Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 5


7 Years Later
“Natasha” her uncle called her from the living room.
“Yes uncle” she replied and came out.
“I am coming, let me go to the market to buy the foodstuffs that we are in need of.”
“Oh uncle you shouldn’t do that. You can easily give me the money let me buy the foodstuffs for you”
“Never, you know you are just coming back from school, not as an undergraduate but a graduate so you deserved to be treated like a queen”
“Uncle, you are making me blush. But I can still be of help if you want”
“Yes, all I need you do is to stay at home and watch the house for me, I will be back very soon”
Her uncle said and walked away while Natasha smiled. She thank God for having such a great uncle who had been taking care of her since the departure of her parents.
Natasha had grown more bigger, smarter and more intelligent than before. She is now a graduate of computer science and engineering. everything in her life did change for the better but one thing will never change, her need for revenge.
She decided to switched on the television and tuned it to channel news but then, she saw the man she hated most, Donflex.
Without wasting time, she changed the channel to another showing cartoon and kept the remote aside.
She was starring at the television but her mind wasn’t there. She was fully concerned on how to carry out her revenge on Donflex.
First, she needs to get a job in his company. Then later she will try getting closer to Donflex. If her plan works out perfectly well, she might end up poisoning him or killing him with a gun. Well that is base on whatever circumstances they both found themselves in but she is certain of one thing, Donflex must die by her own hands.
“Alright, let’s move to the second round of your training. Everyone should take a gun, choose your choice. This training is to improve your aiming and shooting abilities” Professor Johnbull said to the made men.
Lex, the leader was the first to pick. Then came Alex, Leo and Rapheal. Lisa didn’t like guns. She preferred her normal weapons, swords and knifes
Guns isn’t her thing.
“Common Lisa” professor Johbull said “you need to partake in this training. Remember, it is not every time you will be opportuned to use your swords and knives. Remember that Guns always come in handy these days”
“But……” Lisa grumbled “it is already in our DNA to use any sort of weapon. Why then practice”
“All work and no play makes Jack a dullard” Lex said and Lisa was surprised. Over the years, she found out that her man crush Lex was a man of few words, fewer than even her.
Without further arguments, she took two guns from the table.
“good, get ready” Professor Johnbull said. He gave everyone headphones so as to protect their eardrums from the sound made from their guns.
Five human images were placed at the front of them. The images stood about fifty meters away from them and they were made to shoot.
After the first round, the human images were taken hundred meters away from them. They were made to shoot again. This process continued for about thirty minutes before professor Johnbull called them to halt.
“impressive, wow. You all did great, even you Lisa” professor Johnbull said with the final results in his hand.
“Can we go home now. We are getting tired already” Alex said rubbing his fist together.
“We?” Leo asked “I am not tired. As a mater of fact, I can train for a whole day without rest”
“Lair” Rapheal said laughing. His shot was the best among all. His archery skills did good to his shooting skills as well. “You can lie for Africa Leo”
“That’s enough you three. End of practice. You all can go and rest” professor johnbull said and walked away.
Leo, Rapheal and Alex all followed the professor from behind. Their cars were parked at the front of the empire. Though they said they were tired, they will be driving to a club before driving home.
However that isn’t the case for Lex, he will drive home straight and continue his training there.
Lisa was behind him, she wanted to come close to him but they stopped. Something just made a noise.
Natasha found herself in a playground, with toys and other children playing around her. She was, wait a minute, she was a five year old girl.
“What happened to me?” She shouted and all the girls who were playing around her stopped and stared at her.
“Why am I small? Who are you all and what am I doing her?” She asked again.
“You are our friend. Don’t tell us you have forgotten so soon. You have been here playing with us since” a little girl replied her.
“But……” she tried to raise a complain but was cut short.
“No but. Come over and play with us. You’re highly welcome” the girl said again and held Natasha by the hand.
“But how is that possible? How come I don’t remember a thing?” Natasha said to herself. She was having the weirdest feeling of her life and as soon as the little girl touched her, she felt it. Like an electric current ran through her. She shivered.
The sound of a bomb came behind her and she turned sharply towards the direction. What she saw was her house, without wasting time, she ran towards it.
As soon as she came close to the gate, five huge and powerful looking guys came out. They were four men and a lady. Then their leader whom she recognized as Donflex came out.
“Is everyone dead?” Donflex asked, though Natasha was standing before him, he still didn’t see her.
“Yes” one of the guys said.
“You devil, you will surely pay for this” Natasha shouted back at Donflex. She hurled insults at him but became surprised, Donflex wasn’t listening to her, it was as if he was deaf or she is dump.
Tired of shouting and being neglected, she dived towards him but she was like a mist and passed through him.
“Am I dead?” She thought because it was only in movies she knew that spirits do pass through individuals. She was still thinking when Donflex entered inside his car with his made men and zoomed off.
She ran inside her house and what she saw made her cry, too horrific for her. Her parents were butchered by Donflex. Then like magic, they both stood up and began shout her name.
“No.. No.. Leave me, alone. Leave me alone please”
“Natasha!!” Her uncle screamed at her and shook her vigorously.
“Uncle.. Uncle, thank goodness it’s you”. Natasha said breathing hard with sweat all over her body.
“I am just returning from the market and found you sleeping on the chair, I wanted to wake you up so that you could go inside but then, you started shouting. Were you having any bad dream or something?”
She looked at her uncle, then slowly shook her head sideways indicating no.
“But how is that possible. Few minutes ago you were busy shouting in your sleep. Is there anything wrong” her uncle asked with deep concern in his voice.
“No uncle, I am fine believe me” Natasha said. She didn’t want to tell him about her dream because her parents were involved, and she hate to be reminded of the cruel way they were killed though she was certain that her uncle didn’t know that she knew the truth.
“Are you sure you are alright?”
“Yes uncle I am”
“OK, go inside and sleep” he said to her as she stood up and walked to her bedroom.
Her uncle was worried over her. He knew his niece is having a hard time. All because of Donflex, Donflex killed his brother and his brother’s wife.
He knew for sure that one day Donflex will pay for his evil deeds but he had already made up his mind, he won’t tell Natasha about Donflex evil deeds on her parents.
For the past seven years, he had lied to Natasha. Making her believe that her parents died on a car accident on their way back from a meeting with Donflex. He also made sure he hid the videos that showed how her parents were murdered.
He didn’t want Natasha to go after revenge on Donflex, he was more powerful than her and will kill her too and if that happen, he will never forgive himself.
“I hope she will forgive me if she found out the truth” he said to himself heading to the kitchen. Unknown to him, Natasha knew everything but pretended to be in oblivion as well.