Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 11


It’s been up to three days now since Natasha got out of her uncle’s house. She remembered what happened three days ago, how she came in contact with Lex, the made men created for her arch nemesis Donflex.

“D–n, I shouldn’t have run away. It’s was a foolish thing to do” she thought to herself.

She stood up from her bed and walked to the kitchen, her uncle was not around. He had gone to work. She opened the refrigerator and brought out a thin of milk.

She walked to the sitting room, sat down and was watching channels news and same time sipping her milk when she heard a knock on the door.

She looked at the wall clock that hung on the wall, it was too early for her uncle to be back from work, who could that be because she wasn’t expecting anyone. She waited for a while and heard the knock again.

She stood up and walked to the door, she wanted to open it at first but thought against it. She decided to peeped through the window to see the person at other side.

Natasha saw a young lady standing at their door as she peeped. There was no one standing with the young lady so she she decided to open the door for the young lady.

“Good morning miss” the young lady greeted.

“Good morning, how can I help you?”

“Please I am here to see your uncle”

“Oh, wrong timing. He isn’t back from work yet. You can come back later in the evening. ” Natasha said and wanted to close the door when the lady placed her right foot on the little space to prevent her from closing the door.

“Hey you, what are you doing?”

“Sorry, but we need you” the young lady said, brought out a white handkerchief and placed it on her nose in the twinkle of an eye, in not less than three minutes, she passed out.

Natasha woke up in a dark room, the drugs she inhaled made her think the room was dark when it wasn’t dark.
She felt a spray on her eyes. She couldn’t see the person spraying the substance at her eyes but soon, she started regaining her sight.

Now the room seems very bright to her. She was sitting down before five guys and the young lady who took her in.

“Ha ha ha, you’re wasting your time kidnapping me. As you can see, we are not rich so you will absolutely get nothing from us”

“Strong spirit, I love that. I am Elvis and this people you see here are Ken, Sam, Evans, Ben and the lady who brought you here is Lucy”

“Sorry sweetie but I had to do it” Lucy pleaded.

“So, how do you people concern or affect my life?”

“We need your help” Elvis said.

“Am not helping anyone since you couldn’t ask nicely but kidnapped me”

“But we did so for a reason, a good one at that. Look at yourself, we didn’t even tie you to your chair, believe me, we are friends”

“Why did you say so?”

“Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend” Elvis replied her.

“And who’s your enemy?”


“Hmm, that’s interesting” Natasha said happy now “so what do I have to do with this?”

“We are a group of highly trained underground agents who are secretly fighting Donflex and the made men. We had a battle with them recently and they managed to get away alive but….. ”

“Wait” Natasha said interrupting Elvis “I read it on the papers, so it was you guys that almost killed the two made men?”

“Yes” Elvis answered “but we can’t hack into their system and server, that’s why we need you”

“Hmm, but how did you guys locate me?”

“Well, since I couldn’t hack into the system, I noticed someone have been hacking into the system. Each time I tried searching for your location, what I see there is Mercury, Pluto and Mars” Ben said.


“I knew it was wrong, so after thinking about it, I discovered it was a puzzle, Mercury and Mars, that’s the name of the biggest shopping complex we now have across twenty states in this country. But you don’t expect us to search all the twenty states for one person, so we decided to unscramble the word Pluto.” Ben stopped for a while.

“Continue” Natasha said smiling.

“I discovered that pluto was once the name of a deadly cult in Nigeria. But about twenty five years ago, a bloody battle occurred between them and the military. The military later won the battle but then, the people of the street decided to name the street Pluto, in remembrance of the cult group.”

“Mercury and Mars, on Pluto street. Seriously where are they getting such useless names from” Evans said.

“The shopping plaza is owned by a set of twins, Mubarak and Musa but they decided to name it Mercury and Mars instead” Natasha said.

“Forget about the name stuff and let’s get down to work” Elvis said.

“One more thing, how were you guys able to locate me?”

“We decided to bug all the houses on the street to keep an eye on them. Two days ago, we heard your uncle quarrelling with you that all you do all day is stay inside your room with your laptop. We then decided you were the one” ken said.

“But with your level of intelligence you can’t hack into their system. am surprised you know”

“Well everyone have limits on what he can do and can’t do” Lucy said.

“Alright everyone. Erm.. Your name is Natasha right?”


“Good, am the leader of this team. We are known to ourselves as the Five squad team. The five men you see here are our field agents, I am the boss and we also have other staffs working with us. So Natasha, are you in or out?”

“I AM IN!!”

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Natasha was sitting down on a chair with a computer at her front. They were at their computer room. She had been introduced to everyone as their new staff who’s going to be working with them.

Some of the staffs were typing on their keyboards at her orders while Elvis and the five field agents stood at her back.

××{Access granted} ××

“Yess!!!!” Everyone shouted clapping their hands. It took Natasha twenty five minutes to hack into their system. Had it been it was her own software, it wouldn’t had taken her five minutes to do so.

“Wow, she is really good” Ben whispered.

“A plan on how they are going to assassinate the minister of aviation affairs is here. I will download the file and duplicate it into many copies. Everyone should be ready to receive it and store it down” she said and they all sat down waiting for the file.

15 minutes later.

“Well done Natasha. Today is your first day of being here and yet, we had made huge success. We will be honoured to work with you. Name your price” Elvis said to Natasha.

“Well nothing. I am just happy I have made new friends with one purpose, bringing down Donflex”

“We don’t employ free services. You really did a great job today. here’s a cheque of a hundred and fifty thousand naira, that’s for start. You will be paid weekly an amount of two hundred thousand naira. Welcome to the Five Squad team”

“Thank you boss” Natasha said collecting the cheque with a smile.

Lucy parked her car, a 2014 humming bird. The car, a sport car meant for racing was giving to her when she became a field agent.

“Thank you for the lift” Natasha said.

“You’re welcome. See you later bye” Lucy said and drove off.

Natasha entered her house smiling.

“Where are you coming from?” Her uncle asked.

“Good day uncle, a hang out with my friends” she said as she entered her room still smiling.

“hang out, friends, hmm” her uncle shrugged.

Natasha entered her room and sat down on her bed. she was really happy at the turn out of today.

To Natasha, today have been the best day for her. she bent down and brought out the picture of her parents and her when they were still alive.

she couldn’t help it as a tear escaped her eye.

“Today is the beginning of a new chapter. get ready Donflex, am gonna fvck you really hard. I PROMISE!!!!”