In The Heart Of A Lady ~13


“You see my dear,i am the cousin of your friend Temi, and i hope to bring you out of this mess if only you cooperate with me,i need you to tell me the whole truth and please don’t spare anything, tell me what you went to do in his house and what transpired when you were at his house, i mean,tell me everything you know happened that day” Detective Dipo requested as we both took our seats in the interrogation room.
It was a poorly lited room with no lights, excepts for some cracks where blinding rays of sunlight passed through. It had a desk with two chairs placed opposite each other in the center of the room, while a small blue recorder was placed on top of the desk. Two officers including sergeant Marcus stood at attention in the room,one at the door, and he himself close to us. I breathed heavily,gazed intently at detective Dipo trying to read his facial expression, although i could barely see him,due to the poor lighting of the room.
“Miss Becky, please, don’t hold anything back from me, i might just be the one to help you out of this” detective Dipo said,drawing my attention back to him.
I tried hard not to say anything,but my mouth didn’t just want to keep shut. I sighed, rolled my eyes and cleared my throat deeply. Then i began my tale, i told him everything, not sparing anything to him, i even told him everything from the beginning, how we first met and such. I also told him about my innocence in regards to Kaycee’s death. Then i finally told him about the Ada part. He was a little shocked and surprised when i began telling him everything that had transpired between Ada, Kaycee and me.
“hmmn, this is a tough one. Am just hearing of Ada in this case from you, and it seems, she might also be in the radar of kaycee’s death” Dipo replied.
“that’s the truth sir, everything i just told you is nothing but the truth” i responded to him.
“I just hope you are not hiding anything back from me o, if not you might be the one to suffer it at the end”
“No sir, i swear to God, that’s all i know”i said assuring him.
“Sergeant Marcus!!” he called out.
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“Prepare the van, miss Becky would be taking us to the residence of Miss Ada”
“Yes sir”. Sergeant Marcus left the room.
I wanted to say something but words failed me. I felt like i was choked in the throat by a lump of food substance. I was led out of the room and taken to the van, where i would take them (Police) to the residence of Ada. But only for us to get there and we were told by her roommate that she was out of town.
“When did she leave town?” Detective Dipo questioned Nana, Ada’s roommate.
“She left just this afternoon,.saying there was something she needed to do back in her village” Nana responded, looking puzzled.
“Do you have her number?” asked the Detective.
“Yes sir,but it’s been switched off since she left”
” Do you have any idea of where she went to?”
” I don’t know for sure sir, but i think she mentioned going to somewhere in Uyo”.
” Hmmn,and for what reasons do you think she left for?” Detective dipo continued throwing questions at her.
” That, i don’t have any clue of sir.”
“Okay, thank you very much young lady, we would leave for now,but advice, you don’t leave town,just in case we need any information from you”.
“Okay sir, thank you very much” Nana said as she went back into her room.
Detective Dipo led me towards the awaiting van full of officers and we zoomed off back to the force headquarters. For two days, intense investigations and search were carried out by the police on the whereabouts of Ada, while i was kept hostage by the police throughout, pending when Ada would be found.
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The case had transformed from a small case to a mega mess, i was to appear in court a week later for judgement to be sentenced on me. I was emotionally, physically and logically depressed. It seemed like the ground should open up for me to enter and bury myself. Life took a hard toll on me.
She was later apprehended by the police on the third day, and the police began questioning on her. She refused to cooperate or utter any word or anything, denying that she didn’t even know who Kaycee was. The police was forced to use torturing on her. After severe rounds and hours of torture, Ada gave in, although i was surprised at her confession.
She confessed to knowing Kaycee, that they met when she came for her school registration. He had helped her with the registration, and provided for her money at some point when she didn’t have any to help complete her registration. He had even accommodated her in his house when she begged him that she didn’t have any where to spend the night.
“Is that all?, tell us what we want to know” Sergeant Marcus ordered her, dipping her head inside a big bowl of water torturing her the more when she kept quiet. She jerked out of it, gasping for air as she took in a deep breath.
“Please sir,i will tell you more”
“Then go ahead, and stop wasting our time!”.
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“I and Kaycee became good friends and after some time, our friendship graduated into a relationship. We dated for quite some time but then after sometime, i noticed his attitude changed all of a sudden, he began ignoring me and started chasing other women. Then, i was advised by my friends that since Kaycee was a man who would even sponsor me through school with his money, i shouldn’t let him slip of my hand like that. They took me to a baba who would help prepare a charm to make Kaycee obey and respect me always” Ada muttered, the water on her face made it impossible to know whether she was crying or not.
“Young woman!,you are drifting away from the point. We don’t have time here,tell us why you killed Kaycee or what you know about kaycee’s death, or we may be forced to increase our torturing”.
“Kaycee is dead??” puzzled, Ada immediately asked turning around looking at our faces with the expression of someone who got lost at what the sergeant just said.
“Stop playing games woman. Tell us why you killed kaycee” Sergeant Marcus inquired.
“Wait officer,i don’t understand you,what do you mean by Kaycee is dead?” Ada asked innocently.
“Why do you choose to waste our time woman?, your foolish acting might make us increase your punishment now, answer me now, why did you kill Kaycee?” Marcus asked shouting on top of his voice.
Just then Ada broke into tears. I noticed how shock she was when the sergeant told her about his death. It took sometime before she came around.
“I swear officer, i know nothing of kaycee’s death,in fact am just hearing of his death now” Ada said, crying the more as she said that.
“If you know nothing about his death then why did you leave town the day he died?” Marcus asked.
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“I left town because i felt the baba’s charm had become ineffective,so i traveled back to Uyo to go meet the baba for a better charm” Ada said still in tears.
Ada was tortured a bit more, but When sergeant Marcus saw that she was saying the truth and she was completely innocent of kaycee’s murder, he left her to be. Which meant that if God didn’t intervene,i would be the one to bear the cross of kaycee’s death. It was obvious, i was the last person to visit Kaycee that night, or so they thought, because Kaycee had called me saying that he had a quarrel with Ada that same Night. Only God knows that i am innocent of what i am been accused of.
All hands pointed to me, and tomorrow would be the day we would appear in court. With no other suspect, i was the only one who would be at the receiving end of the judge’s sentence. Better, i might be sentenced to life imprisonment or worse,i would be sentenced to death by hanging which was so obvious. Ada would also appear in court too, together with her ‘baba’ and other people who were in the radar of kaycee’s death.
I braced up for what i would face tomorrow, but i still pondered seriously on this Kaycee’s case. If Ada didn’t murder Kaycee, then who did??
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