Well, as long as Ck continued treating me like a queen, I was okay. It went on and on till he asked me to join him on a trip to the Bahamas. I consented without a second thought. I had been hearing about the Bahamas and watching people go there in the movies. So I quickly obliged when an opportunity to go there came. Not that I couldn’t afford to go there on my own. Of course I had money enough to do that, but it feels a lot more different when it is a guy asking you to go there with him. 
We reached the Bahamas and settled. Took a tour around and visited a few places we could before returning the heart of the area. It was so much fun there. We danced together and even got recognized by some folks there who knew us to be celebrities. They interviewed us briefly and still considered us soon to be couples, which we didn’t object to. We got all caught up in the enjoyment there that we nearly tarried just to groove all night. 
Around 1am Ck drew very near to me and told me to come with him to somewhere. I said okay and we left. As we walked to where he was taking me he held onto me with his right arms across my back. Well, I also held onto him in like manner with my left arm while we walked away together like newlyweds. He led me to a room illuminated by florescent bulbs and richly furnished. The thing that stood out the most in the room was the heart shaped bed which was covered with red linen from Egypt.
 After we got in he locked the door with a smart card only he had access to and inserted it into his pocket. I couldn’t believe it had gotten to that. Was this really happening? I thought to myself. How the hell was I supposed to get him to change his mind? How was I supposed to stop it from happening? There was absolutely no way I could stop him. It definitely happened.
To be continued.