Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 85



“That Donflex is a big fool” The US president said hitting his hand hard on his desk. “How can he be able to defeat America, the God own city with just a bomb. Have he forgotten how strong and mighty the US army is, we can destroy the whole of Nigeria in a matter of minutes”

“Sir” Scientist Frankkay called out. He had been the scientist working on the analysis of the bomb. “I am afraid Donflex have an edge over us”

“What do you mean by that?” Prime minister John asked.

“That bomb you saw there can’t only destroy the whole of USA, but as well as half of the planet sir. A T double 9 nuclear bomb was the project some old scientist like Charles Darwin and his co scientists were working on. Theory do have it that when they found out that the bomb could destroy the planet, they stopped immediately and buried their works. Don Bashkir and Donflex have gotten the formula but they don’t know the type of power they are yielding”.

“Put a call to Donflex for me right now” the US president commanded.


The whole Shadow agent stood at the back of Natasha and Farouk. Natasha and Farouk through team work hacked into froshberry’s server in the flex empire.

“The crystals” Farouk and Natasha said together.

“What crystals?” The rest asked.

“They need two
rare diamond crystals to be able to control the destructive capacity of the bomb. So far, they have gotten one and are about to move in for the second one.” Farouk said.

“Where is the second one located” Konami asked.

“In an ancient cave in Abeokuta, capital of Ogun state” Natasha said “we are downloading the map from their main stream”

“Good, we will go and get the crystal to delay them” Idris said.

“Am afraid there is a little problem” Natasha said “They are sending two Made men as well. Alex and Raphael”

“We can take them down” Jummy said.

“That was before” Farouk replied “now the upgrades they have had make them stronger than you could ever imagine”

“Don’t worry” Idris said. “We leave for Abeokuta this night”


“Donflex, you don’t know the power you are yielding. The T double 9 nuclear bomb could destroy the whole planet” the US president was speaking to Donflex through video chat.

“Ha ha ha, we have the crystals we need to lower it’s destructive capacity. You better step down in two weeks time if you really value the lives of your people” Donflex said and turned down the system. He picked up a telephone by the side of his table.

“Go and get the last crystal” he said with a note of finality.

“So you’ll be using your private jet and remember, kill anything that stands between you and the crystal” professor Johnbull said.

“Simple as ABC” Raphael said smiling as he hung his bow. “I can as well handle this mission on my own”

“I know you can but Alex will go with you, we don’t need any surprises” professor Johnbull said walking away.

The ancient old cave of the people.

“So what’s up” Farouk asked through their earpiece. He was in port Harcourt and was acting as their eyes and ears.

“It seems we are here earlier than the Made Men.” Idris said fixing tiny cameras at the entrance of the cave.

“Very good” Farouk said. “The cameras you just installed are now online. I will update you guys on any new development. Am out” Farouk said and went off.

“Ku..ku….” Akuku was making noises.

“What’s up with Akuku” Natasha asked.

“He is afraid of caves, common boy, it won’t bite” Idris said to Akuku.

The Shadow agents got to the heart of the cave and found the rare crystal there. They smiled as they switched off their touches. The whole place became dark.

“Common, you all know what to do, we are trained for these” Idris said as they all moved to their different locations.

Alex and Raphael decided to use a helicopter instead of a jet. They parked their helicopter at the entrance of the cave and came out of their helicopter. Raphael had his bow and arrows ready.

“Why? Are you scared a bear will come out from the cave and chase you?” Alex laughed while Raphael shrugged.

“You spend much time playing temple run that’s why” Alex said moving inside the cave.

“Wait” Raphael called out “just be prepared, this place is giving me the creeps”

Raphael and Alex brought out their torches as they were taking slow but gentle steps into the cave. They walked till they got to the heart of the cave where the crystal was hidden.

“Easy as ABC” Alex said walking towards the crystal.

Idris hung himself above the cafe with Akuku. Natasha and Jummy were hiding at the left with Konami at the right. They looked up and Idris made a signal to Natasha. She brought out her twin golden silencers and aimed at their torches. He gave signal to Konami and Konami brought out his grenade. He gave them a go ahead signal.

Natasha released two perfect shots which destroyed their torches and Konami threw a bomb that blasted both made men. Idris jumped down from above and collected the crystal. He threw it up and Akuku caught it still hanging at the top of the cave. Idris gave signals. He and Natasha to fight Alex, Jummy and Konami to handle Raphael.

It happened so fast that the made men got confused. The shadows agents were excellent fighters when it is totally dark. They started receiving punches and blows from every corner of the cave.

“We are under attack” Raphael groaned. He quickly brought out two goggles and wore one, quickly he switched it to night mode and saw two figures in the dark approaching him.

Jummy and Konami were coming towards him silently when he surprised them with a double spinning kick and they fell down. He quickly located Alex and gave him the second goggle.

“I think they can now see us” Idris said with a sign “be careful guys”.

“Shadows” Raphael read out the names on their uniform. The name sounds familiar but he couldn’t recall when last he heard the name.

“Alex be careful they are trained agents” Raphael said. His bow and arrows weren’t with him.

“I got this” Alex said smiling. He rushed at Idris and raised him up, holding him tightly. Idris tried to get away from his grip but couldn’t. Alex was stronger than twenty men put together. Natasha saw this and ran towards Alex but Alex was quick enough to deliver a kick to her stomach which sent her sprawling on the ground.

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Konami threw a blow again but Raphael dodged it, Jummy tried kicking him but he caught her leg and gave a sweep kick. He rushed at Konami, delivered three blows to Konami and gave him an uppercut.

Konami fell down, Raphael was too fast and too strong. He flipped to his feet but Raphael gave him a drop kick and he fell down again. Jummy stood up but a blow across the face sent her to the floor with blood coming out from her nose.

“They are too strong” Idris groaned as Alex was breaking his bones. He looked at his guys, they were all down. He looked at Natasha and she was trying to get to her feet. He knew Farouk was right. The upgrades that was given to them were too much and now the made men were like gods.

Idris used his head and gave Alex a headbutt, Alex let him go instantly. He tried raising Alex up but couldn’t. Alex weighed like a car. Alex raised Idris and threw him hard against the walls of the cave. He took Natasha and threw her towards Idris too.

Raphael held Konami by the collar and was giving him blows across his stomach. With each blow, blood came out from Konami’s mouth. Then he raised Konami up with his right hand. Jummy tried to strike him from behind but he caught her by the neck and raised her up with his left hand. Raising both Konami and Jummy up, he threw them towards the same direction Alex threw Idris and Natasha too.

“Alex” Raphael said walking closer to Alex.

“Raph, this guys are tough, but easy to beat” Alex said as he shook hands with Raphael and they started laughing.

“Common, let’s kill them and get the crystal” Raphael said and they stood, thinking of the best way to kill them.

“They are too strong” Natasha groaned weakly with blood oozing from her mouth.

“It’s over” Jummy said from behind.

“Any bright Ideas left?” Konami asked almost giving up.

“I need time to think” Idris said.

“I am afraid we don’t have time” Natasha said as the Made men were closing in.

“Ku…ku…ku” Akuku called out from behind distracting them.

“The crystal” Raphael said running after Akuku. Akuku also ran out of the cave.

“Get ready to meet your maker” Alex said walking towards them.


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