Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 69


Idris stood some meters from the guy in red, but were looking at each other eyeball to eyeball.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Idris asked but got no reply, he could see a smile forming through the mask of his opponent.

Konami folded his fist signaling to Idris that he was here for a fight and nothing more.

“So, is that how you want it?” Idris asked folding his fist too.

Konami motioned on Idris to come closer with his fingers and Idris launched forward. When Idris came closer, Konami brought out a littlest bomb from the side of his pocket and threw it at Idris.


The bomb went off but Idris was faster, he had rolled out of the way of the bomb. Before the smoke could go down, he dived through mid air and delivered a spear to Konami.

Konami fell down, rolled over and flipped to his feet, he threw a back flip just in time to dodge the blow Idris sent to him. Idris tried to hit Konami with his leg but Konami evaded his move and gave Idris a spinning kick. Konami looked around, his job was done and he needs to leave ASAP. He was about to leave when Idris dived at him and both of them fell to the ground and began to roll towards a highway filled with fast moving vehicles.

“Common Jummy, Farouk, let’s stop this fight right now” Natasha said as they all came out from the table they hid themselves.

Idris was on top of Konami launching him blows. Konami managed to get Idris off his body and started to run on the highway. Idris didn’t relent as he went after Konami, both guys running at high speed dodging several cars.

Konami couldn’t shake off Idris, he ran with all his speed but Idris was still on his tail, he changed route and ran to an open field, he had his bike parked there.

“End of the road?” Jummy said as she stood in front of Konami.

Konami turned back and Idris had closed in on him, Farouk stood at his right and Natasha was on his left. Konami was trapped in between everyone and couldn’t move.

“Better give up!” Idris said.

“And we will consider taking it easy on you” Natasha replied.

Konami didn’t say a word. He just stood transfixed on his spot as the Shadow agents came closer to him.

As fast as a bullet, he removed two smoke bomb from his pocket and hit hard against the ground. A thick smoke emitted from the bomb.

The shadow agents began to cough and had their eyes closed. When the smoke came down, they couldn’t see Konami with them anymore. Konami had already climbed his bike and rode off at a high speed.

“Oh no, I think we lost him” Farouk said.

“Yes, I must admit that guy is really good and well trained too” Idris said.

“I think his fighting moves are a little bit familiar” Natasha said.

“Yes you’re right” Jummy added.

“Yes his moves are familiar but I think we haven’t meet him before. Common let’s go home, the date is already not working out” Idris said leading the way.

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Don Skech stood some building far away watching everything that was going on.

“What do you think Don?” His men asked.

“Those guys are trained and very good. We will find a way to capture those four but the guy in red, I think we need him in our team now”

“So?” His men asked again.

“Get ready your cars, bikes and weapons. We have got a fish to catch right now” he commanded with an evil laugh.