No More Waiting For “Someday”… “Someday” is Today!


I used to wonder when my life would start. Day after day I felt as though I was waiting for something to happen –  although I could never quite figure out what that something was. At one point I thought it was a man that I needed – perhaps a fairy tale romance would add meaning to my life. Or maybe if I had more children and the perfect family I would have joy and fulfillment. Or perhaps if I finally got my degree and had a lucrative career and some fame then life could really start then.

So I began this quest to “jump start” my life but no matter what I accomplished or went in search of, the void always remained. I always felt a sense of incompleteness – something was missing and until that something came I was in a perpetual waiting phase- searching and yearning hoping one day “it” would find me so I could finally start living.

Life always seemed to be so far away from me, somewhere on the other side of a fence where happiness was a reality and dreams actually came true. I desperately wanted to get over to that other side but I had no clue how.

Looking back, I wish I could pinpoint the exact moment my eyes were opened and my perspective changed. Truth is, there was no single determining event, but the moment I allowed my relationship with Christ to truly renew my mind a life changing process began.

I began to realize there was purpose behind my birth which meant I was created to do something only I could do.

I began to see myself as God saw me.

I began to take a closer look at all the things God had blessed me with as I searched for reasons to praise him daily .

The more I focused on my blessings, the more they magnified and the more I began to realize I was already gifted with everything I needed to live my life. In my hand I held the keys to my own magic. But what I did with it was up to me.

So I decided to live. I began to seek God for His will for my life and walk in it as He revealed.

No more waiting.

I wouldn’t wait until I got the degree to “become”. I already am who God says I am. A degree isn’t validation, it’s just proof. Why wait for credentials? The only qualifier I needed was the sincerity of my heart and direction from the Holy Spirit.

Life starts now. The future is now. I discovered that what I do now truly matters because that is the momentum that will carry me into my destiny. So I decided to be influential, effective, purposeful, encouraging and loving now. Not if. Not when – but now.

There is no magical someday.

There is no spotlight waiting to shine on you. When the light you carry begins to shine from within, people will stop and take notice.

There is no knight in shining armor or dream husband to take away your sorrows or fill your voids. Only God can do that.

No job or position can make you significant. You already are.

No amount of wealth can make you happy or give you peace.  Joy and peace are gifts of the Spirit and come from within.

Stop wearing yourself out with all that wandering and searching. All that you need you already possess in seed form but the work is up to you. Seek God for His will and get to work. Never mind about what you do not have. The time will never be right. Conditions will never be perfect. The farmer that waits for perfect weather never plants (Ecc 11:4). So do it anyway, do it now. Start with what you have and trust God to make up where you lack.

“I keep waiting for the day when…”

“I can’t wait until…”

“When I become…”

“As soon as I get…”

I’ve learned to extinguish those thoughts from my mind and so should you. Remove them from your vocabulary.

Someday is not a day of the week.

Life is happening now.

Today is all there is.  And who you are is enough.