Ogechi And I Episode 15


I and Chang got home to meet Cynthia and Lin at the sitting room watching some girly stuff on TV. Cynthia was obviously uneasy. I guess Chang was too high in spirit to observe that. I was walking with Chang all along, forming Rambo to convince him all the more that I was really willing to do all I told him. Even Cynthia did not understand me. I followed Chang to his room and he was kind of marveled at that action of mine.
‘You might want to go to your room, boy’ he said. No! I replied sternly. I really believed that what transpired in my dream was going to work for me like it worked for the poor kid. So I kept following hard after Chang. ‘I want to know all there is to know about the PRADAS. I don’t want to go in there too naïve’ I said. Tell me everything about the PRADA.
‘Are you sure of this?’ Chang asked. ‘I think you’re going so fast’.
‘Are you telling me or not, old man?’ I asked sternly. I believe at that point, Chang was a bit confused and may have been angry that I called him old man, but he didn’t show such emotions. I was supposed to be afraid, but I was more than eager to become a PRADA. Something is not right. But what? Chang couldn’t figure that out, so he told me he was weak and needed to rest.
‘I’ll tell you all you need to know about PRADA tomorrow’ he said, and I left without saying goodnight. I borrowed that attitude from the PRADAS. They never say a word of greeting and never act familiar. I wonder what must have been running through Chang’s mind.
I wasn’t convinced that all that display before Chang was enough to get him to act in accordance with my plan, so I decided to try something rugged. At least, if my previous display wasn’t enough to get Chang to change his mind about me, this one will. Having convinced myself of the rapid result this very plan of mine was going to yield, I excitedly proceeded with my next move.
In the middle of the night I went to Lin’s room and asked for a piece of her. She objected. ‘If you must be my wife, you must let me have a piece of you whenever I ask for it, pending when we’ll get married. I’m not ready to wait eternally for our wedding night’.
‘But you said you’re engaged to Cynthia’, Lin asked.
‘Things have changed’ I said. ‘Ask your aged father and he’ll explain it all to you. We are getting married soon. But I can’t wait until then to have you. I need you now. I mean now!
Left for Lin, she wouldn’t resist. But for the fear of her father she objected. I knew all that. I just wanted to give Chang a reason to disqualify and send me away. I began to threaten Lin that I was going to get physical if she continued resisting me and she threatened to scream if I did so. ‘That’s exactly what I need nah’ I said in my heart. I proceeded towards her, bundled her and threw her down from the bed, unbuttoned my shirt and lose my belt. Guess what? The girl didn’t even sigh, not to talk of scream. Between her and me, she wanted it to look like I forced myself on her, but no one would hear of it. When it was clear to me that Lin was a wrong chemical, I made my way out of her room and she asked; What? Did I do something wrong?
I couldn’t sleep that night. By 5am I went Chang’s library and got a number of books about jets, estates, and mansions. I opened up all of them and kept on Chang’s reading table. When morning fully came, I heard Chang ask about me and no one seemed to know where I was. I knew he was going to look for me when morning came since he and I had almost become fellow PRADAS.
After searching a while for me, one of the servants came to the library to find me lying on the books on the table like one who fell asleep while reading. I was just acting.
Chang was called in by the servant who found me. He woke me up and asked if I was drunk. I laughed mischievously and told him that I just found a reason to live. He asked what I had found and I showed him the books. ‘How do books about jets, estates and mansions give you a reason to live?
‘Guess Chang, guess’ I said smiling.
I’m not guessing anything. Tell me if you want to or let’s go and have breakfast so that I can tell you about PRADA afterwards as you requested.
‘Excellent!’ I screamed. But before then you’ll have to answer some questions.
‘I don’t have time for all these, boy’ Chang yelled.
‘Please Chang, please. It will only take a while’ I said. Chang sat down and I asked;
What’s the price of the most expensive jet you know?
‘24 Billion Dollars’
‘What about the price of largest estate you know?’
‘About 50 billion dollars’
‘Okay. The largest mansion?
‘What’s all these about?’
‘Mr. Chang, just answer the question’
‘400 million dollars’
‘Thank you Mr. Chang. If you add all that money together, you’ll get 74 billion 400 million dollars.’
