Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 90 Final


“Ha ha ha ha” Donflex laughed “it is over”

“Not by a long shot” Someone shouted from behind and they all turned their head to see who it was, Captain Val.

“And who is that? Donflex shouted angrily pointing at captain val.

“Their leader” Froshberry whispered.

“And allow me to bring in some guest” Captain Val said and the whole Shadow agents, not just from Australia alone about around the globe started coming from behind as they opened fire on Donflex and his army. The shadow agents were about five hundred in numbers.

“Woooow” Farouk said “This is so cool, the whole shadow agents are here”

“Your little army can’t stop us” Donflex shouted at Captain Val.

“But we still have more surprise” Captain Val said and the special unit from the US army emerged. They were thousands in numbers, some were with bikes, other cars and tanks. Some massive helicopters was distance away dropping more US soldiers. It was the helicopters that brought them to Nigeria and the helicopters were still dropping more US soldiers. The US airforce didn’t stay back too, they brought in their fighter jets and soon, a massive battle had started.

“Time to have some fun” Captain Val said as he loaded his sub machine gun and was raining bullets on Donflex’s army. Donflex and Don Bashkir saw what was happening and took to their heels, running towards a nearby helicopter.

“Donflex and Don Bashkir are escaping” Idris shouted.

“Not on my watch!” Natasha and Idris said but the made men blocked them.

“I will handle lex” Konami said.

“I will handle the guy with the bow” Farouk said.

“That leaves me with the girl” Jummy said referring to Lisa.

“Be careful guys!” Natasha and Idris said going after Donflex and Don Bashkir.

“Ku…ku” Akuku called out and threw three guns towards them. They each caught it and checked the bullets.

“Gamma bullets” Farouk said smiling.

“Our work just got easier!!” Jummy said and before the Made men could make a move, they each receive three bullets that activated their cancer cells. With their cancer cells activated, they got very weak and couldn’t fight, this time around there was no escaping for the Made Men. It didn’t take Konami, Jummy and Farouk up to fifteen minutes and they completely knocked out the made men.

“Common guys, let’s go and kick some a-s” Captain Val said as he came close to them and gave each of them a shotgun and an assault rifle. They collected the weapons from him and happily joined in the fight.

Idris picked up a bow and arrow and quickly aimed at the pilot that was about to fly the helicopter. He let go of the arrow and it pierced through the body of the pilot killing him instantly.

Donflex and Don Bashkir stopped instantly and turned back seeing Natasha and Idris who was behind them.

“What do you say?” Don Bashkir asked Donflex who was behind him.

“Let’s kill them, they are the cause of our failure” Donflex said bringing out two syringe. He gave one to Don Bashkir and they injected themselves as their powers increased rapidly.

Natasha quickly attacked Donflex but received two blows right across her face. She moved back a bit but a sweep kick sent her to the floor. Donflex dashed towards her and raised her up as he threw her hard against the helicopter.

“Now, I am enjoying this” Donflex said marching towards her with a wide grin.

Don Bashkir attacked Idris fiercely with heavy blows, Idris tried to attack him but his own attacks weren’t having any effect on Don Bashkir. Don Bashkir grinned widely, he was enjoying this.

“I won’t let him beat me” Natasha said to herself as she stood up with anger. She ran towards him and gave him an uppercut to the jaw.

“That is for my uncle” she said as she turned around and gave him a kick to the stomach, “that is for my mum” she said as she raised him up, wanting to finish him off when she heard a loud sound, Donflex had released a bullet from his gun and it got her at her right leg. Natasha fell down and groaned.

“Now, get ready to meet your maker” Donflex said still pointing the gun at her.

Idris held Don Bashkir by his neck and was giving him blows directly to his stomach. He raised Don Bashkir up and threw him close to a helicopter meters away. The blade of the helicopter was still spinning at a high speed.

Don Bashkir picked an iron rod right below the helicopter and waited for Idris to come close.

“After today, when you die. Say hi to your father in hell, a bloody murderer that killed by parents” Idris said coming closer. As he was close enough, Don Bashkir stabbed him with the iron at his leg, he wanted to stab him again when Idris held him up, very high till the rolling blades instantly chopped of his head.

“Serves you right” Idris said, spat on the headless body and walked away.

Idris was surprised seeing Donflex pointing a gun at Natasha.

“Hey” He called out and immediately Donflex turned around, he threw the rod he collected from late Don Bashkir. The rod got Donflex right across his head and he shifted his focus to Idris.

