Ogechi And I Episode 18


The movie premiere finally came to an end. I and Cynthia made sure to say goodbye to a good number of people before leaving. Cynthia drove the car. Midway home she made a turn that didn’t lead to her house. Where’s she going? I asked in my heart. I said nothing to her because I didn’t want anything that would ruin the mood I had succeeded to get her into by pronouncing her my woman. I knew she took it seriously. But I didn’t bother to find a way to make her understand I wasn’t really serious.
I was exhausted already and wanted to rest badly. In addition, I have been proclaimed a celebrity in the presence of dignitaries who have identified with me and expect to watch my films and listen to my music. That became a problem to me. So whatever I had said of Cynthia didn’t bother me. All I was thinking about was how to live up to the expectation of those people who saw me as a celebrity.
Cynthia drove us to a lone street with noise and the sound of music coming from just one out of the many buildings on that street. She drove to that building and stopped.
‘Where is this?’ I asked.
‘It’s a club’ Cynthia replied softly.
I could tell she was in high spirit and wanted to let it out in that club. I don’t do clubs, even in Nigeria but since we had already gotten there I had no choice. We stepped out of the car and entered. There were lots of people and this was about 10pm. There were no chairs there. Only some stools at the bar for a number of people who wanted to have a drink. Even at that, the stools were not sufficient enough as some ended up standing to have their drinks. It didn’t bother them.
The club house was a large on, yet we could barely make it through from the entrance to the bar. ‘Two glasses of vodka’ Cynthia ordered. ‘Alright ma’am’ the bartender responded and left to serve her order.
‘Why two glasses? I asked. You know I don’t do alcohol’
‘Don’t give me that! She said. Tonight is special.
‘Do you mind telling me what’s special about the night? Because I don’t seem to have a clue.
‘We’re celebraaaaating’
‘Really? What are we celebrating if I may ask?
‘Friendship I guess.
Oh yeah, friendship. We could have done that back at home, just you and me.
‘Perfect! Cynthia screamed. We’ll definitely continue at home. In fact, I’ll serve the best part of the celebration for last’ she said grinning lustfully at me’
‘Here’s your order ma’am, the bartender said as he pushed two glasses of vodka towards us’
‘Thank you handsome’, Cynthia said.
Cynthia grabbed one glass of vodka and emptied it into her mouth and squeezed her face like one who tasted something bitter. She handed the other glass to me and I was about objecting when she flung her left arms around my neck and put the drink in my mouth. I refused to open my mouth and take the drink or say anything because if I tried to say something she would just throw the drink into my mouth. But what she was doing to me became like a drama to most people in the club and little by little their attention was on us. When I saw many of them turning to watch us, I opened my mouth and took the drink so that all that more undue attention would be averted.
After I took the drink the people in the club gave us a round of applause. Na wa for Americans oo. Imagine such a thing happening in Nigeria, no one would even notice it, let alone paying attention to it. But there it attracted some degree of celebration.
Cynthia refused to let go off me. Instead she ordered for two more glasses of vodka and gave one to me in the same manner. She continued like that until we both had five glasses while being watched by over 50% of people in that club. What we did became like a show that interested everyone and made them want to stick around to see how it ends.
She then dragged me to the dance floor for a dance. I’m not a good dancer. In fact, I’m not a dancer at all. But even if I said that a million times to Cynthia, she wouldn’t hit the dance floor without me. At this point, she wasn’t the Cynthia I had always known, neither was I the Jesusboy Ogechi had always known. I bet Ogechi would get on her knees and start praying for me if she knew the condition I was at that point in time.
I followed Cynthia reluctantly to the dance floor telling her I didn’t know how to dance. Cynthia didn’t give a rat a-s about that. She was like a lioness that had laid hold of best prey ever. She was way beyond logical reasoning and the only language she understood was FUN.
Although I was trying to get her to understand that I didn’t want to hit the dance floor with her, I was enjoying every bit of what she was doing. Five glasses of vodka turned things around. I was in another world indeed. I eventually got to love the attention the people in the club were giving us and I began to dance. I wouldn’t know if that thing I did was called dancing but I sure moved to the rhythm of the music. I could hear them hailing and clapping from time to time and that spurred me up all the more.
