Ogechi And I Episode 22


I wish I could just skip this part of the story or just say something like; IT ENDED ON THE COUCH. But I know this will be the best part of the story for some readers, so I’ll just get on with it. The long and short of the matter is that IT ENDED ON THE COUCH. You still want to know how? Okay, let’s ride.
Cynthia, in order to make sure her apology found its way to my heart, started playing with the beard. That soft palm of hers found its way to my chest and started pinching the hairs therein. Haha, this Cynthia sef. That hurt me and I responded to stimulus. That’s exactly what Cynthia wanted. She may have made it look like she was trying to show me how sorry she was but I knew she had always wanted to do this and this time she caught me by the neck.
I began to return everything she was giving to me. I even took over and got a little rough with her. I grabbed her by the waist towards me and we faced each other as our upper bodies glued together. I then grabbed her hair with my right hand and dragged her head away from mine while my left hand was around her waist holding firmly onto her to make sure her body didn’t separate from mine when I drag her hair. She was hurt by that, but endured it for the sake of the pleasure she would derive afterwards.
Suddenly, I separated my body from hers and stood some distance away staring at her lustfully. She could tell I was in the mood to get naughty. Exactly what she wanted. I then said; “I’m about to invade your sacred zone with much hostility. I’ll need all the strength in the world.”
“Tell me what to do” Cynthia said with a voice burning with excessive desire for pleasure.
“I need food” I said. “I’m really hungry and won’t make it past the first quarter if I take on this race in my present state. Believe me, I wish to see a corps at the end of it all. Your corps to be precise.”
“How dare you!” Cynthia said as a challenge.
“You want food, food you shall get!”
She left to the kitchen to prepare me food. I quickly got to my room to get some left over sleeping pills I had been using to knock myself out whenever sleep went on a journey. I took three pills at once and rushed back to the sitting room. Cynthia prepared the food like machine. Before I could say J.A.C.K, there was food was waiting for me on the dining table. She called on me and I joined her there. It would take some time before the drug begins to have effect on me, so I had to delay everything till then.
I joined her at the dining and instead of eating, I asked her to feed me. It was exiting for her. It was as if I was playing love with her to properly prepare the way for the real deal. We started doing those things they do in Nigerian home videos. She would scoop food from the plate towards my mouth, and when I open my mouth to take it she would withdraw it, and sometimes have it or gives it to me after doing that over and again. She was really helping matters.
It wasn’t quite long before I began to feel the effect of the drugs and started feeling dizzy. I was so happy and that made me smile a lot. Cynthia misunderstood my smile for lustful desire for her. We finished eating and she didn’t bother to clear the table. As soon as I stood up she jumped on me and started kissing me real hard. She was so in the mood. But we got to the couch and then like an elephant that had gotten in contact with hunter’s bullets, I fell on the couch and became motionless.
She called to me and got no response. I heard her but didn’t respond. She thought it was part of the process until she realized I was really asleep. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know if it was the food or something else, but the fact remained that I slept off helplessly. She was so frustrated and didn’t know what to do. Nevertheless, she put her head on my chest and continued rubbing it until I slept off completely. That was how it ended on the couch.
The long night finally ended and Cynthia woke up but me, I was still deep in slumber. I normally took one pill of that drug when I wanted to sleep and it served well but this time, I took three because I wanted to pass out before Cynthia had her way. Now I had to deal with the aftermath of that uncalculated action.
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1pm and I was still sleeping. Cynthia got worried. She woke me up but I slept again after some minutes and Cynthia concluded I needed medical attention. She talked about calling the doctor and I objected dizzily, telling her I preferred going to the hospital instead of having the doctor come to check on me. I wanted to buy enough time to sleep away the effect of those pills.
I finally woke up by 7pm feeling very hungry. Cynthia wasn’t around then. I asked her maids about her and no one seemed to know her way about. I told them to prepare me food immediately. I went upstairs to get myself cleaned up while that was done. Those maids had known of my situation, so they were somewhat happy that I was back safe and sound. At least they considered me safe and sound, unlike Cynthia who had gone ahead to bring home a doctor to check on me.
While on the dining eating, Cynthia walked in with a white man in white medical suit and some instruments I couldn’t decipher.
“Oh my God! You’re awake! Were you waiting for me to be gone before you ended you slumber?” Cynthia asked.
“I guess I was really tired from the midnight exercise you and I engaged in last night, so I had to sleep that long to regain all my strength.” I said with a mischievous smile, pretending to believe that something happened.
“What midnight exercise are you talking about?” Cynthia asked with a confused.
“Oh Cynthia, I know I shouldn’t be saying this before this stranger but I just couldn’t help it. Perhaps he should leave now because my body is catching some signals from your cleavage and I bet it wants a repeat of last night’s royal rumble. But if he chooses to stay, he can watch.”
As I was saying those things I stood up from the dining and walked towards Cynthia as though I wanted to make out with her. Cynthia had always sought occasions to do so but this time around, the reverse was the case. She didn’t know if I was sane or not. That was very unlike me. Truly, that wasn’t me. I purposely did all that to prevent the doctor from carrying out any tests on me because if he did, my secret would have been unveiled. Another trick on Cynthia, and guess what; IT WORKED!
The doctor bade Cynthia goodbye and left the moment I got up to Cynthia and tried to kiss her. It was all an act. Ever since I met Cynthia, that was the first time she resisted me. Though the doctor made a statement saying; there’s nothing wrong with this man, I think he’s love sick, Cynthia didn’t believe him. She thought there was something wrong with me, and she wasn’t going to let it slide just like that.
Since then, Cynthia treated me like someone with an unsolved problem, and as long as she wasn’t sure my problem was solved, she wouldn’t do anything to endanger herself. And that meant she wasn’t going to want me to bleep her until I was normal again according to her judgement. That was so cool with me. In fact, I started acting really strange but not in manner that suggested mental imbalance. I made it look like it was spiritual, but she believed it was medical and tried everything within her power to get me checked out by a doctor. All her efforts failed. It was sure to fail. It was best for her to think of me that way because I had changed my mind on her after watching the Ogechi on TV. Everything just worked out well. I don’t know how I would have broken up with Cynthia, though I never officially pronounced our relationship into existence.
Cynthia didn’t avoid me, neither did she stop me from getting close to her. The only thing she made sure I didn’t do was the only thing I didn’t want to do, which she had always wanted to do. I took advantage of the situation and acted as though I wouldn’t last a day without feeling the warmth of her body so that she wouldn’t have any reason to say I avoided her at any point in time. As much as Cynthia would have loved to do it, she didn’t for the sake of her health. She was afraid I had an internal disease that could be contacted by blood. “What sort of disease would make a man suddenly fall asleep without prior symptoms and wake up over eighteen hour later” she kept wondering.
Nevertheless, Cynthia never let me go. She never gave up on me. She didn’t take it kindly with anyone insinuated that my problem was psychological. She always believed it was medical. She was so sure I was going to come around someday and she didn’t mind waiting for that day no matter how long it took. She cared even more about me and was determined to see to it that my problem got solved.
Cynthia had a good heart and indeed loved me. She’s always been there for me. I can’t begin to number the things she’s done for me even though I wasn’t giving her what she really wanted from me. She’s always been the one around and I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far without her. Just at the time she was to reap the fruit of her labor; I was set to leave her for Ogechi, the one I loved but hadn’t been around me for years and I can’t tell what she has grown to become, unlike Cynthia whom I had gotten to know in and out. Was I being fair with Cynthia?
To be continued.