Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 67


Konami walked closer to the room that was slightly left ajar and peeped inside. what he saw really broke his heart. The girl he was so much in love with fvcking his best friend crying out loudly. He angrily dropped the flowers and walked out of the place in anger. He got to where their bikes were kept, took one and drove out of the Shadow base.
~~Back to Present day~~
“No, that might have happen to Nelly but won’t repeat itself on Natasha” Konami said as he walked away to Jummy’s room.

Natasha breathed down, hid the flowers behind her and knocked on the door.

“Yes, who’s there?” Idris voice came out from the other side.

“It’s me Natasha, please open up” Natasha spoke out.

The door was opened by Idris and Natasha waited for a while before sliding in.

“What’s that you’re hiding?” Idris asked walking towards her.

“Erm.. Nothing” Natasha said walking backwards as Idris was closing in on her. She kept walking backwards till she fell on his bed.

“Good, look at what you made me do, ruin the flowers” Natasha said bringing out the already messed up flowers.

“Hmm, that’s not true, you were trying to hide the flower from me, suit you well”

“Ha ha ha, I don’t blame you”

“So what are the flowers for?” Idris asked.

“Have you forgotten today?”

“Wait, you’re asking me out?”

“Yeah, just to grab lunch”


“Common don’t be such a sissy. Jummy and Farouk will tag along” Natasha said.

“Alright lemme dress up” Idris said walking away.

Konami knocked on Jummy’s door. Jummy came out with a towel tied on her chest. She had just taken her bath and was looking really sexy.

“Erm..” Konami stammered before bringing out the flowers behind him. “Sorry I came now, care to have lunch with me later?”

“Sorry Konami. I am going out with Farouk. It’s kind of a double date. Me and Farouk, Idris and Natasha”

“Oh, I see”

“Am really sorry, maybe next time will do”

“No problem” Konami said walking away. He got to his room and sat down. Many ideas were running through his mind at that time.

“No, I can’t let this happen” konami said standing up. “No, I simply can’t”

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Idris and Farouk were dressed in an Italian suit and were looking really handsome. Jummy and Natasha were dressed in a red gown that stopped inches above their knees and were super stunning.

Idris held Natasha on her face and planted a French kiss on her lips. Jummy and Farouk giggled.

“Forgive me but I was carried away by her beauty” Idris apologized with a gentleman’s voice. Natasha held his face and returned the kiss.

“I think no we’re even. Common let’s move. We have got an Italian restaurant waiting for us” she said as they both hold hands as they moved to the car they had planned on using. A black BMW, 2016 model. They all entered the car and drove off.

Konami closed the curtains of his windows and smiled to himself. He have got to act very fast and stopped the date.

He walked close to his wardrobe and brought out a red trouser that was tight and flexible, he brought out a red long sleeve cloth of same material, a red hand glove and a red mask to compliment it.

“Well, I think I also have a date to catch up with” he said smiling to himself.