Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 62


Idris hung his bow, he knew his bow wouldn’t do much to Don John since he was a trained agent.

“Nooo” Idris shouted in an attempt to stop Jummy who ran past him with her gun pointed at Don John.


She fired but none of her bullets got John who quickly ducked, rolled on the floor and gave Jummy a spear.

Jummy groaned on the floor as Don John sat on her stomach about to deliver punches to her.

Idris quickly ran to her rescue, he flipped and delivered a drop kick to Don John.

Don John fell down but quickly stood up. But men began to bounce moving in a circular pattern.

Don John was the first to attack, he delivered a blow to Idris but Idris blocked his blow and gave him a headbutt that made him staggered backward.
Don John came with a blow again but Idris ducked and gave him a sweep kick that made him fell to the floor.

Don John still stood up, he punched Idris with the left hand, Idris quickly moved to the right but wasn’t lucky as Don John gave him a hard boot to his stomach and quickly delivered a spear attack.

Idris fell to the floor and groaned. Don John was a brawler and had broken his ribs.

“You are good, but today you die” Don John said wanting to attack Idris.

“Hey” a voice called out. Don John turned towards the voice and in the twinkle of an eye, Jummy gave him a straight kick to the face that made him staggered backwards.

Idris quickly flipped to his feet as Don John staggered towards him. He quickly raised Don John up on his shoulder, moved towards a glass table and threw Don John on the glass table with great strength.

The glass table shattered into many pieces. Don John felt great pains surged through his body as he tried to stand to his feet. Idris and Jummy were surprised, not many people can survive the stunt Idris just pulled.

“I got this” Jummy said and ran towards Don John who was trying to move towards them. She did a front flip and gave Don John a powerful drop kick. Don John fell down and couldn’t move an inch.

“Nice one Jummy” Idris said as he walked towards Don John. He held Don John by the collar and shouted at him.

“If you wanna live, then I advice you to spill up the beans”

“Ha ha ha. The *BOSS* will kill you” Don John said struggling to breathe. Blood were coming out of his nose and mouth.

“And who the hell is your boss?” Idris asked.

“The boss is deadly, beware, he won’t be please with you” Don John said as he gave up his ghost.

“S–t. Who the hell is the mother fvcking boss” Idris shouted as he stood up.

“Wait” Jummy said “look at that tattoo, close to his neck”

Idris bent down and looked at the tattoo.
“This tattoo looks familiar. I have seen it somewhere, but where??”

“Aha” Jummy shouted “Don Pedro”

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Natasha waited impatiently. Time was running and she need to get the children to safety.

“What is keeping them?” She thought to herself. There were more guards now walking everywhere in batches. She could see about seven coming close to the truck from the her side mirror.

“Common let’s go” Konami said as he entered the truck.

“What about Idris and Jummy?” Natasha asked.

“Believe me, they will join us. Just drive around the building and through the gate”

The guards were now very close. She stepped on the accelerator and moved the truck through the building. Several gun shots were heard behind them.

They were still moving round the building when Natasha stepped on the brake.

“We won’t leave here without Idris and Jummy” she said with a stern look.