‘That’s right’, Chang concurred. Now what was that for?
‘Those are the things I’m going to buy after I marry your daughter’
Chang laughed and laughed and asked; ‘where are you going to get the money to buy all that, boy? If I remember correctly, you still an aspiring actor and singer. So how the hell are you going to achieve that?’ After he said that, he kept laughing. I waited for him to be through. When he was, I looked at him and said; WITH LIN’S MONEY.
Chang paused and looked at me firmly. I bet he wasn’t seeing me in the light he had seen all the while anymore. I went ahead to tell him how I hated martial arts and would sell off his martial arts academy when Lin inherited it. I made Chang believe that I had become greedy for Lin’s fortune and he suspended the idea of my marriage to his daughter. But no, he didn’t suspend the idea of making me a PRADA.
Cynthia couldn’t stay any longer in China. She just couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t understand Chang, she didn’t understand Lin, and worst of all, she didn’t understand me. She asked me to secretly leave Chang’s house with her but I objected. I told her I had everything under control. She didn’t understand at all but I told her to trust me, and she did. As a matter of fact, I had grown to become the only one Cynthia trusts.
I told her to make her intentions of leaving known to Chang. Chang wouldn’t stop her from leaving. He had no business with her anymore. So she did, and Chang bade her farewell. She asked for me to escort her to the airport. I refused. She begged but I still refused. She put up a fight with me for refusing to escort her to the airport and that called to the attention of everyone in the mansion including Chang. He asked to know what the problem was and Cynthia told him how heartless I was for refusing to escort her to the airport. Chang thought I was really ready to turn bad and was already acting like it even before turning bad. He pleaded with me to escort her to the airport and I yielded. I and Cynthia got to the airport, boarded a flight to America, and off we went. Whoow! That was entirely my plan, and it worked.
I wouldn’t know what happened when Chang and Lin discovered we were gone. I left China without packing any of my stuff except the cloth I wore. Thank God! We arrived at America and were so relieved. Lin called in later that day to find out where we were and Cynthia gave her the nag of her life. I don’t know if Lin got to say any more than hello, because Cynthia never paused while on the phone with her and it seemed as if she was rapping Twister’s music. No be small thing oo.
I and Cynthia started a recap on our experience in China. She made fun of me and I made fun of her. Seemed like our experience in China brought us closer than we were before, and she was so comfortable with it.
I had been sleeping all day one of those days and couldn’t sleep early enough at night. I jumped out of my bed and made my way to the sitting room. There I found Cynthia watching TV.
‘You’re still up this late?’ I asked.
‘Yeah. I couldn’t sleep. What about you? You’re afraid to sleep alone in your room? She asked.
‘Maybe I should come join you’. I just smiled and waved that away, then I joined her to watch TV as we discussed.
Cynthia then began to apologize for the slap she gave me in China. She was so tender with words that I began to admire her in a way I hadn’t before. She drew close to me and laid her head on my chest, telling me how willing she was to make it up to me, not minding how I wanted her to. She gave me a blank check, and my mind became as blank as the check. The fragrance of her hair was to die for.
She was putting on that same gown she wore the night she paid an unusual visit to my room in China. The light in the sitting room was off, and the overwhelming darkness lacked the power to reveal much to my eyes, so my mind wasn’t troubled much. But then, she slept off on my chest since it took me too long to decide what to fill into the check she gave me.
I tried to wake her up unsuccessfully. After several tries, I decided to carry her all the way up to her room. On reaching there I dropped her on the bed gently, drew back and watched her stretch herself and wiggling like a worm on the bed while turning to a comfortable sleeping position. Unfortunately me, the light in her room was on, and it shone so bright that it didn’t even look like night. I could see all her gown revealed, and leaving the room became an issue. I longed for a strange voice like that which played in my mind in Ogechi’s case to play again so that I would have an excuse to misbehave and blame it on the devil. Haha, devil don suffer! But fortunately for me, it didn’t. Na wao. Abi devil dey sleep? When it was clear the voice wasn’t going to speak, I considered improvising. (WRONG MOVE)
To be continued.