Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 27


“Now, let’s discuss the next step, that is killing them. Natasha, her uncle and the rebels we captured” Donflex spoke out and paused for a while. “Any ideas on the best way to kill them”

“Yes, I have already mapped out the plan for months now. Believe me, it’s gonna be fun” professor Johnbull said and laughed wickedly while Froshberry and Donflex stared at him in surprise.
“So what’s your evil plan?” Donflex asked.

“I’d prefer you called it a genius plan.” Professor Johnbull said.

“OK, what’s the genius plan?” Donflex said again.

“Instead of just killing them like that, we can set up a tournament between the made men versus their team. Each will be made to fight against the Made men he prefer”

“Nice, but I think Ken and Lex will go after each other” Froshberry said.

“Hmm, it will be a sight to behold but what if they happen to defeat the Made men, are we just gonna let them go scout free” Donflex

“That is impossible, remember the upgrade I specially created for the Made men, this tournament will prove how effective the upgrade I made is”

“Very good, I love the plan” Donflex said as he stood up, shook hands with both men before leaving his office.

Natasha squinted as light suddenly came in from the door at her front. At first, she thought they have come to force her into eating her food as always but she was wrong.

“Untie her” she heard a baritone voice spoke out. She tried to recall the owner of the voice but couldn’t, this was her first time to hear such voice.

Natasha was untied and the men behind her began to push her.

“Follow me” Agent S said leading the way. Natasha had no choice than to follow him.

She was scared even though she acted bravely. She thought, she was being led to the place they will finally end her life. they entered an Elevator which took them to the eleventh floor from the underground floor she was kept captive. The elevator stopped with a bing and they came down from it.

Agent S walked to the seventh door and stopped. He pressed a passcode and the door gave way.

“Go in” He said to Natasha ushering her into a very dark room.

As soon as Natasha entered inside the room, Agent S closed the door and pressed the light button beside the wall. The lights were switched on and Natasha saw the last thing she was expecting to see.

“Noooooo!!!!” She screamed with all her might and strength. Before her was her uncle, Elvis, Sam, Lucy, Evans and Ken all tied to a chair.

“Hahaha” Donflex laughed coming out from a door by the corner. “I guess they are your hopes to freedom. Now you know I am a god that can’t be brought down” Natasha kept quiet. She felt like begging but it was of no use as she knew Donflex to be a
heartless man.

“Well, let people don’t say I am bad. I am ready to give you a second chance” Donflex spoke out and laughed as he saw the look of hope in their eyes.

“Elvis, your men against mine. if your men wins, you, Natasha, her uncle and your men will be set free but if your men loose, you all loose. The first fight is between Lisa and Lucy and is kicking off two hours from now. Be prepared” Donflex said and walked out of the room from the little door which he came in earlier.

Natasha looked at her uncle, the look in his eyes made her cry. “Please can I talk to my uncle?” She pleaded to agent S.

“Alright, but all you have is just five minutes” Agent S said looking at his wristwatch.

“Thanks” Natasha said and took slow and unsteady steps towards her uncle.

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“Natasha” her uncle called out. “What’s going?”

“Uncle am sorry” Natasha replied in tears.

“But you haven’t answered my question. Who is this guys and how did Donflex located you?”

“Uncle am sorry. This guys you see are a group of underground agents that are working against Donflex. Well..well.. I joined them”

“Why Natasha. Didn’t I warn you against them?”

“You did but you don’t expect me to sit down and do nothing while the man that kill my parents is moving around Scott free” Natasha said and her words shocked everyone, her uncle, Elvis and his men.

Elvis now understood how Natasha was caught. It was because of her past record with Donflex. Now everything was making sense to him. He regretted sending Natasha on the mission but was it his fault, Natasha
did lied that her previous record with Donflex was clean.

“ did you know that?” Her uncle asked.

“The video, the one sent by the Shadows. Now the Shadows are our last hope but uncle, I have been trying to reach them but they are not replying my messages. I think maybe they’re all dead” Natasha whispered
softly to her uncle.

“Time up” Agent S shouted. He was several feet away from them and couldn’t hear their whispers.

“The shadows are coming. But I don’t know if we can survive long enough before they can rescue us” her uncle whispered back to her.

Natasha couldn’t reply as she was dragged out of the room by Agent S.

the Made men were seated in professor Johnbull’s lab. Each having his own unique seat. Professor Johnbull held a syringe with the green liquid potion inside.

He walked to Lisa, used a cotton wool to clean a little part in her shoulder and injected her the liquid in the syringe.

She instantly fell asleep and was taking to a coffin like box where she was placed in before turning on a big red switch beside it. The same process were repeated for all the Made men before professor Johnbull exited the lab.

An hour later..
Professor johnbull entered the Lab with some men.

“Open those boxes and bring out the Made men” he commanded.

The men walked towards the boxes and opened them one by one, each Made men coming out with refined strength.

Lisa was practically grinning. She walked inside the room where the tournament was to take place. Natasha and her team where sitting down at one corner without chains.

Donflex and his team were also sitting down opposite them and the middle area was left open.

“Time to go and die” Lucy said with a smile.

“Don’t say that.” Natasha corrected her “I believe we will win”

“No sweetheart, they have everything all planned out” Lucy said and moved to the tournament.

“Let the best man win, and the weaker one be killed” Donflex shouted “FIGHT”

Lucy folded her fist, Lisa did same and they started to bounce. They changed strategy and began to move in circles.

Lucy attacked first, she gave Lisa a blow to the chin and it got Lisa but Lisa didn’t move or show any sign of pain. Instead, her (Lucy’s) hand was hurting her.

Lucy attacked again, delivering a drop kick to the head of Lisa but Lisa still was unshakable. Lucy flipped to her feet and moved back, she ran with full speed and delivered a quick spear but Lisa did a quick double front flip and evaded her.

“Something isn’t right. She is too strong and swift” Elvis said deep with concern.

“They have done something terrible to her” Natasha’s uncle replied.

Lucy couldn’t believe Lisa evaded her spear attack. It seems too fast for her.

“Are you surprised?” Lisa asked.

“No, I can still…..” Lucy hadn’t finish her statement when Lisa rushed her, dived straight in the air and gave her a spinning kick to the jaw.

“You should be surprised b!tch” Lisa said with an evil snare.