Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 65


“Erm…” Konami stammered. “These flowers are for erm, Jummy”

“Wow, like seriously?” Natasha asked surprised.

“Yea, by the way have you seen her?”

“No, why don’t you check in her room”

“Alright I will”

“And please say hello to her for me” Natasha said walking away.

Konami walked close to a recycle bin and kicked it away in anger. Why must this be happening to him. He hated Idris very much with passion. This will be the second time Idris was doing such thing to him.

Idris and Konami where on a mission. The former president’s daughter Nelly had been kidnapped by a notorious kingpin in Australia.

Jummy was still a young agent then and wasn’t allowed to follow them on the mission. Other agents had already been placed on different locations in Australia in case anything goes wrong, they will come in instantly.

Idris and Konami mounted two power bikes as they drove speedily to the kingpin’s camp.

As it was their tradition to keep their bikes or jet some distance away from their target, so they did as they walked the few meters to the Kingpin’s camp.

“This building is very high” Konami said looking at the top of the five storey building.

“Nelly should be at the top” Idris replied. He brought out his grabbing arrow and shot at the roof of the house.

“Hang on” He said as Konami held him. He pressed a button on his wrist and the arrow, with a strong rope attached at the end started lifting them up. They flipped and got into the last floor. As soon as they landed, the alarm began to ring.

“Nelly should be at the last door” Idris said to Konami “go and save her while I will stay and fight off any guard coming through.”

“alright” Konami said and ran towards the door Nelly was held captive. He kicked the door with such force that it gave way and he rolled in.

Idris hadn’t wait for long when three guards came up instantly. He quickly brought out three arrows and knocked them out one by one.

More guards were now coming towards him. He brought out a can from his side and opened it. He threw the can towards the door and a thick white smoke started emitting from the can. The smoke made the guards that were coming upstairs stunned and unable to see.

Idris brought out more arrows, shooting at any figure he could see through the thick smoke. Just then. Konami came with Nelly. Then a sound of a bomb blast could be heard behind them.

“We need to leave” Konami said quickly.

“Am working on that” Idris said and brought out the arrow they used in climbing the building. He shot the arrow at a huge building far away and the arrow got stuck.

“Hold on to me tightly” Idris said holding the rope that was attached to the end of the arrow he fired. Konami and Nelly held on him and they jumped, swinging with speed to the ground. They landed safely and started running towards their bikes.

As soon as the smoke got down, the guards couldn’t see anyone again. They became alerted as some ran down the stairs while others began to search for them in the upper floor.

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Nelly was taken to the Shadow base and was grateful to Idris and Konami for saving her life.

Captain Val decided that the Shadow base was the safest place for her since there were people out there looking for her because her father the former president was a corrupt man.

Konami had loved Nelly for she was very beautiful, he had made his decision to date her already.

Nelly in turn seems to like Konami but Idris was more of her dream man. Silent, strong, brave and handsome.

“Hey!!” She called as Idris was about going out. “Care to show me around this place?”

“No” Idris answered.

“Come let me show you around” Konami quickly said.

“Please!!!” She pleaded to Idris ignoring Konami.

Idris breathed down, all eyes were looking at him as the mean and heartless agent.

“Alright, catch up” He said walking away as Nelly ran after him leaving Konami and the rest behind.



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