Natasha quickly stood up, collected the gun from Donflex and gave him a spinning kick that sent him to the floor. She quickly pointed the gun at him.

“Please Natasha, please we can….” He tried pleading but his pleas were caught short with dozens of bullets sent directly to his head till his brain was scattered and spilled all over the ground.

“Yeah, Fvck you!! Fvck you!!!!” Natasha said crying. Not for Donflex but for the fact that the bullets in her gun was exhausted. She needed more bullets to go through his body.

“It’s okay my dear” Idris said from behind hugging her.

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Idris, Konami, Jummy, Farouk and Natasha stood before Froshberry.

“Stop the bomb” Idris commanded.

“I can’t” Froshberry said and laughed. “Even if I can, I won’t, we will all die. That’s what humanity deserve”

Froshberry hadn’t finish his statement when Natasha took him out with a blow. Farouk and Natasha sat down, trying to stop the bomb but couldn’t. Instead things were getting worst and the bomb will go off soon.

“The bomb is unstoppable” Natasha said.

“No, many people will die” Farouk said with a sorrowful look.

“No one will die” Konami said coming up. “I know I have been the worst agent ever. I know you guys all hate me, I should perhaps do this, in other to ask for your forgiveness!” Konami said, lifting the heavy bomb. The shadow agents walked behind him watching him load the deadly bomb inside a jet, then they knew what he had in mind, he wanted to sacrifice his life for everyone.

“No Konami you don’t have to do this.” Natasha said holding him.

“Common Natasha, I can do this. I have to or millions will die” Konami said.

“No bro, you don’t have to do this. Believe me, we can work this out” Idris said.

“There must be a way” Farouk added.

“Yes, this is the only way” Konami said.

“Please Konami. Don’t go, I love you” Jummy said with tears in her eyes.

“I love you too Jummy. But I am a bad person, I should do something good for once” Konami said.

“You can do other things. Not this one” Jummy replied.

Konami breathed down, hugged everyone and gave Jummy a brief kiss. He got into jet and started it.

“Don’t forget me, shadows!!!!!” he said with a tear coming out.

“Shadows!!!” They all replied and he started the jet as the Jet ran for a while before gliding into the sky and into space.

Konami flew the jet out of earth, he kept on flying the jet as he said his last prayers. He looked behind him, the earth was there. Spherical in shape.

“I have done so many bad things. But I am glad I did this” he said as the timer in bomb went off and everything went blank.

Donflex army was defeated but the whole shadows and the whole US soldiers were looking at the sky. Suddenly they saw a bright glow and knew it just happened, Konami just save everyone.

“He was a good guy” Idris shouted.

“He was brave” Natasha shouted.

“He was courageous” Farouk added.

“He is a legend” Jummy shouted.

“He is a legend!!!!” The whole Shadows and US army kept shouting.

“He is a legend!”
“He is a legend!”
“He is a legend!!”
He is a legend!!!!”

Written by Mustapha Idris

Five years later
“Bryan, Bryan!!!” Natasha called out.

“Fear not dear, he is with me” Idris said and Natasha heaved a sigh of relief. She love her two years old kid so much. Four years ago, Natasha, Idris, Jummy and Farouk resigned from the agency.

While Natasha and Idris decided to start a family in an apartment given to them by the US president in America, Farouk decided to open an ICT center and develop gadgets that will be helpful to both the Nigerian and US army.

Jummy on the other hand hadn’t move on since the death of Konami and now, without Konami in the team, she had moved on. She is now a tourists, traveling all over the world to explore.

Nigeria had gotten a new president after the death of Donflex. Mr Adamu Ali, who was elected by the people because of his good works was really helpful as he was taking the country to a greater height. He had been reelected again for a second tenure.

Froshberry, Professor Johnbull, the made men and others working for Donflex were locked up behind bars, they were never to see the sky again till they pass out of this earth. All the remains of Donflex had been destroyed and wiped out.

The SHADOWS still lives. With Idris, Natasha, Jummy, Farouk and Konami gone, captain val started training new agents to take up their positions.

Farouk, Jummy, Natasha and Idris were giving awards and made known in several countries around the world but the man who laid down his life for others will never be forgotten.

“Guess what today is?” Idris said handing over Bryan to Natasha.

“Konami’s remembrance day” she said as she switched on the television and walk to a couch where she sat down with Idris and Bryan. The first thing to pop up on the television was..

“Five years ago today, a legend laid down his life for his brothers. The name Konami will forever live on…”


By Mustapha Idris

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