Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 33


Natasha saw her self in a fast moving train. At first the train was empty but in the blink of an eye, there were many passengers in the train including her uncle.

“Uncle, how did you…”

“Natasha am always by your side, fear not” her uncle said interrupting her from completing her statement.

Just then the train stopped and she saw Donflex and some cops ran inside with a picture in his hand. He was asking everyone in the train if they have come across such person in the picture.

“Donflex, what’s he doing here?” She asked her uncle.

“Looking for you Natasha. But stay down you’re invisible”

Natasha looked at her uncle, it seems what he said is true but she wasn’t ready to stay down. She can’t let the man that killed her parents go scout free. She stood up with a knife and dashed towards Donflex.

Her actions made her visible to Donflex, he brought out a double barrel gun and released the trigger on her. Her uncle was quick enough to shield her from the bullet as the bullet got into his head making his brain spilled out.

“Disobedient little girl” Donflex said laughing wickedly. She turned around to see if the passengers were still in the train but she found none.

“Disobedient little girl” Donflex said and realised the trigger on her again

Natasha jolted back to life. She quickly surveyed where she was and found out it was a beautiful and well designed room.

Images of everything that happened flashback in her head. She thought about the dream and Donflex’s word in the dream.

“Could he be right? That my disobedience killed my uncle” she said with tears coming down from her eyes.

She painfully stood up walking out of the room. All she could remember was that she was with the shadows before everything went blank.

She was about to open the door when Akuku {Idris’s pet} jumped down from the ceiling.

“Arghhh!!!!” Natasha shouted. She was so terrified that she kicked the little monkey away from her with all the strength she could muster. the monkey fell down painfully and tried standing up but it began to stagger. Natasha felt guilty. She instantly ran to the poor monkey and raised it up.

“Am sorry my dear, you startled me that’s why” she said petting the monkey as she walked out of the room.

Natasha met a full house. The whole shadow agents were complete. They were captain Val, Idris, Konami, Jummy, Farouk, Jack, Kelvin, Yvonne, Jay-x, Robidon and ET. One of their spy named Ken had been transferred to another continent.

“Come and join us” captain val called out. The dining room was big and the design was very beautiful. A vacant seat with her name beautiful designed on it was left for her. The sat closer to Jummy’s seat.

One by one, each agents came to sympathize with her. After they were all through, they sat down and continued eating their food.

Natasha opened her plates. She had pounded yam and eguisi soup garnished with fish, cow skin, cow tail, goat meat and stocked fish. She looked up salivating and all eyes were on her.

“So, Do you like it?” Konami asked.

“Yeah I do. As a matter of fact this is my best food” Natasha said and they all smiled each facing their food. She observed that everyone was eating different types of food.

She looked at Idris for sometime, he looked up and their eyes met. She quickly faced her food as she began to eat.

“When you are through, meet me at my office” captain val said and moved away from the table without finishing his food.

The shadow base was designed beautifully. It was designed underground where no one could find it and have various sections. One was used for training, one section contained their offices and the other contained their rooms each.

Natasha ate slowly. She had lots of things going through her mind right now. One by one, each agent all left till it was only her and jummy that was left.

“Anything the matter” Jummy asked as she was done with her food.

“No” Natasha replied shaking her head but Jummy knew that she was lying.

“What’s your name?” Natasha asked.

“I am called Jummybabe but you can call me Jummy for short” jummy said with a smile on her lips.

“Alright but jummy can I ask for a favor?”

“Go on”

“I need you to teach me how to fight please”

“erm.. Why that. Don’t tell me you’re still up for revenge” Jummy said and Natasha became quiet.

“I think am full” Natasha said washing her hands and also avoiding Jummy’s question. She pushed her chair backward a bit and stood up.

“Come with me let me take you to the captain” Jummy said leading the way.

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Jummy took Natasha to the doorstep of captain Val’s office and stopped.

“You can proceed from here, I will be waiting for you outside”

“Alright thank you very much” Natasha said walking into the office.

“erm.. Good day sir” she greeted nervously.

“You may have a seat” captain val who was facing the wall said.

“Thank you” Natasha said and sat down.

“Am sorry for your loss but Natasha, it wasn’t entirely our fault”

“How do you mean?”

“Seven years ago” captain val said bringing out a little tape recorder “your uncle forced us into an agreement that we should stay away from you. That was why we didn’t interfere at first and that was why we didn’t respond to those messages you sent to us”

“Wait a minute, you mean you received my messages when I needed your help?” Natasha asked.

“Yes but the agreement we made with your uncle made us stay mute”

“So, how did you find out I was in trouble?”

“Your uncle sent us a message that you are missing. So we decided to send Agent Idris, konami and Jummy thinking it was just a minor case”

“Hmm, what is done is done. No need to cry over spilt milk”

“We will plan a funeral for him here but in the mean time, you will be staying with us”

“Thanks, it’s not as if I have a choice anyway”

“So, we can get a job for you here in Australia. I found out that you are into computer and software programing.”

“Thanks but I don’t need a job”

“What do you need?” Captain val asked surprised as she turned down his request.

“I want to be a trained agent. like Idris, konami and the rest.” Natasha said plainly. She needed to get trained too or else her plans for revenge will be impossible.