Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 64


February 14..
Captain Val was very busy in his office. He held many papers and documents, most about Don John and Don Pedro. He was trying to connect their case together and had found out that they had some things in common. He was sure that they are working for a boss, but the ultimate problem is he couldn’t draw out who the real boss is.

“We can’t just be killing his boys, he will still be sending more” Captain Val hissed slamming his table really hard.

“I must get to know who the boss is” Captain Val said to himself when he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” He said trying to arrange his papers. Natasha walked inside with a smile on her beautiful face.

“Oh, Natasha”

“Good day captain”

“Yes Natasha any problem?”

“Yes, no”

“What do you mean by yes, no?”

“Your presence is required in the hall”

“Can’t you see I am busy?”

“Common captain, pleaseee” Natasha pleaded with a baby face.

“Alright, let’s go” Captain Val said leaving his desk and followed Natasha till they got to the hall that was quite empty.

“So?” Captain Val asked with a “not so happy voice” “what do you expect me to see here?”

“Three, two, one and now” Natasha shouted. There came a bright light, followed by balloons, flowers and big cards with the words “happy birthday captain” boldly printed on it.

All the Shadow agents came out and started singing a birthday song to their captain. Captain Val was amazed and surprised. He had totally forgotten it was his birthday today.

“Maybe I really need a break from work” he said to himself. After the Shadow agents were through with their song, they matched towards him one by one with cards and other gifts.

Jummy who was fully in charge of the party played music from the huge music player she brought. She had also made sure that there was enough food for everyone to eat.

“Wow, I must say a very big thank you to everyone. This shows that you all truly love and care for me. Let the party continue, I still have some unfinished business to attend to” Captain Val said standing up.

“You’re on a holiday today. You aren’t expected to work” Idris said.

“Yes” the rest agents shouted.

“Remember we still have to find who Don John and Don Pedro are working for right?”

“Don’t worry captain, just go and enjoy yourself, today is your birthday and guess what?” Konami said.

“What?” Captain Val asked and Idris showed Captain Val his office keys. He tossed the keys to Akuku and Akuku caught it running up till he got to a very high place closed to the ceiling.
Captain Val smiled and shook his head. He could still enter his office if he wants to but maybe he really needs to rest.

After partying, Captain Val left the base in his Lamborghini to have fun. He couldn’t remember when last he left the base or visited his home. Some of the shadow agents also left the base till few was left.

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Konami was in his room thinking. He had got bunch of flowers on his bed, ranging from roses to other types of beautiful flowers.

His plan was simple, to go out with the most beautiful angel on earth, Natasha.

“On God, will she accept me. I pray she did. I truly love her” Konami said brushing his hair over and over again.

He decided to make his move right now. He took the flowers and moved out of his room. He was about to go to Natasha’s room when he bumped into Natasha.

“Sorry” Konami said.

“No sorry, am at fault” Natasha pleaded with an angelic voice. She also held some flowers in both of her hands.

“No the fault is mine” Konami said again “where are you going with those flowers”

“Erm” Natasha said looking both sides “they are for Idris. I know it sounds weird but I will like to go out with him, you know, to have lunch or to see a movie” she whispered to Konami.

Konami was dumbfounded, he was just looking at her without knowing what else to do.

“What about you, who are those flowers for?” She asked Konami who seemed lost in his own thoughts.