Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 72


Farouk got into his mini office with Jummy, Natasha and Idris behind him. Farouk took a laptop and booted it. He clicked on a tracking app and started tracking Konami’s agent watch.

“Too much codes and computer nonsense” Jummy said.

“No wonder you aren’t good with systems” Farouk replied her. A red dot began to blink in the screen of the laptop.

“Got it” Farouk shouted “230km north from here”

“Get ready guys, we move in at once” Idris commanded.

“Wait, I will come with you guys” Farouk said shutting down the laptop “it’s been long since I had fun you know”

“Alright, we have no time to waste” Idris said as they all moved out.

Konami’s watch instantly showed a red light, then it started blinking. Konami looked up and smiled, the GPS tracker is online.

“What the?” One of the big guys said. They were three in the room and were busy playing cards as they where exhausted from beating the hell out of Konami.

“The watch, it is blinking” the second thug said.

“As if I can’t see that, who knows, it might be a tracker or some sort of GPS system” The third thug said as he unbuckled the watch from Konami’s wrist, using his heavy boot, he crushed it to pieces.

“There goes your hope” the thug said laughing.

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Idris and Natasha were taking the pilot role in the helicopter they were flying to rescue Konami. Farouk and Jummy sat at the back seat with the laptop they were using to track down the location.

“Oh no” Farouk shouted from behind.

“What is it?” Idris asked.

“The GPS just went offline. Something must have happened to the watch.”

“But do you still have the location it showed earlier?” Idris asked.

“Yes” Farouk answered.

“Let’s hope they won’t change location. We are still moving in” Idris said.

They landed the helicopter few blocks away from where the GPS tracker located Konami. They moved on foot till they got close to a huge mansion with plenty of guards around.

“If my reading is right, Konami is here, inside this mansion” Farouk said closing the laptop. The four of them disguised themselves as if they weren’t studying the building.

“We can’t go in now” Idris said “those guards there look tough and mean, we need to create a distraction so that we can get in.”

“Akuku can do that” Farouk said.

“Yeah true” Jummy added.

The four guards that were standing at the front of the gate looked tough and hard. They were strict, concentrating on their job.

Just then, a bush by the corner began to shake. It caught their attention. The bush was shaking vigorously and two of the guards moved closer to the bush while the other two were looking at the bush.

Just then Akuku jumped out of the bush and startled the two guys.

“Ha ha ha, you’re scared of a little monkey” One of the guard said as he brought out his gun.


He shot at the monkey but Akuku was lucky enough to escape the bullets. Akuku got closer to the fence and climbed in without anyone noticing.

“Good monkey” Idris patted him as Akuku came to him. They had gotten access into the compound when Akuku created the distraction.

“Look at that room” Farouk pointed upwards, the window was slightly open and they could see Konami a little bit.

“We will sneak in. Activating SHADOW MODE” Idris said as they all wore their black masks to hide their face.

“STEALTH MODE is on baby” Natasha said.

“Alright, you guys should go and get Konami” Farouk said.

“What about you?” Idris asked.

“I wanna pay their computer room a visit” he replied.


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