Natasha Reloaded Episode 12


Idris and Konami came down from their jet and entered inside a tunnel that led to their secret base.
Meet Idris
Position: leader of the agents.
Weapon: bow and arrows.
Skills: Martial arts and archery.
Finishing move: ARM SWORD
Pet: Monkey (Akuku)
Meet Konami.
Position: second in command
weapon: grenades, rocket launcher and little bombs.
Skill: martial art.
Finishing move: HAMMER FIST STRIKE
The SHADOWS are normally made up of eleven agents and one captain. There are six branches of SHADOWS on each continent making their work to be effective.
In NORTH AMERICA, they have the SHADOW NINJAS, eleven in number with one captain who is called captain Spike. This group of SHADOWS are in charge of protecting the citizens in NORTH AMERICA.
In SOUTH AMERICA, they have the SHADOW WARRIORS, eleven in numbers with one captain, Captain Robin.
In ASIA, they have the SHADOW KNIGHTS, eleven in numbers with one captain, Captain Van.
In EUROPE, they have the SHADOW GUARDIANS, eleven in numbers with one captain, Captain Eddie.
In ANTARCTICA, they have the SHADOW RULERS, eleven in numbers with one captain, Captain Mike.
In AFRICA, no SHADOWS have yet been established so the one in AUSTRALIA, do come and help the citizens in AFRICA.
In AUSTRALIA, we have the SHADOW AGENTS, eleven in numbers with one captain, captain Val.
These are the six branches of SHADOWS all over the continent fighting for the good of mankind.
Captain val came out with a smile on his face.
Captain Val: nice work agents, you have done well.
Konami: where is everyone?
Captain Val: the rest of the SHADOW AGENTS have gone on a secret mission. But they will be back soon.
Idris: d–n, they better establish a SHADOW group that will help and protect the citizens of Africa because I am tired of going to Africa from Australia everytime to save the a-s of some weaklings.
He said and left with his monkey Akuku on his shoulder.
Konami: the forever hard dude.
Just then Farouk came inside.
Meet Farouk
position: computer engineer/scientist
skills: hacking, control over any machine, and a master in computer/system.
Weapon: none in particular.
farouk: where is my brother?
Konami: he went that way.
Captain Val: so have you gotten any information about the guy they fought earlier.
Farouk: yes of course. With the help of our satellite across the globe, I was able to have pictures of the guy and other useful things, I also did an x-ray on him.
Captain Val: ok.
Farouk: he is a man but not just any man. He has been mutated. He is as strong as the SHADOWS themselves.
Captain Val: how many are they?
Farouk: for now I don’t know. But I positioned some of my little satellites across that area. Once you hear the alarm beep, it’s them.
Captain Val: that means you and Idris will be visiting Africa often this days.
Konami: oh my, well at least I will have the chance to eat their barbecue. What is it they call it again? Yea, suya!!!
Just then the rest of the SHADOW AGENTS came inside. They are…
position: spy.
position: fighter
position: sniper
position: hacker
position: fighter
position: spy
position: assassin
position: spy
captain Val: so how was the mission.
All: successful.
Captain Val: you can take a break. Jummybabe, you haven’t finish your punishment so no break for you.
Jummybabe: what!!
All: yea!!
Konami: good, next time you don’t go out and party.
Idris, came inside with a singlet, trouser and boot.
Akuku: ku, ku, ku..
Idris: shut up monkey. Go and have some bananas in the fridge.
Akuku: ku ku ku ku..
It ran off to the fridge.
Idris turned and faced the SHADOW AGENTS.
Idris: our captain has spoken. You all go out now so that I can have some quiet time to think and Jummybabe, if you mutter any word your punishment shall be doubled.
Jummybabe: haa.
Idris: good, it’s have been doubled. It will end tomorrow not today.
Jummybabe left in anger murmuring to herself.
Jummybabe: I hate this guy, he is always so wicked.
Idris: *shouted* an extra day has been added to the punishment.
Jummybabe: grrrrrr.
The rest SHADOW AGENTS left the base to have fun just then,
“beep, beep, beep”
Farouk: It’s them.
Who was farouk referring to?
Can the two SHADOW AGENTS defeat the MADE MEN this time?
Froshberry must be executing his plan by now, can they be able to stop him?
All these and more in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA[RELOADED]
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