Nadia Episode 22


It was almost 3oclock in the afternoon, Stanley and Frank had already alerted the police and the whole area had already been surrounded, Ruth was also around but in a car that was parked a little bit away from the beer parlour. Nadia couldn’t come with them because she said she couldn’t see those guys anymore. At least not for now.

It was not long before a car drove into the arena and parked. And one by one they came down, Ruth was able to identify the one who had raped her, she pointed him to the police men, and they got the confirmation they needed. Three of the policemen were not on uniform, and they had their guns carefully hidden, they went into the beer parlour first and pretended like they wanted to buy drinks. They took their seats at strategic positions and sat down to take their beer, carefully observing the guys.

Somehow they knew something was odd as the one who seemed to be their leader asked the woman who owned the shop,

”madam something day off today o, wetin DAT happen?”

2nd Kidnapper: abi o, Dagger, I be feel say na me dey get small fever

Dagger: I nor just feel this place today

3rd kidnapper: una two don start, which one be off, abi na because you nor carry better money come here!

4th kidnapper: nor mind am jare, e don reach e turn to host us now e dey talk of body when dey do am one kain. Come eh, your body like e do you anyhow, so far buy my snake pepper soup and my beer first!

3rd kidnapper: abi o, e must buy am first o, they both burst out laughing.

Dagger looked at them and started looking around, not sure of what he was looking for.

3rd kidnapper: wetin you con day find now

Dagger: I nor even know but I just feel say something dey wrong, my body dey phone me say something nor right.

1st kidnapper: oya make una wait make I look around. He stood up and went around the beer parlour and the area, he caught a glimpse of Ruth who pretended to be in a serious chat with Frank, he felt like he had seen her before but couldn’t place where, then he concluded that she must be one of the girls that usually pass around. He looked for the second time and everything seemed normal to him, then he went back and told the guys that the coast was clear.

He sat down and placed his order. the rest of them also placed their order except Dagger, who was Still not satisfied with the report he got that it was safe. His instincts has never failed him and most times when he didnt follow his heart he ended up regretting! And the whole of today felt like that.

Kidnapper 2: Guy wetin na? You nor go siddon, na enjoy we come here come enjoy o, why you come dey do like say you be vigilante na? They all bursted out laughing.

Meanwhile the policemen were listening and carefully observing them, they’ve alerted their guys through text messages to be ready to attack, any moment from now.

Dagger: Guys let’s leave this place, am not comfortable, something is telling me that something bad wants to happen, something just feels odd here, please lets just go.

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1st Kidnapper: ah he said as he stood up, make we dey go, before Dagger speak English so, naim be say the matter serious, make we listen to am, make we day go.

3rd kidnapper: oh oh oh! I nor dey like this kain thing o, all this kain una feelings nor just good at all o. I be dey enjoy this pepper soup o, how una go just say make I leave am because of mere feelings.

4th kidnapper: I swear the matter tire me o, Bris as you nor want us to stay here make we buy the food as take away na? He asked Dagger.

Dagger: oya make una hurry make we commot here abeg. He faced the woman and asked, ”madam abeg nor vex help us package our beer and pepper soup abeg nor vex”

Woman: ah ah wetin happen today na Dagger?/una nor like am? E sweet na

Dagger: we know say e sweet, but we NIR want eat here, we won carry am go house, so abeg package am for us abeg.

Woman: ohk na now I understand, make I go package am

Then she went inside and repackaged the food all in a nylon bag and handed it over to one of them , but just as they were about leaving the woman stopped them.

Woman: ehn! Before I go forget, una won commot again, una go con re miss ejime o. Dagger and the boys which were already leaving turned and went back to the woman.

Dagger: wetin you talk? he asked! The policemen stood up and repositioned themselves but pretended like they were still busy doing things.

Woman: I say una day quick commot so, una go still miss ejime again, because I tell them say na 3-5 una go take day here today and now Una don day commot when 4never even reach! The guys turned and looked at each other and dagger moved closer to the woman holding her on her shoulders.

Dagger: which ejime be that? he asked almost stuttering , the woman drew herself from him and answering

Woman: abeg nor hold me jare, I nor suppose mention am, those ejime when be una friends when come from Lagos. They come yesterday come look for una with that small fine girl, I tell them say una day come back here today. Them never come and una don dey go.

The guys looked at each other and somehow they understood what was happening and they made an attempt to rush to their car, but the policemen who were already at alert blocked their way, pointing a gun at them.

”don’t move”, if you move I blow off your brains. He shouted. Three of them stood Still raising their hands up. But Dagger who from the very beginning suspected that something was wrong jumped through the window running through the back of the shop and disappearing into space…..