As time went on I couldn’t seem to get a clear picture of anything again, nevertheless, I didn’t give anyone a dull moment because the crowd didn’t stop applauding, hailing, and laughing. Maybe I did a few Mr. Bin stuff in there. I wouldn’t know. But I know I was drooling at Cynthia while doing what seemed to me like dancing. She wiggled and wiggled that I began to entertain wild thoughts I hadn’t entertained in years. Mehn, this Cynthia is one hell of a girl. You need to meet her.
The light that gave life to my sight shrunk until it was no more. Even the sound of noise and music gradually reduced until everywhere became silent like a grave yard. Then I heard Cynthia saying; don’t sleep on me little boy. She was smiling, she was drooling, and she was grinning. I opened my eyes to realize that she was trying to lead me to her car and head back home. My eyes were fixed on her lips. The allurement of her lips made me return the smile, grin and drool. I could tell she was screaming the words she was saying to me but it sounded to me like she was miming to nothing. I tried to keep myself awake but as soon as Cynthia moved the car and the cool from the factory fitted air conditioner of the car made contact with my sweaty skin, my eyelids hugged each other again and I lost contact with the real world.
Many things happened after I lost contact with the real world. Things like Cynthia driving me home, two of her maids assisting me to my room since my feet couldn’t carry me, taking off my cloths and leading me to the shower to have my bath and rid myself of the smell of alcohol. You’ve got to be kidding me. I thought those things only happen in China. After they put me in the shower and turned it on, I felt like an eagle that just hatched when the water touched my sweaty skin. The two maids stood there staring at me as I played under the shower like a kid who wasn’t aware of what it meant to be naked before people. It was a good thing they didn’t take off all the cloths I had on. They left me with the tommy Hilfiger boxer I had own. I bet they thought I was going to dismiss them and continue the rest by myself but they probably had the biggest shock of their lives when they saw me bath with my boxer on. That’s why they stayed back to observe me closely. They must have believed I had lost my mind. Not that I was really aware of what I was doing anyway. I had five glasses of vodka working wonders in my system.
Next thing I heard was Cynthia’s voice scolding her maids for staying back to watch me have my bath. She took it really personal. She was high, so she wasn’t acting like she normally would. Five glasses of vodka was also working wonders in her system. The maids tried to explain to her that they stayed back in case I happened to need anything since I was not in my right frame of mind.
‘How dare you say he’s not in the right frame of mind? Cynthia asked with extreme annoyance. ‘Now let me show you what it means to not be in the right frame of mind’. She drew near to them and gave them two slaps, one for each of them. I just sat back in the shower and enjoyed the drama. When I saw that Cynthia was blowing things out of proportion, I stepped in. I wonder how I managed to know she was blowing things out of proportion.
‘I told them to stay back’ I said. I really needed someone around so I stopped them from leaving’. ‘Really?’ Cynthia asked. Come on J, you should have called on me instead. She turned to her maids and said; ‘Now get out of here you two. The maids left in a hurry, then Cynthia stood there watching me do whatever I was doing. I wish I knew what I was doing. But whatever it was, it was really funny because I saw Cynthia laughing over and again at me. Maybe I was playing the clown.
After a while she stopped laughing and started advancing towards the shower slowly. After three steps she stopped and took off the fancy roller she used to pack her hair and then flipped her hair. Chai! It was such a lovely sight to behold. Again she took another three steps and stopped, unzipped the gown she wore from behind, pulled it off her both arms and let go of it. The gown dropped at once to the floor covering only her feet while the rest of her remained exposed. After another three steps, she stopped again and did something else more fascinating than the former. At that point, I lost my mind completely and would have cursed anyone who dared come between me and that temporary insanity. I sat on the floor of the bathroom watching her as she kept blowing my mind after every three steps until there was nothing left of my mind to be blown. You won’t believe this. She got into the shower and stood right in front of me unclad. I don CRAZE! She wanted to take a shower with me.
‘This had to be it’ I thought. ‘I have come to the end of the road. There’s no escape this time’.
I closed my eyes like a soldier who was giving up in a war he was determined to conquer, and then suddenly!
To be continued.


  1. Wow!! Your stories are the best thing that ever happened to me. They are leaving me in stiches and apart from that they are filling my dictionery with new voccabularies. You have a powerfull imagination and a great art in literature…

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